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Five Books From Madame Blavatsky

Five Books From Madame Blavatsky

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Published by: Earthcat on May 05, 2010
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The Key To Theosophy - HP Blavatsky.txtThe Key to TheosophyDedicated by "H.P.B." To all her Pupils,That They may Learn and Teach in their turn.The Key to TheosophyA Clear Expositionin the Form of Question and Answerof the Ethics, Science, and Philosophyfor the Study of WhichThe Theosophical Society has been Founded.H.P. BlavatskyPrefaceThe purpose of this book is exactly expressed in its title, The Key toTheosophy, and needs but few words of explanation. It is not a complete orexhaustive textbook of Theosophy, but only a key to unlock the door thatleads to the deeper study. It traces the broad outlines of theWisdom-Religion, and explains its fundamental principles; meeting, at thesame time, the various objections raised by the average Western inquirer,and endeavoring to present unfamiliar concepts in a form as simple and inlanguage as clear as possible. That it should succeed in making Theosophyintelligible without mental effort on the part of the reader, would be toomuch to expect; but it is hoped that the obscurity still left is of thethought and not of the language, is due to depth and not to confusion. Tothe mentally lazy or obtuse, Theosophy must remain a riddle; for in theworld mental as in the world spiritual each man must progress by his ownefforts. The writer cannot do the reader's thinking for him, nor would thelatter be any the better off if such vicarious thought were possible. Theneed for such an exposition as the present has long been felt among thoseinterested in the Theosophical Society and its work, and it is hoped that itwill supply information, as free as possible from technicalities, to manywhose attention has been awakened, but who, as yet, are merely puzzled andnot convinced.Some care has been taken in disentangling some part of what is true fromwhat is false in Spiritualistic teachings as to the postmortem life, and toshowing the true nature of Spiritualistic phenomena. Previous explanationsof a similar kind have drawn much wrath upon the writer's devoted head; theSpiritualists, like too many others, preferring to believe what is pleasantrather than what is true, and becoming very angry with anyone who destroysan agreeable delusion. For the past year Theosophy has been the target forevery poisoned arrow of Spiritualism, as though the possessors of a halftruth felt more antagonism to the possessors of the whole truth than thosewho had no share to boast of.Very hearty thanks are due from the author to many Theosophists who havesent suggestions and questions, or have otherwise contributed help duringthe writing of this book. The work will be the more useful for their aid,and that will be their best reward.-H.P. Blavatsky1889ContentsPage 1
The Key To Theosophy - HP Blavatsky.txtPrefaceTheosophy and The Theosophical Society 1The Meaning of the Name 1The Policy of the Theosophical Society 4The Wisdom-Religion, Esoteric in All Ages 7Theosophy is Not Buddhism 12Exoteric and Esoteric Theosophy 15What the Modern Theosophical Society is Not 15Theosophists and Members of the T.S. 18The Difference Between Theosophy and Occultism 23The Difference Between Theosophy and Spiritualism 25Why is Theosophy Accepted? 32The Working System of the T.S. 37The Objects of the Society 37The Common Origin of Man 38Our Other Objects 44On the Sacredness of the Pledge 45The Relations of the T.S. to Theosophy 49On Self-Improvement 49The Abstract and the Concrete 52The Fundamental Teachings of Theosophy 57On God and Prayer 57Is it Necessary to Pray? 61Prayer Kills Self-Reliance 66On the Source of the Human Soul 69The Buddhist Teachings on the Above 71Theosophical Teachings as to Nature and Man 77The Unity of All in All 77Evolution and Illusion 78On The Septenary Constitution of Our Planet 81The Septenary Nature of Man 83The Distinction Between Soul and Spirit 86Page 2
The Key To Theosophy - HP Blavatsky.txtThe Greek Teachings 89On the Various Postmortem States 95The Physical and the Spiritual Man 95On Eternal Reward and Punishment, and on Nirvana 102On the Various Principles in Man 109On Reincarnation or Rebirth 115What is Memory According to Theosophical Teaching? 115Why Do We Not Remember Our Past Lives? 119On Individuality and Personality 124On the Reward and Punishment of the Ego 128On the Kamaloka and Devachan 133On the Fate of the Lower Principles 133Why Theosophists Do Not Believe in the Return of Pure "Spirits" 135A Few Words About the Skandhas 142On Postmortem and Postnatal Consciousness 145What is Really Meant by Annihilation 150Definite Words for Definite Things 158On the Nature of Our Thinking Principle 165The Mystery of the Ego 165The Complex Nature of Manas 170The Doctrine is Taught in St. John's Gospel 172On the Mysteries of Reincarnation 183Periodical Rebirths 183What is Karma? 186Who Are Those Who Know? 199The Difference Between Faith and Knowledge, Or Blind and Reasoned Faith 201Has God the Right to Forgive? 205What is Practical Theosophy? 209Duty 209The Relations of the T.S. to Political Reforms 213On Self-Sacrifice 217On Charity 222Page 3