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Wirtz Scholarship Essay

Wirtz Scholarship Essay

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Published by John Mininno

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Published by: John Mininno on May 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Leyla Renee WirtzWhy Plaintiff’s Trial Lawyers Are Good For Society
In order to follow in the hopes and dreams of our forefathers, We The People, inorder to
a more perfect Union, need trial lawyers willing to represent plaintiffs.In a society that is so economically unsound, and during a time where it seemsthat less fortunate people are being constantly abused and taken advantage of, we shouldbe thankful for attorneys who are willing to conscientiously work to be advocates forthese individuals, to insure that their Constitutional, Federal and State rights areprotected, when these rights seem to be violated all the time.We The People need representatives with the appropriate knowledge and a voiceto insure that justice is provided us. Plaintiff’s trial lawyers are the representatives I amspeaking of. Attorneys providing protection to plaintiffs have the knowledge and abilityto insure that all persons are legally treated just and fairly and that equal rights areprovided to all, regardless of race, creed or economic status.Contrary to the misbelief that attorneys representing plaintiffs are merelylitigious, greedy and self-serving, they most certainly provide a service that is undeniablybeneficial when it comes to protecting the rights of people that have been violated.
So often when people’s rights have been violated, they are scared, confused andunaware of what can be done for them. Sometimes it seems hopeless. When someonefinds themselves in this position, it can be hard (without appropriate legal counsel) toeven believe that justice can or will ever be served. Their futures seem unpredictable andtheir lives unmanageable. If you find yourself in this situation, you should immediatelyseek legal counsel. If you happen upon the right lawyer who understands the volatilesituation and fragile state of mind you are in, you will soon realize you are no longeralone.A plaintiff’s trial lawyer will convey what rights have been violated, the legalprocess, and what can be done to rectify the wrongdoing.After your initial consultation, your attorney will produce the most beneficialstrategy to litigate your case. He will investigate all the facts and leave no stone unturnedto insure that you are represented to the best of his/her abilities. Your attorney will bewell-educated in all aspects of the law and the legal process which, by the way, ischanging all the time. After the discovery process, if your matter remains unsettled andcomes down to a jury trial, your attorney will be the one to pick the right jury membersand make certain that you are justly and fairly able to plead your case and see youthrough to consummation of you suit. After taking on a case, a trial lawyer will spendcountless hours researching prior case law to see if there have been precedents set in yourtype of case, and they will search through all new case law to see if there has been anyamendments or changes to the prior laws that could have resulted from new facts andfindings due to the changing times and circumstances.

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