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The Bunologist May10

The Bunologist May10

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Published by Karen At Boing
May's newsletter features: international & local bunny news, getting a new rabbit, life at the Do Hop Inn, rescued rabbits living the good life, calici virus released
May's newsletter features: international & local bunny news, getting a new rabbit, life at the Do Hop Inn, rescued rabbits living the good life, calici virus released

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Published by: Karen At Boing on May 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May 2010
Getting a new rabbit
Life at the Do Hop Inn
Rescued rabbits living thegood life
Calici virus released in Sydney
What’s News?
Rabbit Whisperer put bunnies in trance
15 April 2010 – The Australian (UK)Cliff Penrose, a Cornishman from St Austell, in England'ssouth west, has perfected a curious ritual that appears tomake rabbits relax and fall into a trance. He is the firstrabbit whisperer - or at least the first person to lay claim tothe title.Mr Penrose's rabbit-pacifying skills are in much demand inCornwall, where he has helped to relax them before theyare treated by a vet.Mr Penrose, 60, began developing his technique whilerecuperating from a triple-bypass heart operation. He spentmore time with his rabbits and observed that they couldread his mood."I discovered that if I was in a bad mood the rabbits wouldreact to that and become fidgety and unruly, but if I washaving a good day they would be calm and no trouble," hesaid.Mr Penrose, who has bred rabbits for 30 years, said that itwas important to be confident when holding them. "If youare scared or nervous or stressed then the rabbit will sensethat - they are extremely intelligent animals."He said that he was often called upon to treat rabbits thatshowed aggression, a problem that he attributes to theirbeing handled incorrectly by their owners. "People often getthese pets without really understanding what they are.They emerge from a trance a happier, more relaxed pet."Please don’t try this party trick at home. Rabbits canseverely hurt themselves twisting to break free (BOING)
Family heartbreak over stolen rabbits
14 April 2010 – Yorkshire evening post (UK)A family have been left heartbroken after their pet rabbitswere stolen for a SECOND time.The Pearsons from Pudsey first fell victim to pet thievesfour years ago when they had a pair of rabbits stolen.At the weekend they fell prey again, with their newest petsAlfie and Oscar being taken from the hutch in the middle ofthe afternoonMum-of-two Karen Pearson said it was the latest in a seriesof rabbit thefts in the area.Karen, 42, said: "One of the neighbours in our street alsohad rabbits stolen and so had someone else who livesaround the corner. It seems to have been going on forabout the past four years."It is not unknown for dogs to get into rabbit hutches, butKaren was convinced her family's hutch had been forced byhuman hands.She said: "It is a two-storey hutch and a dog would havetried to get into it at the bottom. But it is the top section thathas been forced. I don't think there is any way a dog couldhave done it. What really upsets me is the thought thatsomeone might be stealing them to bait their dogs with."It's disgusting and people should be aware of what'shappening." She said the family was planning to get morerabbits but would now install security cameras to stopanimals being taken in the future. She said: "It's going tocost us hundreds of pounds but the kids love their rabbits.What else can we do?"
Illegal rabbit traps set to kill
11 March 2010 – The Border Mail (Australia)POLICE and residents are concerned a child’s leg may becaught in illegal live rabbit traps being set in WestWodonga.A passer-by noticed an ibis caught in one of the traps. Thebird was taken to the vet and eventually had to be putdown. Two other traps were located before the fourth wasfound three days later.It is not illegal to possess a rabbit trap in Victoria, except onCrown land. But it is against the law to set or use one onurban land — that is, land not mainly used for agriculture.
Getting a New Rabbit
By The Humane Society of the United States
You've decided to get a rabbit:you've learned what it takes toprovide great care and anappropriate diet, you've bunny-proofed your house, you'vefound a great rabbitveterinarian, and you're readyto give one or two (or more)special bunnies the attentionand exercise they need every day.You don't want to buy a bunny from a pet store becauseyou know that most of those animals come from mass-breeding facilities. So what are your options?
Animal shelters and rescue groups
After cats and dogs, rabbits are the species most oftensurrendered to animal shelters. Most rabbits lose theirhomes because of "people reasons," such as a move orthe owner's inability or unwillingness to care for the animal,not because the rabbit has behavioral or health problems.In addition to shelters, there are numerous private rabbitadoption agencies that are run by people with in-depthknowledge of rabbits. Most groups depend on volunteerswho provide foster care for homeless rabbits until theanimals find permanent placements. Many rabbit rescuegroups partner with local animal shelters, helping to placebunnies through their foster care networks.
