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2009.05.16 Cool Center (Manila, PH) Cool Shades)

2009.05.16 Cool Center (Manila, PH) Cool Shades)

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Published by coolshades

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Published by: coolshades on May 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cool Center -- Manila, PH -- 5/16/09Interviewer: Eugene Domingo
Note: This particular "interview" is more of a comedy segment than a seriousinterview. The interviewer is a comedienne
]Eugene: You know what? A-- a-- as...as much as possible, I want to uh, be seriousabout this interview. I don't want to waste your time, I want to ask, um, questionsthat uh, have meaning. So...are you single?[
crowd and David laugh
]David: I am. Yeah.Eugene: Oh my God, I'm single too.[
crowd laughs
]Eugene: Um...yeah, do you want to be double?[
David laughs and claps
]Eugene: Yes. Oh...yeah. Yes. In this times of uh, economic challenge...David: Mm-hmmEugene: ...and, you know, the plight of the artist...are also challenged by uh...uh,circumstances brought about by uh...what do you like in a girl?[
crowd and David laugh
]David: Um... [
] a sense of humor. And...Eugene: Ohhhh[
crowd ohhhhhs
]David: Yeah. I know, right? And a lotta money.Eugene: Oh! Do you know, I just came from the bank, and uh...[
crowd and David laugh
]Eugene: ...I was laughing on the way to the bank, and from the bank, because youknow, my bank book? Um...yeah, it's like uh, close to uh...a, a million.David: Wow. Yeah.Eugene: Yeah. Physically, what do you want, uh...to see?
David: Uh...[
Eugene starts posing on the couch
]David: Well... sh-- [
starts laughing
crowd laughs
]David: Uh, short...uh, brown hair.[
Eugene starts getting excited. Crowd "whoa"s
]David: Maybe um...Eugene: How short, how short?David: I-- well, yeah. I-- ya' know, I don't know.Eugene: How short? Be honest. Do you have scissors?David: I'm just got [
waving arms in a circle in front of him
] off the cuff, uh...Eugene: Ok, uh...yeah.David: Uh bl-- black, shoes.[
Eugene looks down at her shoes and sees they're black 
She nearly startshyperventilating
Crowd laughs and ooooohs
]David: Uh...maybe some sort of, like a... [
 puts hand above his head 
] like a metallic...[
Eugene grabs her silver-colored headband out of her hair and looks at it excitedly 
Crowd reacts audibly 
]David: ...headband
kind of thing.
Uh, OK just... [
waves his hands in front of himagain
] riffin'.Eugene: Stop it stop it stop-- the meaning of this![
David and crowd laugh
]Eugene: Oh my God! David, oh my Goooood. My congratulations, because youknow, you're very successful...David: Oh, thank you.Eugene: ...and you're very famous here in our country. And it's really an honor forme to be, just in front of you. I-- this is the highlight of my life. [
starts fake crying
David laughs
Eugene: ...you're here in my... [
fake cries
] Thank you...[
David laughs
]David: Thank you.Eugene: ...very much. And...do you know that, um...what do you say to aperson...when...when for example, I say, I say "I love you too"...David: Mm-hmmEugene: ...what do you have to say?David: I say I--Eugene: So I will say I love--David: I, I'd say "I love you" back.[
crowd Ahhhhhs
]Eugene: Yaaaaay [
hits David playfully on the arm
] Oh you smell really goooood[
]David: Oh, thank you. [
]Eugene: Do you want to smell me?David: Uh....Eugene [
waving her arms toward herself 
]: Can you smell me now?David: Maybe-- maybe later.Eugene: Maybe?David: There's a lotta people around.Eugene: Oh my God, what time? [
David laughs
]David: Um...fifteen minutes from now.Eugene: OK David: YeahEugene [
to the crowd 
]: You guys...do it faster, cuz...we have to smell each other.[
David and crowd laugh

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