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Top 10 Summer Beaches by ISLANDS magazine

Top 10 Summer Beaches by ISLANDS magazine

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Published by Islands Magazine
http://islands.com/freeissue ISLANDS magazine reveals the world's top 10 best beaches for summer vacations, with pictures, deals, resort links and expert reviews. See more beaches in the Beach issue, on newsstands May 11, 2010, and in the ISLANDS Store at http://islands.com/freeissue .
http://islands.com/freeissue ISLANDS magazine reveals the world's top 10 best beaches for summer vacations, with pictures, deals, resort links and expert reviews. See more beaches in the Beach issue, on newsstands May 11, 2010, and in the ISLANDS Store at http://islands.com/freeissue .

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Published by: Islands Magazine on May 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dcbr 2009
a perfect place to melt away a day.
Tht’ wht we’re ookg for, remg of 
beache where the ummer eao a the a
 vbe meet  zy hrmoy. We fou t o hu-
re of beche, but oe tht eem to cpture
t better th Hw’ Wmo Bech, o
the outheat hore of Oahu. Me of oft-whte
 for rexg,  gete ope to the wterfor wmmg (wth fegur),  quet wter-
frot prk of rowoo tree for trog — t’
 cocy perfect. But the eepy eghbor-hoo ext oor bubbe Wmo to the top.
From the beach ow a gray pubc rght of way a up three bock  the re-cottage retaurat
of sweet Home Wmo, ext oor to thentury Hw art Gery. Orer  ow-cooke brbecue uch  c bow wrppeup for  bech pcc. acro the treet, the Hoouu PooCub hot mtche o suy ummer fteroo t whtcub preet ae Hoe c “the foot of the mgcetKoou Rge  the wooy, t-ke vor of Hw’
coutrye.” The ay e a oe-mute wak from the beach
t He no,  three-ute ret home wth the ew Ze
Treehoue oft. “Guet ofte have the beach a to themeve,”
y He no ower Her lopez. “They wy meto
th whe erouy hppy.” Rte from $165.
ranked summer beaches based on recommendations from our
dors and conrbuors as wll as local xrs and radrs wh frs-
hand insight. We sought relaxing beaches within relatively easy reach in
scenic locations favored by locals with authentic restaurants and accom-modations nearby. Accessibility led to Caribbean and Hawaii choices for
this list; see 60 top beach picks from around the world at
waimanalobeach, oahu
    g    r    e    g    v    A    u    g    H    n
Sunrs sn’h only WaanaloBach on Oahu’ssouhas shor ssrnly nn.
The Best
    f    r    O    m    t    O    p   :    j    A    m    e    S    S    C    H    W    A    B    e    l    /    A    l    A    m    y   ;    e    l    l    e    n    r    O    O    n    e    y    /    f    O    t    O    t    e    C    A   9    x   1   2
Meads bay,
Bay coope from the hore-e ke ce cream, a a oft
 brght  freh ow. Tht
 the coo vbe of agu’ ceebrt-e beche. O y Crbbe um-mer y, the ’ 33 beche — pubc — re c’t-go-wrog choce.But th ummer, Me By my be
the pace to be. Wth the ame amout
of  but fewer vtor th fmou
shoa Bay Eat, the mooth crecet of 
Me By h the recet to of 
the ope-ar Jacaa retaurat a ew 
Mkh dy sp o the bech. “if you 
 wt  be of goo hote, ve-trCrbbe-fuo returt   
pure tretch of  o e tht you’eve otce the met pebbe uer-
foot, Me By  the perfect choce,”y nor Evoy, who cover the 
for gu-beche.com.
For the perfect y here, th o-c expert recomme brekft tstrw Ht (try the agu cryh
omeet), kykg off the bech, uch
at Jacaa (che oca cucumber oup),
ougg o the bech,  ert Mche Rotg (wth  choce of 
25,000 botte of we)  Maouhaa 
Hote & sp o  buff over the bech.
Retre to  hote ute uptr  wtch the uet from  prvte ter-rce. From there you c tke  expve vew of the woerfuetht  Me By. so coo. sum-mer rte from $430.
Pink sands beach,
For  fmou bech tht’ c-
tuay pk — thak to ty bt
of re he  the whte  —
there’ room to rex  rom. “i the
ummer, a crow  20 peope,” ay Rob-
ert arthur, who ru myhrbour.com  arthur’ Bkery o Hrbouri. “i ke to wk the etre three-me egth of the bech, py  the
urf, go for  horebck re. Hve your
prvcy f you wt, or e up hvg 
uch wth fok you meet o the beach.”
spekg of whch, Robert’ uch pck 
  obter wch, wrppe up for bech pcc, from the Bue Br tPk s Reort. Tht reort  therget oe o th brey-wer-th-the-bech . nery everythg  wth wkg tce, cug the
htorc vage of dumore Tow, oce
the cpt of the Bhm. The coo-
a home a peappe tree t cey 
oge Pk s’ 25 cottge. a
