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The Barking & Dagenham Sentinel

The Barking & Dagenham Sentinel

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Published by Dowlish
Margaret Hodge
Margaret Hodge

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Published by: Dowlish on May 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MARGARET HODGE’S election campaign has been rocked by a Sex and Cash scandal!It seems that the Labour MP’s controversial past has caught up with her - just before electorsgo to the polls in Barking.
Hodge became MP for Barking in 1994. Before that she was a councillor in Islington, North London.She rapidly rose through the ranks to become council leader in 1982. She held this position for tenyears.During this time she became notorious as a loony leftist - she sported a bust of Lenin and flew thered flag over the town hall.It was also during this time that she was involved in a notorious child sex scandal.
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May 1st 2010
“HODGE ANDCRUDDAS voted tosexualise children -no true Christian cansupport such moral  poison” 
 Rev. Robert West 
Children as young asfive or six are nowbeing taught about the'joys' of homosexualityin our schools. Theyhave been stripped of their right to enjoy theinnocence of childhood - thanks toLabour MPs includingJon Cruddas andMargaret Hodge.Both localMPs joinedhundreds of others fromall the oldmainpartieswhen theyvoted toabolishSection 28, theChild Protectionclause in the Local
Government Actwhich used to stop thepromotion of homosexuality inschools. The new lawthey supported hasbeen condemned as
"the pedophiles'charter"
by someparents' groups andreligious leaders.The Rev. Robert West,spokesman for the
Christian Council of Britain
denouncedHodge and Cruddas.
"Children should beallowed an innocent childhood."Adult"activities, especiallystrange and unnatural ones - such ashomosexuality - should not be flaunted beforethe young in school classes. It is deeplydistressing and worrying to all decent  parents. Jon Cruddas and  Margaret Hodge arenot moral leaders.They not only bothbacked Labour'sillegal and unjust war in Iraq, Hodgesupported sexeducation forPrimarySchool Childrenand bothvoted against Section 28. As our Lord Jesussaid:“And whosoever shall offend one of theselittle ones that believein me, it is better forhim that a millstonewere hanged about hisneck, and he were cast into the sea.”
(Mark 10.42, King James Version).
 No Christian should support the anti-Christian message of  Hodge and Cruddas."
MARGARETEve Hodge wasborn MargaretOppenheimer on8 September1944, in Cairo, Egypt.
She was thedaughter of arefugee multi-millionaireGerman steeltrader and hisAustrian wife.After WWII, thefamily settled inLondon.MargaretOppenheimer waseducated at twoindependentschools - BromleyHigh School andOxford HighSchool for girls.She then went ontothe London Schoolof Economics.Here she obtaineda third class BScEconomics degreein 1966.After leaving theLondon School of Economics, sheworked in marketresearch from1966-73. She wasalso a seniorconsultant for PriceWaterhouse (from1992 to 1994).
She marriedAndrew Watson in1968. Theydivorced in 1978and that same yearshe married HenryEgar GarfieldHodge (later SirHenry). He was aLabour boroughcouncilor inIslington, NorthLondon.He was alsoChairman of theNational Councilfor Civil Libertiesand went on tobecome a HighCourt judge.
Here he wasknown as The Hon.Mr Justice Hodge.He later becamepresident of theAsylum andImmigrationTribunal. (In oneof his rulings - in2007 - he decidedthat a sex offenderfrom Sierra Leonewho admittedassaulting 11women should notbe deportedbecause it wouldbreach his
"right toa family life"
underArticle 8 of the EUConvention onHuman Rights.)Margaret Hodgewas elected as acouncillor inIslington, NorthLondon, in 1973.She rapidly rosethrough the ranksto become councilleader in 1982.She held thisposition for tenyears. She becameMP for Barking in1994.
Hodge: Third Class degree from the LSE
MARGARET EveHodge was bornin Cairo, Egypt.
