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Published by api-26011493

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Published by: api-26011493 on May 06, 2010
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Bas\ue001c B\ue007\ue008\ue000\ue005\u2019s/S\ue000\ue002\ue002\ue000\ue005\u2019s C\ue004v\ue000\ue005ag\ue000
S\ue006a\ue005\ue006\ue001\ue003g A\ue006O N LY$440
25 Years of Service, Value & Integrity

fax: 800.772.1151
ph\ue004\ue003\ue000: 800.444.9030
s\ue000\ue005v\ue001c\ue000: 800.992.3400

p.\ue004. b\ue004x 10180, va\ue003 \ue003\ue007\ue008s, ca 91410-0180
Mid\ue004ou\ue005h Plan\ue004 In\ue000lud\ue001:
Unknown conditions, \ue001ack of maint\ue000nanc\ue000,
s\ue000dim\ue000nt, \ue002ust & co\ue002\ue002osion, and much mo\ue002\ue000.
Available for REO\u2019s & Short Sales
How \ue005o U\ue004\ue001 You\ue003 Plan:
1. Call us or \ue000o o\ue001li\ue001e a\ue001ytime a co\ue002ered item fails:
www.Fi\ue003\ue004\ue005Am.com/wa\ue003\ue003an\ue005y | 800-992-3400.

2. O\ue001ce we recei\ue002e your ser\ue002ice request, we will ha\ue002e a local ser\ue002ice tech\ue001icia\ue001 call you to arra\ue001\ue000e a co\ue001\ue002e\ue001ie\ue001t day a\ue001d time to \ue000o to your home a\ue001d dia\ue000\ue001ose the problem. At the time of the appoi\ue001t- me\ue001t, you\u2019ll pay the tech\ue001icia\ue001 the ser\ue002ice fee that applies to your pla\ue001.

We\u2019ll be happy to
answer any further
questions you may have.
Just call us at:
Protect Your Bud\ue000et &
E\ue001joy Your Home
Whether you\u2019re buying or selling, home repairs can be quick, easy and affordable. No more hassles searching the Yellow Pages
for a reputable contractor you can trust. Anytime a covered item fails, simply go to our website at www.FirstAm.com/warranty
or call us at 800-992-3400 to request service. We\u2019ll send one of our pre-screened, certi\ue000ed, service technicians to your home
to take care of the problem. You can feel comfortable about who\u2019s coming into your home and you can get back to enjoying
the more important things in life.
FIrst AMerIcAN,y o u r H o m e W A r r A n t y S o l u t i o n.

First American offers affordable home warranty plans that can save you time, energy and thousands of dollars on home systems and appliance repairs.

If you\u2019re selling your home, a home warranty is also a great way to minimize the risk of costs and delays during the listing period. Additionally, a home war- ranty can give your home a competitive advantage.

Potential buyers can feel con\ue000dent that they\u2019ll have
First American to assist with unexpected repairs
after the sale.
If you\u2019re a buyer, you can protect your investment
and enjoy your home. From the very \ue000rst day your

coverage begins, you\u2019ll have repair service and budget protection for costly breakdowns that can and often do occur after the purchase of a home.

Pho\ue001e Applicatio\ue001s:
Fax Applicatio\ue001s:
Ser\ue002ice Departme\ue001t:
O\ue001li\ue001e Ser\ue002ices:
Fi\ue003\ue004\ue005 Am\ue001\ue003i\ue000an
Cost Comparison for Repairs/Replacements on
Major Systems & Appliances
Repair/Replaceme\ue001t costs
without a Home Warra\ue001ty**
Cost with a First America\ue000
Home Warra\ue001ty***
Heating System
$130 - $3,500
$55 / $75
Water Heater
$115 - $1,500
$55 / $75
$98 - $1,250
$55 / $75
Air Conditioning
$130 - $4,000
$55 / $75
$110 - $2,700
$55 / $75
Kitchen Refrigerator
$110 - $3,800
$55 / $75
$95 - $7,500
$55 / $75
Electrical System
$85 - $2,500
$55 / $75
* It\ue000ms \ue001ist\ue000d ma\ue003 b\ue000 optiona\ue001 in som\ue000 a\ue002\ue000as; \ue002\ue000vi\ue000w \ue003ou\ue002 cont\ue002act fo\ue002 sp\ue000cific cov\ue000\ue002ag\ue000; additiona\ue001 f\ue000\ue000s ma\ue003 app\ue001\ue003.
** Bas\ue000d on Fi\ue002st Am\ue000\ue002ican\u2019s \ue000stimat\ue000s of \ue002\ue000tai\ue001 cost fo\ue002 th\ue000 \ue002\ue000pai\ue002s and \ue002\ue000p\ue001ac\ue000m\ue000nts \ue001ist\ue000d abov\ue000 b\ue000fo\ue002\ue000 s\ue000\ue002vic\ue000 f\ue000\ue000;
costs ma\ue003 va\ue002\ue003 in \ue003ou\ue002 g\ue000og\ue002aphic a\ue002\ue000a.
*** S\ue000\ue000 cont\ue002act fo\ue002 d\ue000tai\ue001s of cov\ue000\ue002ag\ue000.
Why Should You Choose First America\ue001?
Since 1984, we have been providing unparalleled service, value and integrity to millions of satis\ue000ed homeowners across
the nation. The on-going loyalty and support from our customers has contributed to our longevity and success, and we are
honored that homeowners continue to choose First American as their Home Warranty Solution.
F A Q\u2019s
Q: What types of property are covered?

A: Property types include: single-family homes, condo- miniums, townhomes, mobile homes, multi-unit and new construction homes.

Q: What is covered in my plan?
A: You have several options to choose from to best suit
your speci\ue000c needs. This sample contract will outline your
Q: What is a service call fee?
A: This is the fee you pay to the service technician who
goes to your home when a covered item fails.***
Q: Am I covered for unknown conditions?
A: Unknown conditions are covered if, at the time cov-

erage begins, the defect or malfunction is not known or could not have been reasonably observed by looking at or operating the system or appliance.***

Q: Am I covered for systems and appliances which mal- function due to lack of maintenance, rust or corrosion, or chemical or sedimentary build-up?

A: Yes.***

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