our reort cotct prome u, “Thebech  ever, ever crowe.” sum-
mer rate from $600.
“i   w  f  ,p   f, f   .hv  pvf  w.
Sly rlax onAnulla’s madsBay (l), or rdon h Bahaas’pnk Sands Bach(blow). ehr waycan b a rc day.
Premier hotel offers fine dining, tworestaurants, Le Petit Cafe, two pools, fitnessroom, conference facilities and full-servicemarina. Daily tours to the reef, rainforest andarchaeological sites.
Tel: 800-333-3333Fax: 011-501-227-3820amin.dredge@radisson.comwww.radisson.com/belizecitybz
Your relaxation destination when in Belize. Ourone or two bedroom suites are equipped withkitchen, living and dining areas, cable TV andwireless internet. All are beachfront andcomplete with balconies. Swimming pool. Cafe.Beach Bar. Restaurant. PADI Dive Centre.Fitness center. Tennis courts.
Tel: (501) 226-2870www.exoticcaye.cominfo@exoticcaye.com
If you’re looking for an Island getaway that willrejuvenate your mind, body and soul, then look no further. Xanadu Island Resort lies hidden onan inviting palm lined beach, overlooking theCaribbean and the Barrier Reef.
Tel: 011-501-226-2814info@xanaduresort-belize.comwww.xanaduresort-belize.com
Specialists in the overlooked islands of theWestern Caribbean since 1981. Let our Belizetravel specialist’s design the vacation that isright for you. Free tour catalog features scubadiving, jungle lodges, rafting, cave tubing, fishing,Mayan ruins and more. Lowest airfares, groupincentives, travel agents welcome.
Tel: 800-282-8932info@roatan.comwww.roatan.com
Islands the way they used to be.
TahitiTourism.com 1~877~GO~TAHITI
The pristine beautyof Bora Bora remainsuntouched by time.
The Best
hanalei bay,
The fmou dr. Bech (eep. 70) put th two-me cre-
cet of ay perfecto o the
 very top of h 2009 Top 10 beche, or otherwe. The pek, the
pam, the per — a frame Haae Bay 
 the Hw of tmee yrem.
“The cear emera water are perfect forwmmg urg the traqu ummermoth,” dr. Beach ote  h rakg.
“The -bck tte vge   goopce for refrehmet.” i He
Tow, try the cocout ce crem t the
ew Pk’ Cremery. Or ext oort Ku nut Roter, get  bg of 
cocout Koa coffee peca for much-
g whe trog og the He
Per, but  1892 a feature 
. The by  o the e pot totry pe borg, where the cmHe rver ro gety to the m wve by the per. Move wet owog the bech for bgger urg orup-rver for bgger kykg — wht-
ever the ummer y brg.
seepg er the bech, though,tke ome vce pg. Out-e of ret, there’ the Hei  tow, pu 
fvorte,the st. Reg Prceve Reort othe byfrot buff ext to HeBech Prk   quet ook of .Rte from $365.
cane Garden bay,
Hoety, the Brth Vrg
i cou hve h therow “Bet summer Beche”t. so our expert hepe rrow theerch ow to Torto for t mbechfrot commute wth jut
eough gog o  the ummer — but
ot too much. loc ove the goebech  pectcur orkeg of Brewer By  the pcc prte o
Beef ia’ log Bay acro the brge.
reer Trc O’de et
u oe of the bet bech ecrpto
 we’ve re: “i ove Ce Gre By 
the ummer becue, uke the wtermoth whe Ce bot the bggeturf  the BVi, the e   cm   wmmg poo. i’ pe the y the wter, wmmg from oe e of the by to the other or jut m’ wth utmeg-prke rum puch fromoe of the beche br. summeruet over Jot V dyke coor the
ky wth tffy pte  cotto-cy 
cou. it’ perfect. Tht’ why i vehere.” Fee ke you ve here too whe
 you ret the three-beroom Ce Gr-e By Bech Houe. summer weeky 
rte from $3,200.
Paia beach,
Cue the ummer motage of 
bech brbecue, bech rce
 bech cocert. The tte
tow of P o th tte bech bo-
om wth the u P Fet, et forJue 27 th yer. it’  tury hppy 
pce rey. “The   yeow mpoby oft,  the wve ro  wth typc north shore perfecto,”y
etor aree Egof.
“The wth y feet, you wk cro
the treet to the Paa Fh Market for aah awch a Mau Brewg BkBoe lager, foowe by a papaya or-
betto from Oo Geto. For omeoe
 who ove Hawa a the beach, th 
perfecto.” a o much rey  jut
 ummer tro wy from th bech.Wk to 15 boutque  gere o
Paa or, f you wat extra a, the two-
me-og Bw Bech Prk extoor. But mke ure to e your y  wth oe of thoe ummer bech br-becue, wth ve jzz, t the P i
Hote. it’ rght o the beach, of coure,
 cou be your hppet pce oerth. Rte from $189.
    g    r    e    g    v    A    u    g    H    n   ;    O    p    p    O    S    i    t    e   :    e    l    l    e    n    r    O    O    n    e    y    /    g    e    t    t    y    i    m    A    g    e    S
Hanal Bay, KauaCan gardn Bay, Bvi

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