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Mentalist Tricks

Mentalist Tricks

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Published by Pirouline

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Pirouline on May 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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· Quick Training· Instant Lie Detection· Other Mentalist Tricks
*This first section Excerpted from Marc Salem'sMind Games website.For more info on Marc Salem, check outhttp://www.hypnotions.com/aboutmarc.htmlI have seen him in person and he is excellent!
There are three basic mind tool areas in learninghow to read people and detect lies.T hey are:
#1 Attention (observation)--The visual tool:watching closely for the ingredients of a lie.How to recognize facial expression, bodylanguage and gestures.
#2 Concentration (communicate/listen)--Thelistening tool:How to listen effectively for what goes unheard.Developing a systemfor picking up vocal tones, sudden changes,unconscious sounds, word choices, and silences.
#3 Translation (Interpret/Intuition)--Theconsistency tool: how to compare and assesswhat you have seen and heard. If the two don'tmatch, you may look for some degree ofdeception. Finding inconsistency is the challenge,recognizing it as important is the task.
Normally we see only what we want to see. Ourselective attention severely limits reaching our fullobservatory potential. Let me demonstrate.Imagine a penny, a 1 cent piece, in your mind.You have handled one thousands of times. Now,which way does Lincoln's profile face? Now takeone out of your pocket and have a look. Chancesare pretty good that you were wrong. Our rangeof observation is wide, but it almost alwaysdepends on our need to know. Which wayLincoln's face faces is pretty low on our need toknow list.
The secret of using observation as the powerfultool it is to train yourself. That's right, you canindeed teach yourself to see with new eyes everyday--often in a situation where someone mightwant to tell a lie, and you want to detect it.
Just as you can enhance your physical healthwith regular exercise, you can sharpen yourpowers of observation. For starters, watch peoplewhile they're talking. Practice studying people inconversation everywhere -- at work, at a party, ina restaurant, on a plane or in the park. What youare looking for are the variations possible indifferent mannerisms or silent signals. You mayeven experiment watching television with the
sound off (actually not a bad idea to do all thetime).
How many kinds of smiles do you see, and howwould you evaluate them. How about frowns,smirks, finger pointing, dry coughs, and toetapping. While I will provide a full gamut of silentsignals below, you must put in the work ofnoticing and cataloging them. Does the computersalesperson appear confident about hismerchandise? Does his pitch convey any doubts?If he's good, it won't. He wants to send out onlythe signals that will make you buy. Observemannerisms and try to assess the situation. Whatis he doing and why.
Soon you will become a collector of mannerisms,and quite frankly it's not only easy, but there is aconsiderable amount of stimulating entertainmentin putting the overt behavior of others under thescrutiny of your own private magnifying glass. Asa side benefits you also become more sensitiveto those around you.
Several well-known criminal lawyers havedeveloped this skill for use in situations whereeven the slightest edge gives them an advantage.Police, therapists, teachers, clergy, and CEOs ofthe Fortune 500 have all attended my programsoften with the specific purpose of sensitizingthemselves to the actions of others. Actors andpoliticians (often unfortunately one and the same)have also taken advantage of this knowledge.
Gradually your increased observational abilitieswill pay off. In a week you will be considerablymore observant than you are today. After twoweeks you'll be alert to nuances that seemelusive now.
In a month, with little effort, you'll be anobservational genius. You will be able to pick upeach of the mannerisms sent almost constantly,both by friends and strangers. That's it for yourmastery of the first tool in spotting deception.Have fun.

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