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The Story of Mary

The Story of Mary

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Published by Loyola Press
Mary has a unique and privileged place in salvation history and in the Church. These moments in Mary's life offer us the opportunity to learn from her and emulate her response to God. Mary teaches us how to lead lives in faith and hope and love.
Mary has a unique and privileged place in salvation history and in the Church. These moments in Mary's life offer us the opportunity to learn from her and emulate her response to God. Mary teaches us how to lead lives in faith and hope and love.

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Published by: Loyola Press on May 07, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Intergenerational Event—Mary Story Book 
The Story of Mary 
These moments in Mary’s life offer us the opportunity to learnfrom her and emulate her response to God. Mary teaches ushow to lead our lives in faith and hope and love.
ary was a young Jewish woman who lived in Nazareth in whatis now Israel. Te early traditions o the Christian community named Mary’s parents Anne and Joachim. Because o Mary’saithulness as a Jewish woman, we can imagine that her parents were alsodevout Jews and raised their daughter in accordance with their aith. Teirtender care and devotion helped Mary to grow into the condent, yet humbleyoung woman who would say yes to God.Because o the time and area in which Mary lived, we can make some pretty good guesses about what her lie was like. Mary was probably a peasant. Liein a rural village o the Middle East such as Nazareth would have been lled with hard work. Most women and many men were illiterate.During this time period, Mary’s homeland was occupied by the Romans. It was a dicult lie under Roman rule, lled with violence and poverty. Te Jews looked or a Messiah who would liberate them rom the oppressive ruleo Caesar. Mary notes the injustice o the world around her in her
  when she recalls God’s promise to “[throw] down the rulers rom theirthrones, but [lit] up the lowly.” (Luke :46–55) As a woman deeply rooted in the Jewish aith, Mary trusted that God heardthe cries o his people and would “remember his mercy.” (Luke :54) oooten we orget that Mary and Jesus were Jews. In her article “In Searcho the Real Mary”
theologian Elizabeth Johnson says that too oten we“bleach” Mary o her Jewishness: “We’ve done this ethnically by turning herswarthy Jewish complexion into air skin and blonde hair and blue eyes. But we’ve also done this religiously by turning her deeply rooted Jewish piety intothat o a latter-day Catholic. She wasn’t.” Tis, Johnson notes, “does no honorto [Mary’s] memory.”
Elizabeth Johnson, “In Search o the Real Mary” in
Catholic Update 
(May 200).http://www.americancatholic.org/Newsletters/CU/ac050.asp
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Intergenerational Event—Mary Story Book 
2Mary would have been about 5 years old when she received God’s messagethat she was to be the mother o the Messiah. She said yes to God andbecame pregnant with God’s Son. Tis posed quite a problem in Mary’ssociety. Because she was unmarried, she could have been killed as anadulteress. An angel told Joseph that his betrothed Mary was pregnant with achild conceived through the Holy Spirit. Joseph listened to Gods messengerand did not leave Mary or shame her. Instead he married Mary and protectedher. In the last month o her pregnancy, Mary and Joseph had to make along and dicult journey to Bethlehem. Ater Jesus was born, they becamereugees, escaping to Egypt to protect Jesus rom Herod’s soldiers. Tey livedas reugees or a while until it was sae to return to their homeland and settlein Nazareth.In this setting, Mary and Joseph raised Jesus to be a aithul Jew, aware o the injustices in the world, but believing in Gods justice, mercy, and love—believing that there is another way. By doing so, they changed the world.
Copyright © 2007 Loyola Press, Chicago, IllinoisIllustrations: Yoshi MiyakeAll rights reserved.Available exclusively at:
Intergenerational Event—Mary Story Book 
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Scripture Verses: Luke 1:26–38 
ary was living in the town o Nazareth when she receiveda very special visitor. God’smessenger, the angel Gabriel, came toMary! Gabriel said, “Hail, avoredone! Te Lord is with you. Godhas ound avor with you. You will be the mother o Jesus, theSon o the Most High.” Mary responded by saying yes!“I am the handmaid o theLord. May it be done to meaccording to your word.”
 Mary’s complete trust in God, her aithulness, and her acceptance o God’s plan are beautiul examples o how weare to respond to God’s word to each oneo us. Jesus, help us to say yes to you.

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