Advantages to adoption
When you're ready to adopt, your local shelter or rabbitrescue group should be your first stop.Staff and volunteers at well-run shelters or rescue groupswork hard to keep the bunnies socialized and healthy. Theirhands-on experience with the rabbits will enable them tohelp you choose the right bunny for you. And unlike theteenage part-timers at your local pet store, the people atyour local shelter and rescue group can provide detailedinformation on bunny care and behavior and answerquestions you may have after adoption.Adoption fees vary, but the package may include acertificate for a free vet visit or a reduced cost spay orneuter surgery (if your bunny isn't already sterilized).
Finding the right agency
To find your local animal shelter, search online or visit (forAustralia)www.adoptapet.com.au. To locate a rescuegroup that specializes in rabbits, contact your local animalshelter or search online.When you contact a rescue group, be sure to find out asmuch as you can about the organization, how it cares for itsanimals, how it decides which animals are adoptable, andwhat other adoption and post-adoption services areavailable.
Buying from a breeder
Animal shelters and rescue groups should always be yourfirst stop on the quest for the right bunny. If they don't havethe right rabbit for you now, you can often be put on awaiting list.But if you've checked out local animal shelters and rabbitrescue groups and still haven't found "The One," you maybe wondering how to identify and locate a reputablebreeder.Good breeders are not in the business just to makemoney—they don't sell their rabbits to the first person whoshows up with cash in hand. A good breeder is one who ispersonally involved in each and every sale. He will neversell through a pet store or any other third party that doesnot allow him to meet the prospective family and make sureit's a good match.Too often, unsuspecting consumers buy animals from so-called backyard breeders, people who breed their pets tomake a little money on the side. They're not knowledgeableabout genetics and good breeding practices, and the resultis rabbits with health or temperament problems that maynot be discovered until years later.
When visiting a breeder, rememberthese tips:
The rabbits should appear happy and healthy.
The breeder's home and the rabbits' area shouldbe clean, well-maintained, and well-lit.
The breeder should have a strong relationship witha local veterinarian and should provide records andreferences about his rabbits' care.
The breeder should be able to explain commongenetic problems.
The breeder should be able to provide referencesfrom other families who have purchased rabbitsfrom him.
The breeder should be willing to serve as aresource and answer questions for the rest of therabbit's life.
The breeder should be involved with local, state, ornational breed clubs.
The breeder should provide a written contract witha health guarantee and encourage you to read andunderstand the contract fully before signing. Thiscontract should not require you to visit a certainveterinarian.
The breeder should be just as tough on you as youare with her. She should ask you questions aboutyour experiences with other rabbits, other pets, andshe should ask for a veterinary reference.
Don't buy a rabbit without personally visiting wherehe or she was born and raised. Take the time nowto find the right breeder and you'll thank yourself forthe rest of your rabbit's life.
Life at the Do Hop Inn
By Karen
Isabelle has a snooze in the kitchen
12 month anniversary for farm buns
May celebrates the 12 month anniversary of our farmbunnies being released from their prison and coming tolive with us. Poppy, Lulu & Isabelle have been having thebest time since coming to stay. One year on and threebunnies who would not be here today, if they had stayedat the factory farm where they were rescued, are now veryloved members of our family and we could not imagine lifewithout them now.
Fox reminder
Sadly, May also marks the 12 month anniversary when welost our Charlotte & Billy to a fox/dog attack. Please usethis reminder to check your outside enclosures if yourbunnies stay outside overnight. If you can cut the wirewith a pair of scissors, a dog/fox can chew through. If abunny can dig out, a dog/fox can dig in. If there is no roof,a fox/dog or hawk can get in. Please ensure that Charlotte& Billy’s memory lives on to help your bunny live a stressfree & safe life outdoors.
Bonding disasters
This month weattempted to bondAlly & Molly(pictured left). Theyhad several datesin person afterliving next to eachother with a barrierbetween for a fewmonths. The dateswent okay but bothwere never reallybonding with each other. Theycould never be left unattended asthey would quarrel and fight. Weare not fond of forcing afriendship so if the buns don’t likeeach other, we’ll find them afriend that they do like.Ally will find his perfect match!
Bunny get-together
We were so excited and happy to have so many lovely andfriendly bunny lovers over to the Do Hop Inn last month.Thanks to everyone who came along!!! We will do it allagain later in the year.

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