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Angalossy Media Pack 2

Angalossy Media Pack 2

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Published by angalossy

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Published by: angalossy on May 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 \ the rabble rousers deligh / Do you live for music and  fashion but feel let down by  the homogenous nature  of lifestyle magazines?
Do ou stive to beoe oe awae o eeging issues but eel alienatedb the sel-seving inteests o the edia ahine? Do ou want to eatehange soiall, ultuall, eonoiall, envionentall and politiall?Then let Angaloss eed ou ind.Angaloss has a univesal ission – to eate awaeness and hange.At a tie o unpeedented intenational anxiet we believe that oung adultsneed new os o leadeship; new ethods o ouniation – a new voie.Eonoi eltdown, global waing,ove-population, ollapsing eduation sstes,the theat o teo attaks, soial disode,a heightened state o onsueis, isgovenent poliies, soietal addition tothe glutton o soial dug-taking, aloholonsuption and elebit obsession ae justsoe o the issues that oung adults have toonont in 2009.It’s no wonde then, that soe ae estlesswith little sense o sel o hope o thei utue.Gaining identit o a steet gang o siilaounte-ultue eains all too eas. Angalossais to haness this disontent b poduing anentetaining, inoative and inspiingaltenative to othe edias.In ou fst stage o gowth, we ae anupbeat online agazine. Using a woldwidetea ontibutos and guest editos, Angalosswill enouage and oste global awaeness,uging its eades to eate a bette and bighteutue o theselves and othes. Fo not onlwill Angaloss bust the bubble o elebit andband-obsessed ultue it will oe-up analtenative wa o being to its eades andviewes alike. Angaloss is oe than inspiationaleditoial: it’s a global ounit o theTansition Geneation.
 Our enterprising  solution 
Angaloss will not onl seve as a ode o inspiation o oung adults. It will also oe ahane o less-advantaged and disaeted oung adults to ente the edia indust andspeak out esponsibl about thei ultue andhopes o the utue. We will taget those who,due to past expeiene, have low sel-esteeand/o lak onfdene. Angaloss eatesoppotunities to epowe and enable oungadults to develop skills and expeiene thewould not usuall aquie.Ou outh wok division plan to eate asustainable pogae that will ensue eah oung adult who joins ou tea is taught thebasis o the indust and help theundestand that whateve thei bakgoundthei opinions ae needed to eate hange inthe utue. Epoweing a less-advantagedindividual b giving the tools to hangeeveone’s utue will bette pepae the othei own utue. With this in ind, Angalosswill onvese with its audiene with a sineevoie, eating ounit, and o ouseeative ohesion. outh@angaloss.o
 Advertising and  Sponsorship Credo
Angaloss ais to be the altuisti uth o itsounit’s developent, on both a aoand io sale. And we ae looking o patnesto help us ahieve ou goal. Howeve, we willonl seek alliane with those who oge an ethialand sustainable wa o being. Bands who exploitthei wokoe, elinquish eativit o stieounit gowth need not appl.I ou’d like to advetise soewhee withinou edias ou will undego a vigoousinvestigation to ake sue ou opanoplies with ou edo. I ou don’t pass butan oe-up a sustainable plan o ou utuethen we will eonside. Don’t be oended i weknok ou bak, we need to ake sue ouounit is knit with atisti puit in ind.Do not think this is a lae attept to eatesales via evese psholog - ou businessodel is not eliant on an inux o advets –athe it hopes to eate a bette utue buniting like-inded individuals aound the wold.And i ou do pass - Angaloss’s advetisingand sponsoship pakages go beond the eaningo bespoke – the ai to please, povoke andpionee - ou’ll see. We won’t disappoint ou.To see a saple o ou unique appoah toadvetising and sponsoship pakages pleasesend a bie outline o ou opan’s issionand edo to:advetising@angaloss.o
 Standard Advertising Opportunities
FOrmAT PrIcE (Euos)Banne/Leadeboad rOS
30.00 pSkape rOS
30.00 pmPU Video Taile rOS
60.00 p + podution ostsSolus Eail
200.00 pEail Newslette Advet
100.00 pSuppleents monthl tenan 4,000.00 p+ podution ostsOthe bespoke apaigns Pie on equest
Eal adoptes, tendsettes and thill seekes-all those who ae deepl inuential and anhange weak signals into ega tends.
DUAL % eale/ale 50/50AGE median age: 24Taget: 18 35AFFLUENcE edian

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