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Torment Chat Euro

Torment Chat Euro

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Published by planescraft

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Published by: planescraft on May 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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<Trump> why doesn't this chat take place @ #torment?
Striding_Dragon [~guido@ip-raptor.interplay.com] has left #interplay
JFinite shrugs
<JFinite> cuz this is normally where we hold official and moderated chats
<Clover> Trump - Meghan runs the chats for Iplay, and she prefers to run them on
<Trump> ok, thx
<Clover> Sorry, Tim?
Striding_Dragon [~guido@ip-raptor.interplay.com] has joined #interplay
Striding_Dragon sets mode: +o Striding_Dragon
<Clover> Big_Tuna is in Reg's office right now
<Clover> :)
<stef> guys, i hope you tell us something about the game soon!!!
<AcidArrow> yeah and we have some questions that need to be answered!
<Trump> you just have to ask questions ;o)
<Tim> Let's get rolling and we'll answer as best we can.
<AcidArrow> ok then....
<AcidArrow> How will the gameplay be changed to suit the Planescape setting? (in
other words: how will you use the unique PlaneScape philosophies?)
<stef> I already asked one, what progress does pt make?
<Tim> I'll answer a bit of Arrows question
<Clover> Ok, Tim
<Clover> we will be moderating the channel shortly
<Tim> The gameplay has been changed pretty drastically
<Meghan> Guido, do you want the chat moderated or open?
<Tim> What we have done is take a lot of conventions in the
Mikal [~Mikalscott@c323166-a.ptbrg1.sfba.home.com] has left #interplay
<Striding_Dragon> I guess moderated is a little more coordinated. I am still fig
hting my software and the incoming calls etc. that I feel a little distracted al
ready.... :-)
<Tim> basic AD&D universe and twisted them around
<Meghan> Okay :)
<stef> What kind of changes?
<Tim> an example would be the fact that you are essentially immortal
<Tim> that dying is not really a big deal to you
<Meghan> I was wondering since we only have 5 people here.
<Tim> you may know that already but there
Plunder [~Alexander.Koenig@pC19F6E38.dip.t-online.de] has left #interplay
<Tim> are other things we hope to surprise people with
<Striding_Dragon> Yeah, I guess you're right.Let's keep it open
<Tim> the look and the feel of the game will be a bit different than, lets say,
<Meghan> Okay - if more people show up and it gets crazy we'll moderate, but wit
h only a few it does more harm than good.
<stef> What`about the release date of the game?
<AcidArrow> so if our guy is immortal he won't be afraid of anything? how do you
loose then ?
<Big_Tuna> I am back!
<GermanPR> I think most of german journalists will be in little later on...
<Tim> Well, haha, thats a good question
<Striding_Dragon> stef: No comments :-)
<Tim> When you die you lose your memory and potentially some items you have aqui
<stef> Do you thing that you can finish it this year?
<AcidArrow> oh ok :-)
<Striding_Dragon> stef: Oh absolutely. That's no question.
<Tim> CAn we finish this year... Heck yah!
<GermanPR> how far will be the version you will show at E3?
<AcidArrow> Will there be any famous PS NPC's in the game? (apart from the Lady
of Pain)

<stef> In summer?
<Striding_Dragon> PR: We will have a version that is supposedly fully playable..
.<Striding_Dragon> however only certain areas of the game will be finished.