She was the daughterof a multi-millionairesteel trader.She was educatedat two independentschools - BromleyHigh School andOxford High Schoolfor girls.She then went ontothe London Schoolof Economics.Here she obtaineda third class BScEconomics degreein 1966.After leaving theLondon Schoolof Economics,she worked inmarket researchfrom 1966-73. Shewas also a seniorconsultant for PriceWaterhouse from1992 to 1994.While there she washeavily involved inthe developmentof Private FinanceInitiative (PFI)schemes.
PFI is one of the main stealthprivatisation tricks,the scam underwhich our publicservices are turned
into private prot
centres for greedyBig Business. VeryNew Labour!This Labourbackdoorprivatisation maniais the key reasonfor the closure of so many hospitals.Margaret marriedAndrew Watsonin 1968. Theydivorced in 1978and that same yearshe married Henry
Egar Gareld
Hodge (later SirHenry). He wasa Labour boroughcouncillor inIslington, NorthLondon.He was alsoChairman of thepro-immigrationNCCL and went onto become a HighCourt judge.
Here he wasknown as TheHon. Mr JusticeHodge. He laterbecame Presidentof the Asylumand ImmigrationTribunal.In one of his mostcriticised rulings- in 2007 - hedecided that a sexoffender fromSierra Leone whoadmitted assaulting11 women shouldnot be deportedbecause it wouldbreach his “right toa family life” underArticle 8 of theEU Convention onHuman Rights.)
EVEN MargaretHodge hasacknowledgedthat immigrationis the ‘hot’ subjectin this election!
But what is shedoing to helpordinary Britishworking families?She appears to beinvolved in whatlocal people feelis the preferentialtreatment given toimmigrants in theallocation of socialhousing in Barking.A major provider of social housing andshort-term propertylettings in Barkingand Dagenham isthe Circle Angliahousing group. Thelargest partner of Circle Anglia is theCircle 33 housingassociation. (Circle33 owns well over15,000 homes in andaround London).Circle Anglia is alsoresponsible for the‘part buy part rent’Waterfront housingdevelopment onAbbey Road, atwhich it’s claimedthat local peoplehave been put at theback of the queue.Circle Anglia/Circle 33 alsoruns supportaccommodation – such as TheVineries inDagenham. Localssay it’s packed withhomeless Africans.Guess who wasChair – and thenPatron - of Circle33? Step forwardMargaret Hodge!
IN 1968 Margaret Hodgewas one of thousands of anti-war demonstratorswho protested outside theAmerican Embassy in GrosvenorSquare, Central London. Dozensof policemen were injured asfar-left students rioted.
Yet Mrs. Hodge dropped her anti-war principles when she voted forTony Blair’s illegal Iraq war.Even worse, she voted againstdemands for a full inquiry.According to the Evening Standard,she now believes that the 2003invasion was wrong. Of course, people can – and do –change their views over time. Butwhy would a one-time anti-warcampaigner vote for war? Why didHodge vote for a war that she laterclaimed she opposed?She claims that she believed Blairwhen he assured MPs that Iraqposed a danger. “He was our leaderand I trusted him.”But did she really and truly believeall that nonsense about Weapons of Mass Destruction?Let’s be honest. Most people knowthat the Iraq war was more aboutOil than 9/11 and WMDs.We all know about the 7/7 revengebombings in London by Islamicmilitants.By her own account Hodge is easyto fool even on important issues.Or is the truth that she only decidedthat the war in Iraq was wrong whenthe body count and public angermounted? Is she a fool or a liar? Youdecide!It’s time to stop sending our Boys todie in wars that have got nothing todo with Britain. It’s time to vote outLabour’s war-mongers!
Sent to die in someone else’s war
Margaret Hodge MP – the richest womanin Parliament with a£50 million personalfortune makesYOU pay for herorganic coffeeand biscuits, and even a 25pcarrier bag.
Here’s just one of thehuge wodge of receiptsused by Hodge toclaim a small fortunefrom taxpayers everyyear in Parliament.She gobbled up£133,255 in expensesin the year 2007-2008alone.Not just paying for the
ofces and staff that all
MPs and MEPs need todo their jobs, but buyingthings like toilet rollsand biscuits!How do you feel aboutbeing made to pay fora multi-millionaire’sgarden plants? Hodgeclaimed for invoicesfrom Homebase on 8thNovember 2005. Youpaid for her Pansies,Lavender and Thyme.It’s not a sweet smell –in fact it stinks!
