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Learning Theory

Learning Theory

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Published by anuradha

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: anuradha on May 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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General Perspectives
IntroductionIntroduction::HowHow individualsindividuals learnlearn isis aa matter matter of of  greatgreat interestinterest andand importanceimportance toto academicians,academicians, toto psychologists,psychologists, toto consumer consumer researchers,researchers, andand toto MARKETERSMARKETERS.. TheThe reasonreason thatthat MarketersMarketers areare concernedconcerned withwith howhow individualsindividuals learnlearn isis thatthat theythey areare virtuallyvirtually interestedinterested ininteachingteachingthem,them, inin their their rolesroles asas consumers,consumers, aboutabout Products,Products, ProductProduct attributes,attributes, andand their their potentialpotential benefitsbenefits:: WhereWhere toto buybuy them,them, HowHow toto useuse them,them, HowHow toto maintainmaintain them,them, andand eveneven HowHow toto disposedispose of of themthem..
MarketersMarketers areare alsoalso vitallyvitally interestedinterested inin howhow effectivelyeffectively theythey havehavetaughttaughtconsumersconsumers toto prefeprefer  their their BrandsBrands andand totodifferentiatedifferentiatetheir their productsproducts fromfrom competitivecompetitive offeringsofferings..
MarketingMarketing strategiesstrategies areare basedbased onon communicatingcommunicating withwith thethe consumer consumer directlydirectly,, throughthrough advertisementsadvertisements;; andandindirectlyindirectlythroughthrough productproduct appearance,appearance, packaging,packaging, price,price, andand distributiondistribution channelschannels..
nsumer Learning
MarketersMarketers wantwant their their communicationcommunication toto bebe noted,noted, believed,believed, remembered,remembered, andand recalledrecalled.. FoFor thesethese reasons,reasons, MarketersMarketers areare interestedinterested inin everyevery aspectaspect of of  thethe LearningLearning processprocess.. Consumer Consumer LearningLearning isis thethe processprocess byby whichwhich individualsindividuals acquireacquire thethepurchasepurchase andand consumptionconsumption knowledgeknowledge && experienceexperience theythey applyapply toto futurefuture relatedrelated behaviour behaviour .. AlthoughAlthough somesome LearningLearning isisIntentionalIntentional,, muchmuch LearningLearning isisIncidentalIncidental.. BasicBasic elementselements thatthat contributecontribute toto anan understandingunderstanding of of learninglearning areare Motivation,Motivation, Cues,Cues, ResponseResponseandandReinforcementReinforcement.. IntentionalIntentional LearningLearning::ItIt isis acquiredacquired asas aa resultresult of of aa carefulcareful searchsearch for for informationinformation.. IncidentalIncidental LearningLearning::ItIt isis acquiredacquired asas aa resultresult of of  AccidentAccident oor withoutwithout muchmuch efforteffort.. ee..gg.. somesome advertisementsadvertisements maymay induceinduce LearningLearning (( saysay of of BrandBrand names)names) eveneven thoughthough thethe consumer consumer attentionattention isis elsewhereelsewhere..TheThe termtermLEARNINGLEARNINGencompassesencompasses thethe totaltotal range,range, fromfrom simple,simple, almostalmost reflexivereflexive responsesresponses toto LearningLearning of of abstractabstract conceptsconcepts andand complexcomplex problemproblem solvingsolving..
espite thethe factfact thatthat LearningLearning isisallall--pervasivepervasiveinin our our  lives,lives, therethere isis nono single,single, universaluniversal theorytheory of of howhow peoplepeople learnlearn.. Instead,Instead, therethere areare twotwo major major schoolsschools of of  thoughtthought concerningconcerning thethe LearningLearning processprocess.. 11..BehaviouralBehavioural TheoriesTheories:: ItIt focusfocus almostalmost exclusivelyexclusively onon observableobservable behavioursbehaviours (responses)(responses) thatthat occur occur asas thethe resultresult of of exposureexposure toto stimulistimuli.. 22..CognitiveCognitive TheoriesTheories:: ItIt viewsviews LearningLearning asas aa functionfunction of of purelypurely mentalmental processesprocesses.. AlthoughAlthough thesethese theoriestheories differ differ markedlymarkedly inin aa number number  of of essentials,essentials, eacheach theorytheory offersoffers insightsinsights toto MarketersMarketers onon howhow totoSHAPESHAPEtheir their messagesmessages toto consumersconsumers toto bringbring aboutaboutdesireddesired purchasepurchase behaviour behaviour ;; asas wellwell asas howhow consumersconsumersstore,store, retain,retain, andand retrieveretrieve informationinformation,, andand howhow LearningLearning isis measuredmeasured..

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