<Striding_Dragon> Acid: There are only a few...
<Tim> Arrow: there will be familiar creatures from the Planescape Universe
<Striding_Dragon> Acid: We've been trying to keep it a little isolated from the
PS world TSR creates...
<GermanPR> Brilliant...in % how far are u now?
<Striding_Dragon> to avoid conflicts. It's always a problem going back and forth
to make sure everything is...
<Striding_Dragon> in sync with their work at the time.
<Striding_Dragon> PR: No commet....
<Striding_Dragon> I mean comment. :-)
<stef> Is there a multi player option in the game?
<Striding_Dragon> Stef: No. The game is fully centered around one character...
<Striding_Dragon> which pretty much rules out multi-player.
<AcidArrow> the graphics engine is exactly the same with baldur gate's or it's m
<GermanPR> ;o)
<Tim> Arrow: Modified. Highly modified. HAHA
<Striding_Dragon> Extremely modified.... Get me the power-ups...
Trump is now known as Trumpfass
<GermanPR> how many party"members" will there be maximum?
<AcidArrow> can you give me more info about the changes to the engine?
<Striding_Dragon> PR: You can have up to six characters in the party.
<Tim> PR: 6 at any one time
Sermon [~sermon@t3p17.at-732.netway.at] has joined #interplay
<Striding_Dragon> Acid: There's a whole bunch of them...
<AcidArrow> well the most important ones
<Striding_Dragon> Acid: First of all we have re-written some of the graphic effe
<Striding_Dragon> some of the rendering is done differently and looks differentl
<GermanPR> in comparisomn to BG will the world be "larger" than BG oder more com
pact and detailled?
<Striding_Dragon> We zoomed the whole camera in so that now all our objects...
<stef> It is possible to choose the qualities of each character individually?
<Striding_Dragon> are about twice the sice as in Baldur's Gate...
<Tim> PR: The game is more compact
<Sermon> Hi guys
<Striding_Dragon> We have installed some methods that allow us to use gigantic a
nimated objects...
<AcidArrow> wow..any direct3d support for special effects?
sPec^fLR [~spectre@] has left #interplay
<Striding_Dragon> up to the size of a full screen!!!
<Striding_Dragon> There's a bunch more internally that is handled completely dif
ferent, but that would really exceed this discussion and get too technical.
<GermanPR> coll guido...i\u00b4ve seen the old shots of the giant over 3 screens larg
<Tim> PR: Our game 'area' is smaller than BG but definately more dense
<Sermon> Striding: So will you see further than in BG?
<GermanPR> About the size...thats good..some people got lost in BG...
<Striding_Dragon> PR: Yes, that's the Iron Golem in the Foundry. He rocks, man,
because he's fully animated!
<GermanPR> Damned...i\u00b4ve not seen him alive...only 4 various screens
<Big_Tuna> the gameplay will be more detailed as well - though we include a lot
of combat, there will be more adventure-type gameplay.
<Striding_Dragon> Sermon: The opposite, your visual range is closer than BG, how

<Big_Tuna> Puzzles, riddles, etc, that will prevent you from just sweeping throu
gh an area
<Striding_Dragon> Since our game has a totlay different feel and approahc, you d
o not need to see so far ahead anyway
<AcidArrow> Will there be "sidetrek" adventures to prime material worlds?
<Big_Tuna> So a small game area may take a while to work through
<Sermon> Striding: ok, good :-)
<Tim> Acid: Right now, probably not.
<AcidArrow> ok..
<Striding_Dragon> Acid: No, we haven't planned on that
<Sermon> To anyone who can answer this: Will you use famous voices like in Fallo
ut (Richard Dean Anderson, Clancy Brown, David Warner) in Torment?
<AcidArrow> Can you release any new information on the leading character? (excep
t that he is immortal and stuff... let's say about his background or something)
<JFinite> the MP3 files are available under the Artwork & Screenshots section of
the Torment site now
<Striding_Dragon> Sermon: We are currently evaluating possibilities... let's put
it that way.
<Striding_Dragon> Sermon: We have had some cool ideas, but many of them fell thr
ough already. :-((
JFinite changes topic to "Interplay Chat Room - Current Chat is for Planescape:
Blood_Night [~clavigne@mon-pq6-19.netcom.ca] has joined #interplay
<Sermon> Striding: Glenn Close as Lady Of Pain ;-)
<Striding_Dragon> Hi Blood Knight
<Blood_Night> Hi
<Trumpfass> sermon: *schauder*
<AcidArrow> Can you release any new information on the leading character? (excep
t that he is immortal and stuff... let's say about his background or something)
<Blood_Night> how are you
<Clover> He doesn't even know his background....
<Clover> ;)
<Sermon> Trumpfass: War nur eine Idee :-))
<Clover> ...English, please...
<Striding_Dragon> Acid: He's a really poor soul.:-)
<Sermon> Clover: sorry
<Clover> Sermon: np
<Trumpfass> sorry clover, it was off topic
<Clover> brb
Blood_Night [~clavigne@mon-pq6-19.netcom.ca] has quit IRC (Switching server)
<Striding_Dragon> Acid: There's not much known about this guy. He doesn't recoll
ect his past and neither should the player... it would kill the fun. The game is
a bout finding out who he is and where he came from and... what happened to him
.<AcidArrow> you have any background info for the character yet? :-))

MarLo [~blabla@modemcable254.30-113.mque.videotron.net] has joined #interplay
JFinite [~webmaster@ip-proxy-01.interplay.com] has quit IRC (*bamph*)
<Striding_Dragon> Acid: See above
<AcidArrow> ok...
<AcidArrow> ummm that reminds me sanitarium!
<Sermon> As I haven't heard the music yet, will it be more effect driven, say li
ke the ALIENS soundtrack or will it be more melody driven (like BG)?
<MarLo> This place is quiet.....
<Striding_Dragon> Acid: No, it's more like, say, the movie "The Game"... do you
want to know what's real what not when you watched the movie the first time?...
<AcidArrow> well no...but personally i don't like "the game".... Even though I l
ove the director (because of Seven)
<Striding_Dragon> Probably not. It's what makes these things interesting... to r
e-live the experiences with the characters...
<Striding_Dragon> Spoilers are bad!

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