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Thu thuat may tinh

Thu thuat may tinh

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Published by: vbook on May 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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S\u01b0u T\ue000m Th\ue001 Thu\ue002t
Nguy\ue000n Anh T\u00fa
CH\u00c8N H\u00ccNH \ue003NH V\u00c0 THAY M\u00c0U CH\ue004 TR\u00caN N\ue005N C\ue006A FOLDER TRONG

N\ue000u b\ue001n \u00f1\u00e3 t\ue002ng d\u00f9ng Win98-Me, th\u00ec ch\ue003c b\ue001n s\ue004 r\ue005t c\u00f3 \ue005n t\u01b0\ue006ng v\ue007i t\u00ednh n\u0103ng cho ph\u00e9p ch\u00e8n \ue008nh v\u00e0 thay \u00f1\ue009i m\u00e0u s\ue003c font ch\ue00a tr\u00ean n\ue00bn c\ue00ca folder , nh\u01b0ng ti\ue000c l\u00e0 trong WinXp b\u00e1c Bill l\ue001i kh\u00f4ng h\ue00d tr\ue006 t\u00ednh n\u0103ng n\u00e0y, nh\u01b0ng c\u00f3 m\ue00et c\u00e1ch \u00f1\ue00f th\ue010c hi\ue011n t\u00ednh n\u0103ng n\u00e0y, b\ue001n ph\ue008i t\ue001o m\ue00et file desktop.ini , b\ue001n c\u00f3 th\ue00f t\u00ecm th\ue005y n\u00f3 trong m\ue012i folder c\ue00ca Win98- Me, hay c\u00f3 th\ue00f t\ue010 t\ue001o b\ue013ng notepad , m\ue014 notepad v\u00e0 \u00f1\u00e1nh (copy) nguy\u00ean v\u0103n \u00f1o\ue001n code sau :[.ShellClassInfo]



IconArea_Image=E:\Hinh anh\koyoko fukada\ips_fukada_kyoko152.jpg

Trong \u00f1\u00f3 d\u00f2ng IconArea_Image= b\ue001n \u00f1\u00e1nh \u00f1\u01b0\ue015ng d\ue016n \u00f1\ue000n h\u00ecnh m\u00e0 b\ue001n mu\ue017n n\u00f3 xu\ue005t hi\ue011n trong
folder, b\ue001n n\u00ean \u00f1\u00e1nh \u00f1\u01b0\ue015ng d\ue016n ng\ue003n nh\u01b0 t\u00f4i th\u00ec h\u01a1n , v\u00e0 nh\ue007 l\u00e0 \u00f1\u00e1nh lu\u00f4n c\ue008 \u00f1u\u00f4i c\ue00ca n\u00f3.
D\u00f2ng IconArea_Text=0x000000FF qui \u00f1\ue018nh m\u00e0u font ch\ue00a trong folder,trong v\u00ed d\ue019 m\u00e0u ch\ue00a c\ue00ca t\u00f4i l\u00e0
m\u00e0u \u00f1\ue01a ,b\ue001n ch\ue01b n\u00ean thay \u00f1\ue009i d\u00e3y s\ue017 sau ch\ue00a \u201c x\u201d v\ue007i c\u00e1c m\u00e0u :
000000l\u00e0 m\u00e0u \u00f1en l\u00e0 m\u00e0u m\ue01cc \u00f1\ue018nh , FFFF00 : m\u00e0u xanh d\u01b0\u01a1ng \u2026. B\ue001n c\u00f3 th\ue00f t\ue010 t\u00ecm th\u00eam.
Sau \u00f1\u00f3 l\u01b0u l\ue001i file v\ue007i t\u00ean desktop.ini (nh\ue007 .ini l\u00e0 \u00f1u\u00f4i file ch\ue01d kh\u00f4ng ph\ue008i l\u00e0 t\u00ean), b\u00e2y gi\ue015 b\ue001n c\u00f3 th\ue00f d\u00e1n
file n\u00e0y k\u00e8m \ue008nh n\ue00bn c\ue00ca b\ue001n (v\u00ed d\ue019 c\ue00ca t\u00f4i l\u00e0 h\u00ecnh ips_fukada_kyoko152.jpg) v\u00e0o b\ue005t k\u00ec folder n\u00e0o m\u00e0
S\u01b0u T\ue000m Th\ue001 Thu\ue002t
Nguy\ue000n Anh T\u00fa
b\ue001n mu\ue017n thay \u00f1\ue009i, tho\u00e1t ra kh\ue01ai folder \ue005y sau \u00f1\u00f3 v\u00e0o l\ue001i, v\u00e0 \u201ch\u00e3y c\ue008m nh\ue01en s\ue010 kh\u00e1c bi\ue011t\u201d . Theo t\u00f4i
b\ue001n n\u00ean \u00f1\ue00f \u00f1\ue01ct t\u00ednh \ue01fn cho file desktop.ini v\u00e0 file \ue008nh k\ue020o c\u00f3 k\ue020 ph\u00e1 ho\ue001i.
N\u00e0o c\u00e1c b\ue001n h\u00e3y cho b\u00e1c Bill \u201cGay\u201d mang d\ue005u \ue005n c\ue00ca m\u00ecnh \u00f1i n\u00e0o.
S\u01b0u T\ue000m Th\ue001 Thu\ue002t
Nguy\ue000n Anh T\u00fa
CH\u00c8N \u00c2M THANH V\u00c0O V\u0102N B\ue003N WORD

