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Blog - Mineral Logic

Blog - Mineral Logic

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Published by: atpfacebook on May 06, 2010
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ATP Medical Literature - Series #23. 
The NATU RE & Chemistry of MEN - " GOD C re ated MenFrom Dust . . . From Dust He Shall Return----------------------------------------------------------------
Website : www.MineralLogic.com
Proprietary Process:
MineralLogichas developed a process for leachingfulvic colloidsfrom
fulvic shaleusing only
water as aleaching agent.Many companies use extraction acids or other extraction agents to leach fulvic acids fromvarious shale's such as
lignite. Understand that humicshale contains no free form fulvic acids. They areseparated from the humic acid by leaching,andactivating them with water.Using extractents other than water will damage certainfulvic bonds.Products containing a much higher carboxyl-group reading than hydroxyl-group, or viseversa, should be suspect of being manufactured withextractents other than water.We produce
fulvic acidcontents of over 
7 grams per liter, or 0.7%.That's 3½ higher than either independentlaboratory has ever measured! Yet, some companiesare claiming fulvic acid contents of over 30%!
Fulvicacids are to minute in quantity,whether in soils, waters,
or humic shale, to produce a naturally extracted productcontaining over 1% fulvic acids.
2) Independent laboratory analyses:
Analyses spanning several years. We have others on filefor your inspection. Contact us and we will make themavailable.
3) Serving Chart:
We developed this chart by taking an average valuefor each analyte from a number of different analyses,spanning several years. The average values for thepowder are calculated by
dividing the analyses valuesby 5,000 since a200 mg serving is
of akilogram.4.The average values for the liquid are calculated bydividing the original lab assay by 2,000.A standardserving of Tracite is ½ ml, or 14 drops from a standardmedical dropper, or 1/2000
of a liter.
4) Fulvic Acid Analyses:
Two recent laboratory assays showing the fulvic acidcontent. One of these
analyses reveals Tracite has anexcellent balance of carboxyl (COOH), and hydroxyl(HO), groups.
Conversion Chart :
Shows conversions from grams to pounds etc;Supplied by MineralLogic 
C6) Contaminant Analyses:
Analyses revealing the purity of Tracite. Contains no
molds, yeast, bacteria, chemical residues, or insecticides.
8)Effervescent analysis:
MineralLogicproduces an effervescent productavailable in lemon/lime, or orange flavor. This analysiscontains other ingredients besides Tracite.>
9) Nomenclatureumhos/cm
= Micro-mhos/cm
, how many ohms of resistance tocurrent flow,or how well a liquid conducts electricity.
meg/100 gm
10. = milli-equivalents11.= a molar (atomic) measurement for particles.
12) Technical Questions:
For technical questions, product information, productsamples, or additional laboratory analyses pleasecontact Ralf Ostertag @ (269)552-9436
13)Independent Laboratories used by 
Western Analysis Inc 
., 40 West Louise Ave. Salt LakeCity Utah 84115, (801) 792-9238 * Fax (801)-484-9211
EarthFax Development Corporation
,177 N. ResearchParkway, Suite #104, North. Logan Utah 84342,(434)-787-2743 * Fax (343) 787-2749
Harmony Concepts,
2147 Rulon White Blvd, Suite#201, Ogden, Utah 84404, (801) 737-4831* Fax (801)-(801)737-5191

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