HODGE submitted this receipt for YOU to pay!
MARGARET HODGE has seen her electioncampaign rocked by Sex and Cash scandals.Her controversial past has well and trulycaught up with her.
TheSentinelis not going to tell you who tovote for. However, we’re asking you to thinklong and hard about Margaret Hodge.Is she the right person to represent you? Doesshe deserve your vote? Are other alternativecandidates like the anti-racist Left Green or theChristian Party more deserving of your vote?She’s a multi-millionaire Socialist. Herfamily money comes from her late father – theGerman steel trader, Hans Oppenheimer. Twoyears ago the family wealth was estimated tobe around £178 million.Once you’ve read about these Child Sex andCash scandals you’ll be able to make up yourmind about Mrs. Hodge.Just read the facts. Picture what it was like tobe one of those abused children. Imagine what
it’s like to be a millionaire fty times over –
yet still have the cheek to make tax-payers buyyour carrier bags and biscuits!Then just ask yourself one question – are youhappy that she represents you?
“IN 2004, PrivacyInternational, a civil libertiescampaign group based inLondon, awarded MargaretHodge the ‘Big Brother’Award for “Worst PublicServant” after she backedcontroversial governmentmeasures that trespassedupon personal privacy, addedto the power of databasestate and helped undermineour hard-won civil liberties. 
 In 2004, she stronglydefended the idea of greater state regulationof individuals’ choicesand supported more stateinterference in family life,particularly in the way webring up our children, bydeclaring, “some may call itthe ‘nanny state’, but I call ita force for good”.Of course, Margaret Hodgewould be ‘Super Nanny’ inthat State! 
 She has also strongly backedthe power of the state toregulate our personal choicesand tastes, including supportfor the smoking ban.She:-
• opposed making the
Freedom of Information Actstronger
• voted to limit your rights
to judicial review
• voted against allowing
legitimate protest outsideParliament
• voted to force us all to carry
ID cardsKevin Scott of the campaigngroup Civil Liberty said:“From ID cards to the rightsof suspects, Hodge has votedagainst freedom time andtime again”
union ofcial has asked
if Margaret Hodge was
aware of plans to ood
Britain and the labourmarket with immigrants.Mr. Adam Walker,the President of Solidarity Trade Union -www.solidaritytradeunion.net – said:
“For years, ordinary British working folk have believed that the Labour Party was the party for them. It was a‘socialist’ party – a party for ‘the working class.’They’ve held their nosesand voted for the likesof Margaret Hodge torepresent their interests.“However, it’s beenclear for a long time that  Labour has been workingto another agenda. New Labour has lost all interest in the Britishworking people. They’veactively promoted massimmigration and stabbed ordinary workers inthe back. Not just with privatisation and cuts,but also immigration”
Mr. Walker wasresponding to the factthat encouraging massimmigration was a keyLabour Party aim. Thisshocking fact came outin October last year whenMr. Andrew Neather (aspin doctor for Labourbosses Tony Blair,David Blunkett and JackStraw) admitted thatmass immigration was adeliberate Labour policy.
Mr. Neather admittedthat mass immigration“didn’t just happen:the deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000… was to open up the UKto mass immigration”.
He conrmed that – in
2000 - he helped to writea Government policydocument.Mr. Neather also notedthat this policy document‘included a drivingpolitical purpose: thatmass immigration was theway that the Governmentwas going to make theUK truly multicultural’.Adam Walker told theSentinel:-
“It didn’t seem to occur to the New Labour plotters to ask what the social, economic or cultural implications – or results – might be. It would have been obviousthat poor, working-class areaswould be the worst affected by this policy. Barking and Dagenhamis a shocking example.
“New Labour still seems to beobsessed with multiculturalismand social engineering. Theignore the worries of the peoplewho traditionally vote them into
“Margaret Hodge is only makingconcerned noises now becauseshe knows that immigration isthe issue in this election. Is shereally worried about the impact of immigration – or just keepingher job?

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