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Selecting a Content Management System

Selecting a Content Management System

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Published by Sergi Montes
Australia's Information Management Office
Australia's Information Management Office

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Published by: Sergi Montes on May 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Selecting aContent Management System
    9   S   E   L   E   C   T   I   N   G   A   C   O   N   T   E   N   T   M   A   N   A   G   E   M   E   N   T   S   Y   S   T   E   M
  w  w  w .  a  g   i  m  o .  g  o  v .  a  u   /  c   h  e  c   k   l   i  s   t  s  v  e  r  s   i  o  n   1 ,   2   0   0   4
Better Practice Checklist
Practical guides for effective use of new technologies in Government
© Commonwealth of Australia 2004This work is copyright. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process withoutprior written permission from the Commonwealth. Requests and enquiries concerning reproduction and rights in this publication shouldbe addressed to:ManagerPublic AffairsAustralian Government Information Management OfficeGPO Box 390Canberra ACT 2601
A wide range of Australian Governmentdepartments and agencies are planning toselect and implement a content managementsystem (CMS). With a large number ofproducts in the marketplace, and capabilitiesstill evolving rapidly, choosing the right CMScan be challenging. The steps to consider inthe implementation of a CMS are the topicof
Better Practice Checklist 10, Implementinga Content Management System
.A key role of Australian GovernmentInformation Management Office (AGIMO)is to identify and promote ‘Better Practice’.This checklist is designed to assist agenciesin considering key issues when selecting aCMS. The items in the checklist are,however, not mandatory.This checklist is intended to be used by thosestaff in an organisation who have beengiven the responsibility to determine CMSrequirements and evaluate products. Theinformation within this checklist may alsobe relevant to Chief Information Officers,Information Management steering groupsand other senior managers. The checklistfocuses on non-technical issues.It should be noted that the checklist is notintended to be comprehensive. Rather,it highlights key issues for agencies. Thechecklist is iterative and draws on theexpertise and experience of practitioners.The subject matter and issues are reviewedand updated to reflect developments.Comments about the checklist andsuggestions for additional checkpointsshould be directed to:Better Practices and IMSC SecretariatAustralian Government InformationManagement OfficePhone: (02) 6271 1514Email:
Copies of this and other checklists areavailable at
This checklist was developed with the assistance of Australian Government agencies.In particular, AGIMO would like to thank the Bureau of Meteorology and the ContentManagement Community of Practice
.In addition, AGIMO would like to thank Step Two Designs Pty Ltd.
 S  C I  N G  C  O NNMN G MN S  S M
Better Practice Checklists
There is no single ‘best’ CMS. Instead, each CMSproduct has a mix of strengths and weaknessesthat derive from its underlying architecturalmodel or market position. This applies equallyto products in all price ranges, from small-scaleCMS offerings to large ‘enterprise’ products.The content management marketplace iscomparatively young compared to other IT systems,and is still undergoing rapid evolution. A few yearsago there were a small number of vendors, butrecently the marketplace has grown rapidly withthe entry of a large number of new products.The challenge is for agencies to select aproduct that best matches their unique needs,while mitigating the risks inherent in thecurrent marketplace. Another critical issue isimplementation of the chosen CMS, whichis covered in
Better Practice Checklist 10,Implementing a Content Management System
.The basic issues associated with managing onlinecontent are covered in
Better Practice Checklist 8,Managing Online Content 

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