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The Marijuana Grower's Guide

The Marijuana Grower's Guide

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Published by Mike

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Published by: Mike on May 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE MARIJUANA GROWER'S GUIDEby Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal Typed by Ben DawsonCONTENTSForewordPrefacePART ONE - MARIJUANA: THE PLANTCHAPTER 1History and Taxonomy of CannabisCannabis and Ancient HistoryCannabis and American HistoryCannabis and: Species or VarietiesCHAPTER 2Cannabinoids : The Active Ingredients of MarijuanaCannabinoids and the HighResin and Resin GlandsProduction of Cannabinoids by CannabisCannabis ChemotypesCHAPTER 3Before Cultivation BeginsChoosing SeedsCannabis Life CyclePhotoperiod and FloweringInherent Variations in PotencyCultivation: Indoors or Outdoors?PART TWO - INDOOR GARDENINGCHAPTER 4IntroductionCHAPTER 5Artificial LightFeaturesSourcesSetting up the GardenElectricityCHAPTER 6Soil and Containers for itPots and Other ContainersProperties of SoilPreparing Commercial Soils and MixersBuying Soil ComponentsDigging SoilGrowing MethodsCHAPTER 7Maintaining the Correct Environment
Requirements for GerminationLight Cycle and Distance of Lights from PlantsWater Air HumidityCHAPTER 8Gardening TechniquesThinningTransplantingSupports for PlantsUniform GrowthPruningTrainingCHAPTER 9Nutrients and FertilisingNutrientsApplication: FertilisingNutrient DeficienciesSoilless MixturesCHAPTER 10Diseases and Plant PestsMicrobial DiseasesNutrient DiseasesPlant PestsCHAPTER 11Maintenance and RestartingPART THREE - OUTDOOR CULTIVATIONCHAPTER 12Choosing a SiteWhere to GrowLightCHAPTER 13SoilTypes of SoilHumus and CompostsTexturepHFertilisersTechniques for Preparing SoilsGuerrilla FarmingCHAPTER 14Planting and TransplantingWhen to PlantPreparing to SowGerminationTransplantingCHAPTER 15
Caring for the Growing PlantsWeedingWateringThinningStakingPruningGardening TipsCHAPTER 16Insects and Other PestsBiological ControlChemical InsecticidesCommon PestsVertebrate PestsPART FOUR - FLOWERING, BREEDING AND PROPAGATIONCHAPTER 17Genetics and Sex in CannabisFloweringSexual Variants in CannabisSexing the PlantsSinsemillaCHAPTER 18Propagation and BreedingProducing SeedsProducing Female SeedsBreedingCuttingsGraftingPolyploidsCHAPTER 19Effects of the Environment on PotencyStressNutrientsPART FIVE - HARVESTING, CURING AND DRYINGCHAPTER 20HarvestingHarvesting During Growth: Leaves and Growing ShootsMale PlantsHarvesting Female BudsWeather Potency and DecompositionTiming the HarvestFinal HarvestCHAPTER 21After the HarvestStrippingGrading and ManicuringCuringDrying

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