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Gloe from HP Labs: Overview

Gloe from HP Labs: Overview



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Published by Hewlett-Packard
An overview of HP Gloe, a cloud service that makes it easy to find location-relevant web pages.
An overview of HP Gloe, a cloud service that makes it easy to find location-relevant web pages.

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Published by: Hewlett-Packard on May 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 geo- tggi ng e x pe r i me n t  f  r o m  H  P  L  b s
Because of the dstbuted netok foundatonof the web, connected uses can access andceate ne content fom almost anyheeth ease. As the web has gon oe theyeas, ths ncedble exploson of nfomatonhas led to the se of the seach engne tohelp uses make sense of the enomousolume of nfomaton contaned on thenetok. Seach engnes pode eleantesults to keyod-based quees that help
users nd the information they seek.
in the pesent day, uses ae nceasnglyaccessng the web fom moble deces suchas laptops, smatphones and netbooks (Peintenet & Amecan Lfe, 2009), and theyoften seach fo nfomaton that elates tothe cuent locaton (Compete.com, 2009).Most tadtonal methods of web content
discovery, however, were not specically
desgned to etun esults fo a quey basedon physcal locaton.Takng a ne appoach to ths demand folocaton-based nfomaton, Gloe employsa use-ecommendaton model fo attachngcontextually eleant web content to a
specic place with the goal of providing
helpful nfomaton that coelates to a genposton on the planet.
in ths document e descbe the HP Gloe sece, a geo-taggng expementfom HP Labs. The goal of ths oee s to hghlght the pncpal deas behndthe sece and to nspe uses to take adantage of the aalable featues moeeffectely. The oee also pesents a numbe of use cases shong ho thesece may be used n pactce, and encouages deelopes to buld locaton-aae seces usng the Gloe APi.
H s h sys s k?
Gloe s desgned aound a massely paallel backend heedata s splt acoss small egons o neghbohoods that can
be efciently queried for all information in their vicinity. This
pleges local seach at the expense of global seach notbeng suppoted n eal-tme, gen that Gloe s desgned todele esults on the bass of physcal poxmty.Each lnk ecommendaton by a use s ecoded as theUrL, ttle, lattude-longtude coodnate, and a set ofmetatags submtted by the use. The ecommendaton feedsae constucted by aggegatng lnk ecommendatons thna egon detemned by a lattude-longtude epcente anda adus.
H s G’s q sys sg?
To ensue hgh-qualty contbutons, and to nfe populatymoe accuately, all uses n the system ae ganted aecommendaton budget. Ths budget s spent hen a use
makes recommendations in the system; each user species
ho much of the budget to spend on each ecommendaton. when the full budget has been expended, no futheecommendatons can be made untl Gloe efeshes theuse’s budget.The aggegate budget spendng on a lnk n a geogaphcegon s the ultmate metc fo populaty n Gloe, and t shat s used to detemne the ank of ecommendatons.
G ss h qs: wh b  s   y ?
 wh s G?
Gloe s a tool desgned to anse the nceasngly commonqueston: Ho can i lean moe about my cuent locaton?Gloe’s geneal-pupose geo-taggng sece connects web
content to specic geographic locations, allowing users to
dscoe helpful nfomaton that s contextualzed by place.Gloe ams to pode eleant, tusted web content to uses onthe bass of a geogaphc context and use ecommendaton.Empoeed by Gloe, moble web uses can exploe locatons
new and old, condent in their ability to access useful,
eleant nfomaton.
H  i s G?
 Anyone ho sufs the web can ecommend o attach web
content that they nd relevant to a given location. The Gloe
use communty podes qualty contol by nestng theeputaton a expendtues of the ecommendaton budgeton geo-tagged lnks they consde most eleant to thelocaton. As a Gloe use, you can contbute to the expementby attachng and ecommendng content fo a place.The cuent poof-of-concept use nteface fo Gloe dsplaysa feed of ecommendatons featung the most popula webcontent customzed fo a gen locaton. The feed can also
be ltered by channels, which are arbitrary hierarchical
categoes, also detemned by use-submtted metatags.in an effot to automate the content dscoey fo uses,Gloe pesents a popula channel feed, o a tag cloud, fo
the user’s current location to help them nd relevant local
nfomaton. To futhe pesonalze the content, Gloesuppots the use of Facebook Connect to sho uses onlycontent ecommended by the fends.

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