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Published by Venus R
it was a creative writing project based off of a short story im wrting ... its a love story hope you like it :)
it was a creative writing project based off of a short story im wrting ... its a love story hope you like it :)

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Published by: Venus R on May 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Screenplay written by: Venus RanieriMs. RosenbaumPeriod 11Creative writing
CharactersNarrator Jane………Jen John………RyanAnnoying Girls………… Nicole and LindsayMr. Winter…… WillPrincipal……Julian
Act 1Scene 1
 Narrator: Welcome to the town of Millstone, Connecticut we find the characters sitting in study hall inthe library of Memorial High The curtain opens to reveal three girls in matching cheerleading uniforms crowded around an old round table in a dark library. Other students’ voices hum as they look over books and computer screens. The energy is lackluster a main light is shining on the three girls sitting center stage. Two of the girls are talking excitedly about something. The third is quietly scribbling something on paper. An agitated look on her face as she tries to ignore the other two girls.
[faking excitement] Yeah, I’m going to my families estate in Aspen for break, it’s going to be agreat time!
The other two girls’ voices talking over each other excitedly. The third sighs and looks wishfully out thewindow. A single spot light hovers over her as she stands; the rest of the room is frozen.
Walking out to the front of the stage peering out at the audience.
Why? Why do I always do thisto myself? This stupid habit is turning out to be more than I can handle. I was doing so well! A whole24 hours I went, and for what? To have it ruined in a second because I can’t control myself.
She slumpsdown to sit on the stage.
I hate it, the feeling after though… that’s the worst. It’s like, [pauses for dramatic effect while moving her hands around] It feels like you swallowed rocks and someone’sshaking you around and the stones are tumbling around inside your stomach. My bodies own form of regret for my lies. You would thing that after four years of this I would have gotten use to it, but no. Idoubt that I will ever get use to this feeling… [She gets up off the ground and sits back down at thetable. ]
The spotlight turns off and the talking resumes.
The two girls [in whiney voices
Jane, Are you even listening to us?
[ shouting] No! No I don’t care about your stupid problems, what type of dress your wearing tothe dance or what new nasty gossip you’re spreading around the school!
The sound of a rewind button echoes around the room, placing us at the moment before Jane’soutburst, the scene that just unfolded was Janes fantasy. In the real world Jane has a forced smile onher face.
[with forced enthusiasm] Of course, you guys!
Content with her answer the two girls smile back at Jane. Jane has the look like she want to bolt out the school doors. Over head a bell rings out signifying the change of classes. The next period is the last of the day before spring break. The girls say their goodbyes as they part ways. Jane is heading downthe main hallway over to her AP English Class. On her way through the busy halls students shout out and call her same. Showers of “Have a nice break Jane’s,” and “See you soon!’s” She enters aclassroom from the left. She makes her way to the second to last seat in the second row. Directly in front of a boy with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. The spotlight reappears on Jane, the other  students frozen in time. She moves into her seat.
looking earnestly out at the audience
] This is my favorite class of the day, AP English. I don’tknow why, I’m not particularly fond of the subject; grammar and I are not on great terms right now.[chuckles] The fellow students all act as if they are Gods gift to the world, and the teacher isn’t any better. [Rolls eyes dramatically] I mean he’s okay, but he tries to hard to be funny and I can’t tell whenhe’s being sarcastic or serious sometimes. I guess my favorite thing in this class is writing, in the worldactually. I love the way lying is required, how one idea can spiral into thousands of words that all leadup to an inevitable end. The way anything is possible on paper unlike in real life. No one knows that Ilove writing, my friends all think books are [air quotes] “gay” and only for old people to pass time.While I tell so many lies that sometimes even I cant tell where the truth begins and the lies end, I dohave one giant secret. I’m the ghostwriter of the Jump series. The books that even my word-hatingfriends can’t manage to put down. I never meant for it to get this big the stories were my own way of getting out my anger after my sister died in the summer of eighth grade. We were as close as two people could be; she was my twin, my best friend. Than on our way home from our cheerleadingcompetition a drunk driver slammed into our minivan. My sister Anna was killed on impact, I survived.I don’t think I should have, I was the narcissistic one, she was always happy to see everyone even our crazy family members who hated us. [on the verge of tears] I still can’t imagine that she’s gone everymorning I look at my room over to where her identical bed use to be and I realize that it is real. I guessthat’s when the lying started, at first it was only to pretend I was okay so I could avoid therapy. Over time, I guess I liked living in my fantasy world so much that I brought it into the real one. I startedlying on a daily basis and soon people started to catch on. So I got smarter I write down every lie I’veever told into the notebook [holds up a notebook] so I wont forget and expose myself. It’s an addiction,I know it but I can’t bring myself to do something about it. I would rather live like this than livewithout my security blanket of lies.
The spotlight fades and the scene comes alive again.

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