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Film Analysis

Film Analysis

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Published by vsr5021

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Published by: vsr5021 on May 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Victor RochaDr. FroehlichEnglish 15April 15, 2010A Hard Day’s Night Throughout the sixties there were many films that graspedsociety’s perception of culture, ethnicity, gender, and social status.Not many films however were able to address these subjects withouthaving to do so in all too serious and hurtful way. There were thosewho attempted to do what
Dr. Strangelove
did and mock the issue withthe dry humor, however they did so in a very poor way. The Beatles,however, in 1964 found a way to bring all these issues together in acomedy known as
 A Hard Day’s Night 
. The Beatles unintentionally didso by just creating a mock documentary of their lives while on tour. Inmaking this documentary the aspect of society on many issues wasdisplayed starting with the demonstration of men having more saythan woman, to the older society and their dislike of the newgeneration.
 A Hard Day’s Night 
represents society’s views of women and theplace the held in comparison to men. The Beatles along with other
men who make appearances in the film make up almost the entiredialogue of the film excluding the ideas of women and what they mayhave to say. For example in the first couple opening scenes TheBeatles decide to go for a cup of tea on the train and they spot a groupof girls whom they are interested in. Paul McCartney attempts to flirtwith these women and although they make jokes at being convictedcriminals they have no response and show no desire to flee eventhough they’re scared. When Paul’s grandfather orders the girls torun for this reason they decide to follow his orders and go back to theirtrain car. They seem to have no ability to make decisions forthemselves unless there’s a man making the decision for them.Furthermore in the consecutive scene Ringo Starr and George Harrisonare walking through the train cars and encounter a woman sittingalone. The woman invites Ringo in but he declines her invitation.When George confronts Ringo on his behavior he says that she won’tlike him due to his nose and ugly features, to which George tells him ina mocking way that since she’s a woman she’ll have no choice but tolike him due to whom he is. Woman weren’t treated poorly but theirsay wasn’t very accounted for.Along with the idea of women not being able to decide forthemselves, the idea of women being the only ones who can beBeatles fans exists. According to
The Beatles
wherever the groupmade appearances or performed the line to get in the studio or concert
hall was lined by what seemed to be a never ending multitude of girls,that were teenagers or younger. According
to Crazy Ab
out You 
girlswho suffer from low self-esteem issues during middle childhood tend toidolize and become obsess with pop icons since they feel aninterpersonal connection exists with their object of obsession. This filmclearly depicts this idea with scenes that shows the band playing infront of a live audience and the girls are crying attempting to speak tothe group members as if they knew them personally. The idea of whatthe expected reaction from women towards a band like The Beatles isclearly present throughout this film. Sensations of 1964 often gotthese types of responses from girls, which was very different than theattention for entertainers ten years previous to this. The wayentertainers were cherished and appreciated was obviouslyrevolutionized and through the reaction that girls gave in this comedythe revolution was demonstrated to the older generation.A lot had changed in society as far as many adults wereconcerned in 1964. A lot of the older folks didn’t take very kindly tothese changes as far as the behavior and the mindset. A perfectexample of this stems from a scene in
 A Hard Day’s Night 
. The band issitting in their own section when older gentleman joins them. It beginswith the man shutting the window when the group speaks up and tellsthe man they’d rather have the window open he tells them he hasrights on the train since he is a frequent traveler. The fight back and

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