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Published by tncircuitrider

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Published by: tncircuitrider on May 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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to the
met at
Murfreesboro, Tennesseeon
June 8 - 10, 2008
The Standing Rules and Policies Committee has received proposed amendments to those standing rules andpolicies listed below. Proposed insertions have been entered in
boldface type and underlined.
Deletionsmay not be as readily apparent, as those words simply have been deleted. We invite you to compare theitems below with the current Conference Standing Rules and Policies as published in the
2007 Journal of the Tennessee Annual Conference
and in other pre-Conference materials.
Wherever the words “Conference Council on Ministries” appear, they shall be deleted and thewords “
Conference Council on Connectional Ministries
” shall be inserted in their place.
 The following to be substituted for Standing Rule 11SR11 Candidacy of persons eligible to serve as delegates, whether clergy or lay, to General and/orJurisdictional Conference, may be established either by declaration or nomination.A.
To declare candidacy for election to serve as a General of Jurisdictional ConferenceDelegate, the eligible person must submit to the Office of Connectional Ministries, nolater than ten weeks prior to the opening day of Annual Conference, for inclusion in thepre-Conference materials, a statement concerning (1) his/her activities at the local churchdistrict, and annual, jurisdictional and general conference levels, (2) an assessment of theprincipal needs of the General Church and how those needs should be met, and (3) anyother information felt to be pertinent to introducing herself/himself to those members of the Annual Conference who many not be familiar with his/her views on issuesconfronting the church.B.
To nominate a person for candidacy to be elected to serve as a General or JurisdictionalConference delegate, the nominators must (1) determine the eligibility of the person to benominated, (2) secure from the person to be nominated and submit to the Office of Connectional Ministries the proposed nominee’s written consent to accept thenomination, (3) submit to the Office of Connectional Ministries, no later than ten weeksprior to the opening day of Annual Conference, for inclusion in the pre-Conferencematerials, a statement concerning (a) the activities of the nominee at the local church,district, and annual, jurisdictional, and general conference levels, (b) an assessment of theopinions of the nominee regarding the pincipal needs of the General Church and howthose needs should be met, and (c) any other information felt to be pertinent tointroducing the nominee to those members of the Annual Conference who may not befamiliar with that nominee’s views on issues confronting the church.
Statements submitted in the establishing of candidacy, whether by declaration ornomination, shall be limited to one 81/2 X 11 page, with 1” margins on top, bottom, andsides, with type no smaller than 10 point, and shall be submitted via e-mail or diskette.D. Persons do not have to declare candidacy or be nominated for candidacy in order to beeligible for election to serve as a General or Jurisdictional Conference delegate.
P5 Agenda items and reports not requiring action by the Annual Conference other than a vote toreceive said item for publication in the Journal, shall be placed on a “Consent agenda.” In orderfor any item or report to be eligible for placement on the consent agenda, it must have been(a)
distributed in the pre-Conference materials
; or (b) included in the Conference packetdistributed to the members (both clergy and lay) of the Annual Conference session. Any item maybe removed from the consent agenda if ten members of the Conference petition the Conference forremoval.P10
Boards, agencies or constituent bodies may not apply for incorporation apartfrom the express authority given by the Annual Conference. Boards, agencies orconstituent bodies may not take title to property, except by the express authority given bythe Annual Conference. The title to all properties acquired for the Annual Conference orits boards, agencies, or constituent bodies shall be taken and held in the name of the
Tennessee Conference, United Methodist Church, Inc., a Tennessee nonprofitorganization or the
Board of Trustees of the Tennessee Annual Conference of TheUnited Methodist Church. Provided that this requirement shall not pertain to the Board of Directors of McKendree Village, Inc., Board of Trustees of Martin Methodist College,Board of Directors of the Nashville Area United Methodist Foundation, and the Board of Pensions, which may take and hold title to such properties as they are authorized toacquire by the action of the Annual Conference.
The Annual Conference shall be incorporated as a Tennessee nonprofitcorporation with the name “Tennessee Conference, United Methodist Church,Inc.” The corporate officers shall be the Resident Bishop (President), LayLeader (Vice-President), Conference Secretary (Secretary), and the ConferenceTreasurer (Treasurer). The Conference Treasurer shall also serve as registeredagent. The Conference Chancellor may provide legal counsel to theCorporation. The Conference Trustees may approve bylaws and othercorporate documents as needed to maintain compliance with Tennessee law, the
 Book of Discipline
, and the Conference standing rules and policies.
P16 When a minister is appointed District Superintendent, he/she shall vacate any office ormembership held on any conference board, commission, committee or agency. The newly formedCabinet shall then appoint District Superintendent
to each board and agency of the Conference
where required
the Book of Discipline
, and to the Council on Connectional Ministries.
 P19 Persons who are elected to membership on the
entities of the Annual
Conference who are absentwithout excuse for fifty percent or more of the meetings
of that entity
in a given year shall bereplaced on
that entity
. Replacement shall be nominated by the Conference Committee onNominations, or other appropriate nominating source, and elected by the Annual Conference,except as may otherwise be stipulated in the
 Book of Discipline
. Replacement members of the

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