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Farmer Joe Truck

Farmer Joe Truck

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Published by Shaun Baker

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Published by: Shaun Baker on May 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Farmer Joe and his truck.
Joe is a retired GM engineerJoe has always farmed in additionto his other work.Engineers
do not hireothers tomaintain their vehicles
. It¶s a matterof pride.Farmers
do not hireothers
maintain their vehicles
. It¶s a matterof pride
economicsJoe always reserves one truck forfarm duty: ³Old Beater.´He hangs on to these farm trucks aslong as possible, nursing them fordecades throughout the travails of farm duty. Once again, a matter of pride, some economics.Joe is a regular at several area auto-parts stores, and has friends insideGM that can find him any part heneeds.
The ³Newest´ old beater waspurchased Oct. 1, 1985.It¶s October 30, 1985, and Joe istooling around in the farm fields.He kicks up a stone that takes out ahis left tail light.What does he do?A week later he knocks out aheadlight? The month after, a tiregoes flat.Early 1989 he bends the rear axle.1995 he makes the first replacementof a part from the transmission; Theoil cooler.
For years this goes on. He neverreplaces a huge ³chunk´ of the truck at any one time, but always replacesone single part at a time.Over time, he actually rebuilds theengine one small piece at a time;one piston ring, one piston, one valve, one gasket at a time.It is now July, 2009. Joe stillproudly uses Old Beater. The truck odometer (which has been replacedas well) has turned over severaltimes.I am visiting, and notice the truck,aside from having a hood thatdoesn¶t match in color, is stillhanging in there and looks the same.Joe assures me that every part has been replaced over the last 23 years.Yes, even the VIN identifier.

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