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Tibetan Sage

Tibetan Sage

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Published by dgwest7

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Published by: dgwest7 on May 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 People hooted and jeered when, some few years ago, I wrote in
The Third Eye 
thatI had flown in kites. One would have thought that I had committed a great crime insaying that.But now—well, we look about and we can see people flying in kites. Some of them arehigh above the water being towed by a speed boat. Yet others are kites with a manaboard, he stands on the edge of a cliff or high piece of ground, and then he jumpsoff and he is actually flying in a kite. Nobody says now that Lobsang Rampa was right,but they certainly did hoot when I wrote about kite flying.There have been quite a number of things which were ‘sci ence fiction’ a few yearsago, but now-well, now they are almost everyday occurrences. We can have a satellitein space, and in London we can pick up the television programs from the USA or fromJapan. I predicted that.We also now have had a man, or rather men, walking on the Moon. All my books aretrue, and they are gradually being proved true.This book is not a novel. It is not science fiction. It is the absolutely unvarnishedtruth of what happened to me, and I again state that there is no author's license inthe book.I say this book is true, but you may want to believe it to be science fiction orsomething like that. Well, fine, you are quite at liberty to have a good laugh and callit science fiction, and perhaps before you have actually finished reading the booksome event will occur which will prove my books true. But I will tell you now that Iwill not answer any questions about this book. I have had such an enormous mailabout the other books, and people do not even put in return postage and, withpostal rates as they are at present, sometimes it takes more to reply to a reader'sletter than he paid for the book in the first case.Well, here is the book. I hope you like it. I hope you find it believable. If you donot find it believable it may be that you have not yet reached the necessary stage ofevolution. 8
 “Lobsang! LOBSANG!!” Dimly I seemed to swim up from the depths of a sleep ofexhaustion. It had been a terrible day, but now-well, I was being called. Again thevoice broke in, “Lobsang!” But I suddenly felt commotion about me, opened my eyesand thought the mountain was falling on top of me. A hand reached out and a quick jerk lifted me from my place of rest and swung me rapidly aside, barely in time, too,because a massive rock with sharp edges slid down behind me and ripped off myrobe. Quickly I stumbled to my feet and in a half daze followed him to a little ledgeat the far end of which was a very small hermitage.About us rocks and snow came pelting down. Suddenly we saw the bent figure ofthe old hermit hurrying as fast as he could toward us. But no, a huge collection ofrocks rolled down the mountain and swept away the hermitage and the hermit and theprojecting rock on which the hermitage had stood. The rock was about two hundredfeet in length, and it was swept away as a leaf is swept away in a gale.My Guide, the Lama Mingyar Dondup, was holding me firmly by the shoulders.About us was darkness, not a glimmer of starlight, no gleam of a flickering candlefrom the houses of Lhasa. Everything was dark. Suddenly there was a freshbarrage of immense rocks and sand, snow, and ice. The ledge upon which we soprecariously stood tipped toward the mountain, and we felt ourselves sliding, sliding,we seemed to be9

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