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English Reflection

English Reflection

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Published by lwill201

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Published by: lwill201 on May 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lauren WilliamsEnglish 1101xJan RiemanFebruary 17, 2010My ReflectionSo far this semester I have had a lot of reading and writing to do in all of my classes.English 1101x has helped to enhance my skills in these areas. Early in the spring semester I didnot know what to expect but after a few essays and tons of readings I have had to change the wayI do things. My writing has become more effective and I have found myself reading deeper andfurther than before. After completing the reading assignments, I learned that when you rereadthings it often helps me to better understand the text and I catch things that I missed before.When I read I find that a calm environment is best. I really do wish it was warmer because then Iwould be reading on the porch. I really like being able to have a peer workshop before I do finaldraft. This has helped me out tremendously in correcting the errors in my first draft. When I havesomething to write I sit down at my desk with a snack and something to drink and just go totown. This way is the only way I can complete a paper in one sitting. I am still improving withMLA format and extending my papers further to a new level. I feel like this will continue toimprove throughout the semester. I really enjoyed the Anyon assignments because I had prior knowledge on the topic of her essay and I understood it better. Being able to write a classroomculture document with my peers was nice because we actually were able set the standards andsetting for the classroom. This is a really neat way to get the students involved and we really gotto know each other. My goal for this course is to take my writing to a new height and really
expand. I will continue to thoroughly read things so that I can have a better understanding of thetexts. Overall, I hope this class will teach me to really get into my reading and writingassignments and be the best I can be through my college career. I believe I will finish this classwith many important skills and experiences that I will take with me in every walk of life.

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