\u00f0\u00f4i khi, do y\u00eau c\ue021u c\u00f4ng vi\ue011c, b\ue001n ph\ue008i chu\ue01fn b\ue018 m\ue00et v\u0103n b\ue008n c\u00f3 k\u00e8m th\u00eam \u00e2m thanh (nh\ue001c,l\ue015i ch\u00fa th\u00edch...), khi \u00f1\u00f3 b\ue001n s\ue004 x\ue022 l\u00fd ra sao ? C\u00f3 2 ph\u01b0\u01a1ng ph\u00e1p gi\ue008i quy\ue000t v\ue005n \u00f1\ue00b n\u00e0y, t\u00f9y theo t\ue002ng tr\u01b0\ue015ng h\ue006p c\ue019 th\ue00f m\u00e0 b\ue001n l\ue010a ch\ue012n ph\u01b0\u01a1ng ph\u00e1p th\u00edch h\ue006p (\u00e1p d\ue019ng cho Word XP).

Ph\u01b0\u01a1ng ph\u00e1p 1 : D\u00f9ng c\u00f4ng c\ue004 Sound trong Web Tools
\u00c1p d\ue019ng ph\u01b0\u01a1ng ph\u00e1p n\u00e0y, m\ue00di khi m\ue014 v\u0103n b\ue008n, \u00e2m thanh s\ue004 \u00f1\u01b0\ue006c ph\u00e1t ra ngay, c\ue019 th\ue00f c\ue021n
th\ue010c hi\ue011n nh\u01b0 sau :
Click chu\ue00et ph\ue008i v\u00e0o ch\ue00d tr\ue017ng b\ue005t k\u1ef3 tr\u00ean thanh c\u00f4ng c\ue019, ch\ue012n d\ue005u check v\u00e0o ch\ue00a Web Tools.
Tr\u00ean thanh Web Tools, b\ue001n th\ue005y bi\ue00fu t\u01b0\ue006ng h\u00ecnh c\u00e1i loa c\u00f3 d\ue005u m\u0169i t\u00ean ch\ue01b v\u00e0o v\u0103n b\ue008n, click
chu\ue00et v\u00e0o n\u00f3, h\ue00ep tho\ue001i sau \u00f1\u00e2y s\ue004 hi\ue011n ra :
Click v\u00e0o ch\ue00a Browse r\ue023i ch\ue012n \u00f1\ue018a ch\ue01b file \u00e2m thanh (ch\ue01b d\u00f9ng \u00f1\u01b0\ue006c c\u00e1c file d\ue001ng
Click v\u00e0o d\ue005u m\u0169i t\u00ean tr\u01b0\ue007c ch\ue00a times \u00f1\ue00f ch\ue012n s\ue017 l\ue021n l\ue01ep l\ue001i \u00e2m thanh.
Sau \u00f1\u00f3 click chu\ue00et v\u00e0o n\u00fat OK l\u00e0 xong.
Ph\u01b0\u01a1ng ph\u00e1p 2 : D\u00f9ng ch\ue005c n\u0103ng Insert Comment
Ph\u01b0\u01a1ng ph\u00e1p n\u00e0y c\u00f3 th\ue00f qu\ue008n l\u00fd \u00f1\u01b0\ue006c l\u00fac n\u00e0o n\u00ean ph\u00e1t \u00e2m thanh, l\u00fac n\u00e0o kh\u00f4ng.

Mu\ue017n ch\u00e8n \u00e2m thanh \ue014 \u00f1o\ue001n v\u0103n b\ue008n n\u00e0o, b\ue001n bao kh\ue017i \u00f1o\ue001n \u00f1\u00f3 (ho\ue01cc \u00f1\ue01ct con tr\ue01a \ue014 cu\ue017i
\u00f1o\ue001n), sau \u00f1\u00f3 b\ue005m chu\ue00et ph\ue008i v\u00e0o ch\ue00d tr\ue017ng b\ue005t k\u1ef3 tr\u00ean thanh c\u00f4ng c\ue019, m\ue014 thanh Reviewing.
B\ue001n r\u00ea chu\ue00et v\u00e0o bi\ue00fu t\u01b0\ue006ng New Comment, click v\u00e0o d\ue005u m\u0169i t\u00ean ch\ue01b xu\ue017ng \ue014 b\u00ean c\ue001nh s\ue004
th\ue005y menu th\ue008 nh\u01b0 h\u00ecnh d\u01b0\ue007i \u00f1\u00e2y :

B\ue001n click chu\ue00et v\u00e0o ch\ue00a Voice Comment s\ue004 th\ue005y m\ue00et h\ue00ep tho\ue001i hi\ue011n ra nh\u01b0 sau :

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