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Published by Shaun Baker

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Published by: Shaun Baker on May 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Philosophy of Religion
Covers a great deal of ground including
 Epistemological matter: Is there such a thing as cognizance of the supernatural?  How can we be sure? 
What is the nature of the connection between Gods and Morality? 
 How are science and religion related? Are they naturally opposed,complementary, or independent bodies of beliefs? 
We will concentrate on:
 Arguments concerning God¶s existence
Teleological or Design Argument 
Cosmological Argument 
Ontological Argument 
Philosophy of Religion
irst Up:
Teleological or Design Argument What sort of argument is it? 
{Looking at Chapter 2}
Inductive argument Analogical Argument?Inference to the Best Explanation?
It can be presented as either type of argument. In the following presentation,it is treated as both. Paley tended to think of his argument as analogical,Hume treats it as such. ID arguments are presented as IBE.
Philosophy of Religion
Inductive argument Analogical Argument
 Arguments concerning God¶s existence
Teleological or Design Argument 

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