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English 1101 College Writing

English 1101 College Writing

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Published by akhamba1

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Published by: akhamba1 on May 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alvin 1
Alvin KhambayProfessor RiemanEnglish 110128 February 2010³College Writing´When I first entered the small, cozy classroom of Fretwell 223, I felt a strange feelingthat I had not felt since I was in high school. As everyone entered and the teacher sat down weintroduced ourselves. It was unlike any other college class that I had taken. Now midterms arealmost here. Spring break is closing in. Yet, I feel that I have more to learn in this class. Thereis so much to writing I have not learned and there is also so much that I have learned. Differentwriting practices, my comfort zone in writing, my challenges I have faced, and my progress of accomplishing my goals are all valuable pieces of information that I have slowly discovered inthis class. As I further my development in my own writing process I will learn what the ³collegewriting´ is all about.In high school we learned many reading and writing practices, but in college it is more indepth on those topics. In this course, so far, I have learned how to take notes. Pfft, easy enough.I already learned how to take notes throughout grade school. I have also developed a habit for reverse underling; which is a very interesting concept. Reverse underling does the opposite of underling. Instead of highlight the important parts of reading, a person should highlight detailsthat are occasionally looked over. It helps keep the reader from habitually scanning for the mainidea. Also in my reading practices, I slow down my reading as to not rush over the minor details
Alvin 2
that could maybe piece together an answer to a question of mine. As for my writing practices, Icame to the conclusion that there are different ways to express through my ideas. It could comefrom expressing my words by looking at a picture, reading an essay, or even just imagination. Ihave figured out that each task given to us was not meant to be busy work or anything extremelyhard. The work given to us was meant to be used for our writing development.As I walk into a classroom, that is as small as ours, I settled into my comfort zone. Thesmall class environment was how all of my grade school years were like. I knew everybody inthe class and they knew me. It is the same way for my writing. I have slowly learned a lot of writing styles and practices throughout my schooling and I feel comfortable in them. When Ilearn new styles of writing, like I have this semester, I get a little nervous. I wonder if I can dowell in a new style, what will the reader think as they read my paper, and I question myself aboutif I really can adapt to a new style of writing. Luckily for me I haven¶t had many difficultieswith these new writing practices introduced to me. For example, the daybook is a great way toconvey my thoughts about random prompts and also to keep me from writing in one type of style.There is also the interpretation of Anyon¶s essay that made me realize that others works can helpme fit into my comfort level and achieve my goals. The last practice of writing that we havelearned in class, which has slowly adapted to my comfort zone, is the evaluations. The peer evaluations, or peer workshops, have helped me learn how others write. It also helps for othersto look at my writings and critique them from a totally different writing perspective from myown. The self evaluations have showed me that I do need to revise my papers more often. I judge my strengths and weaknesses from what I have learned from the peer workshops andmyself as a writer. Then I learn from it.
Alvin 3
As a writer, I¶m still trying to learn as much as I can. Although many writing practicesthat I have learned this semester adapted to my comfort zone, I still feel like I¶m in a rutsometimes. I could revise and reread an essay of mine a million times over and still overlook something; whether it would be a run-on sentence or grammatical errors. It goes the same for the papers that I produce outside of class. Usually I rush the papers, because writing is such atedious task. Then when I get the papers back I look at it and most times there are the dreadedred marks. I usually have trouble with the grammatical errors, sentence structure, and switchingwriting styles from the daily tasks of writing. Anyon¶s paper was challenging because it testedmy understanding of all those ideas. This paper is also challenging, but still has the sameconcepts that I struggle with in many of my papers; grammatical errors, sentence structure, anddifferent writing styles. It also takes a different approach from the usual research papers.Instead of a regular self evaluation, it takes it and expands it into a whole essay of my strengths,weaknesses, and goals. That is a challenging concept, because the one who wrote the paper, alsohas to figure out what they are having problems with. As the writer they see nothing wrong, butothers see mistakes from their point of view. Just thinking about makes me shudder a little, but itis necessary in order for me to achieve my set goals.Through all the reading and writing practices, my comfort zone on these practices, andmy challenges in these practices, I feel accomplished. I have learned how to use reading andwriting for a purpose and a meaning. I have learned how to write in various ways that I wouldnot normally do. I have learned how to make thoughtful writing decisions. And I have learnedto accept that I will not become a great writer by tomorrow because of academic writing¶scomplexity. Although I feel accomplished now, I still have other goals to finish; especially mymain goal of becoming a better writer. Therefore, this accomplishment will last only until I set

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