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Influence of Slang Language on English

Influence of Slang Language on English

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Published by innocentcharmer

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Published by: innocentcharmer on May 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Influence of Slang Language on English
The use of slang language is increasing day-by-day. Therefore whilediscussing with our Sir we came up with a thought that don't weresearch on something related to slang. And while surfing on the netone web
page catches our attention, with the title “OMG: IM slang isinvading everyday English” on Digital cultures site, written by Neda
Ulaby, which says that
The phenomenon of written IM slang crossing over intospeech is manna for linguists. Professor David Crystal, whohas written extensively on language and the Internet,observes: "I see a brand new variety of language evolving,invented really by young people... within five years! It'sextraordinary."
Some acronyms meant to stand as shorthand for one phrasemorph into separate words: ROTFL (Rolling on the FloorLaughing) has become ROFL, which has become "rawfl," anoften droll spoken response to an attempt to be funny.Teens admit that some purists might read the advent of IMslang into speech as a negative development. But linguisticsprofessor Crystal thinks it is an enhancement. Instantmessage expressions have done more than just added toconstructions of the English language and the roughly200,000 words in common use today. "They extend the rangeof the language, the expressiveness... the richness of thelanguage," he says.
After reading this we were shocked that how much IM slang haveinfluenced the English of English speakers. Then we came up with thequery that how much this slang has affected our society?
Slang is sometimes creating problems for many people tounderstand the complete meaning of the speaker. On the otherhand slang is helping people to communicate with others easily. Anew slang word is being used on the eve of next day. Teachers arecomplaining about the use of slang words like
instead of you,
instead of because,
instead of your etc. in the papers, andthis thing is deducting the marks of the students. Children areusing slang words as coded message as it is not veryunderstandable to the parents.
In English, mostly the speaking language is more casual than thewriting language which is more formal and also keeps eyes uponthe tenses and grammar, whereas in speaking we do not botherabout the grammar and tenses until speaker and listener are able tocommunicate. But we observed that this slang language is not onlyinformal but also even more contracted that the speaking English.
Pakistan is multi-linguistic country where many types of languagesare spoken, and in Baluchistan this effect is very prominent.Therefore we want to see that how much this type of environmentis affecting the bases of English. These observations invoke us tofind the reasons of spreading of slang language? How many peopleuse slang words? Large no. of people are using slang their must bea reason behind it? How many people understand these type ofwords? How much it is affecting our professional documents?
Research Question
After discussing with our teacher we came up with the followingresearch questions:
How many people are using slang words?
Why do people use slang words? What is the reason behind it?
How much slang words are affecting the English of people using it?
Through R.Q.1 we tried to find that how many people are usingslang words, and also that the slang words are not confined to onegender, or to one profession. In R.Q.2 we tried to find that why thisslang language is getting common in our everyday life. What arethe causes behind using this slang language instead ofconventional English or any other language. With the help of R.Q.3we make an effort to analyze the impact of slang on the English ofusers, that how slang language have helped or hindered them.
Literature Reviews
Definition of slang
There are many definitions of the word slang but we are concernedthese ones.
Tong, McIntyre and Silmon (1997) in the journal named
Journal of Correctional Education” describes
he word
“slang” as
shorthand, coded terminology that develops within social groups or whenindividuals regularly interact in a certain setting or context over a longperiod of time.
According to the Wikipedia:Slang is the use of highly informal words and expressions that are notconsidered standard in the speaker's dialect or language. Slang is theformulation of words on IM through internet or phones to contract it to theword which is which has the same sound to that of the original one, orsometimes slang is formulated as an acronym (e.g.
=Laughing OutLoud,
=Be Right back etc.) to shorten some lengthy expression. It alsoinclude the emoticon, which are used by sender to express his/her feelingsor emotions pertaining to any action or thing.
Slang on SMS
SMS language or Textese, is English language slang used in mobilephone SMS, social networks and instant messaging. It is is anabbreviated form of English similar to rebus. With the predictiveinput increasingly being used, it is becoming less common. Thistype of language does not always obey or follow standard Englishgrammar;furthermore, the words used in the writing system can'tbe found in standard dictionaries.
Slang on Internet 
Internet slang is slang that Internet users have popularized and, inmany cases, coined. Such terms often originate with the purpose ofsaving keystrokes, and many people use the same abbreviations intext message and instant messaging. Acronyms, keyboard symbols,and shortened words are often methods of abbreviation in Internetslang.
Different views on slang
Some people consider the intermingling of slang in Standard Englishas hazardous to the identity of English whereas some peoples saythat the incursion of slang in English is very beneficial for English asit has extended the range of words in English to describe one thing.
Laccetti (professor of humanities at Stevens Institute of Technology)and Molsk, in their essay entitled
The Lost Art of Writing
, are criticalof the acronyms, predicting reduced chances of employment forstudents who use such acronyms, stating that, "Unfortunately forthese students, their bosses will not be 'lol' when they read a reportthat lacks proper punctuation and grammar, has numerousmisspellings, various made-up words, and silly acronyms." Fondillerand Neron, in their style manual assert that "professional or businesscommunication should never be careless or poorly constructed"whether one is writing an electronic mail message or an article for

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