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Reflections Fall 2009

Reflections Fall 2009

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Published by campbell_harmon6178
"Reflections" is a magazine of theological and ethical inquiry published by Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Connecticut.
"Reflections" is a magazine of theological and ethical inquiry published by Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Connecticut.

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Published by: campbell_harmon6178 on May 05, 2010
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how firm a foundation?churches face the future
Fall 2009
photography: chris minnick
Based in Indianapolis, Chris Minnick is an independent photog-rapher with 30 years o experience. His work centers mostly onphilanthropic organizations – the lie and practices o churches,colleges, community oundations, and other non-prots.His interest is to preserve the authenticity o the moment,capturing a glimpse o the emotion and energy he sees in thescenes he encounters.“My subject is real people, real stories,” he says.“I shoot things as they are, hoping to reinorce and enhance theintegrity and believability o the moment. I hope viewers comeaway with more respect or what they are seeing.” Over the years, he has photographed activities in scores o con-gregations. This
chronicles a ew o those moments.“What strikes me when I walk into a church, no matter whatthe denomination, is the power o community I see there – thecapability o a church to gather neighbors and riends. And aterwards, they take with them or the rest o the week a aithand belie that make their lives better.” 
cover design:peter johnson, with photos by chris minnick
is a magazine o theological and ethical inquirypublished biannually by Yale Divinity School. Opinions expressed are solely those o the authors and do not represent those o thesponsoring institution and its administration and aculty.We welcome letters to the editor. All correspondence regarding 
should be addressed to Ray Waddle at the School’saddress or at
.For a ree subscription or to buy additional copies o this issue,please go to www.yale.edu/refections, or call 203-432-5359.Refections study guides, summaries o back issues, and other inormation can be ound on the web site as well.Refections readers are welcome to order additional compli-mentary issues o this and most past issues. The only cost is theactual shipping ee. To make a request, write todivinity.subscribe@yale.edu
REFLECTIONS – VOLumE 96, NumbER 2ISSN 0362-0611
Harold W. Attridge – publisher Ray Waddle – editor Frank Brown – managing editor Peter Johnson – graphic designer, YaleRIS John Lindner, Gustav Spohn – senior advisersKira Gallick – circulation manager Rachel Watson – poetry acquisitionCampbell Harmon – online coordinator Martin Copenhaver – guest contributing editor 
This is too good a crisis to waste. People are open. Too many are living lives that are shallow and fat....We are at an evolutionary moment in the lie o the Christian church in America. I believe we have amessage the culture isn't hearing. We have something amazing that too many people are missing out on. I only they knew!– the Rev. Nancy Taylor ’81 M.Div.
how firm a foundation?churches face the future

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