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Published by: Supply Battalion Camp Pendleton on May 07, 2010
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Dear family and friends of 1
Supply Battalion, greetings!I would like to use this opportunity to reflect on our mission in both here as well as forwarddeployed. I would also like to share with you some of our mission accomplishments – theintermediate level supply and distribution support we provide to I Marine ExpeditionaryForce (I MEF).First, know that we have a very diverse family of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) in the BN. Each MOSoffers a very unique capability. For example, our Marines and Sailors currently deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan are a representation of this mix of MOSs. They are providing intermediate level supply and distributionsupport to I MEF FWD. As of today, all reports from forward are that they are performing superbly and delivering aquality level of support throughout the battle space. They represent us and they are doing it because it’s the rightthing to do. This is a worthy sacrifice so please continue to share with them the good news from the home front, sendpictures of the family and loved ones back here, and remind them that we truly appreciate what they do for us all.Truly, they are making a difference in a very difficult part of the world and we are extremely proud of them!Second, know that the BN is engaged in significant challenges back here because of our mission requirements hereat Camp Pendleton, 29 Palms, Miramar, and Yuma Arizona. Because of this, every time we source a detachment todeploy to Afghanistan or other parts of the world, we have to continue doing our job here with fewer Marines andSailors. You may have heard some of these challenges already but I needed to share with you so you know they arenot only real but they affect everyone in the BN. However, a benefit of dealing with challenges is that they force us torethink what we do on a continuous basis in search for efficiencies and better practices – we need to work smarter,not harder! We do this by continuously reviewing current ways of doing business and exploring new technologies. Ireport to you that we are doing just that.For example, Supply Company is embarking on an ISO 9001 certification that will set standards for intermediate levelsupply across the Marine Corps. Among other things, they are also working two projects through Black Belt Lean SixSigma certifications that will help us improve customer service and shipping processes across I MEF. AmmoCompany is working a similar project to improve the forecasting and management of ammunition inventory to better support the MEF. Medical Logistics Company is partnering with Deloitte Consulting LLP in order to explore theimplementation of better business practices in order to improve the medical logistical support they provide. And lastbut not least, our Headquarters and Service Company continues providing the higher headquarter oversight andsupport that helps realize the complete effort.I know I am getting a little technical here but I have to share with you the level of innovation currently taking place at1
Supply BN – and the reason this is happening with fewer personnel and limited resources is because of the qualityof the people we have. And please know you are part of that team! By providing us your unwavering support, day inand day out, regardless if we are forward deployed or right here at Camp Pendleton, you allow us to tackle theseprojects and better our support. And for that, I want to extend my most sincere gratitude to you – the families andloved ones of 1
Supply Battalion – Without you, simply, this would not be possible!Finally, please know that we will continue pressing and doing all we can to keep our Corps the premier fighting forcein the world. Also know that your continuous, unconditional support helps us overcome significant challenges alongthe way and accomplish our mission. Thanks again for all you do – and for what you will continue doing for us – Godbless to each and every one of you!
Supply Battalion News
Bienvenidos a la familia de 1st Sul Battalion!
1 May, 2010
Message from the Commanding Officer 
Commanding Officer:LtCol J. O. Collazo
Executive Officer:
Major M. AkersSgtMaj C. Belle
Battalion Chaplain:
LT D. Bradley(760) 763-6148
Family Readiness Officer:Sergeant major:
Marty K. Rector (760) 405-7730Battalion Officer of the DayPhone (after 1800):760 213-7052 cell760 763-5482 office
Winner of theDepartment of Defense PackagingAchievement Award.
P3 (Preservation,Packaging & Packing
 beat out numerous P3sections from allbranches of the ArmedForces Services.The award recognizesoutstanding jobperformance of a sectionover a period of a year.
Marines, Sailors and 1
Supply Battalion Families,SgtMaj Belle will be on a temporary assigned duty for approximatelynine weeks. It is my extreme privilege and pleasure to serve as theBattalion Sergeant Major in her absence.Semper Fidelis,1stSgt Hutto, C.H
It stands for Lifestyle, Insight, Networking, Knowledge and Skills. This is a program for spouses, parents, and children of Marines and Sailors who would like to know about the Marine Corps lifestyle, benefits, pay system,deployments, moving, getting along with your Marine mate, staying Marine and traditions and history of theCorps.
For more information or to sign-up for L.I.N.K.S. please call (760) 725-9052, or go to this webpage:www.mccscp.com 
Camp PendletonPass & ID Locations:
San OnofreBldg 510930730-1530Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri0730-1430 Thursday763-6476/6471Joint Reception Center (JRC)Bldg 1301320600-1800 Mon-Fri725-2442/2106Main GateBldg 202550730-1530Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri0730-1430 Thursday725-2768/2865
Important Information &ResourcesAmerican Red Cross619-542-7400Supply BN Chaplain(760) 725-6148
Health:TriCare (800) 874-9378 Hospital Info (760) 725-4357 United Concordia(800) 866-8499Family Vision Center (760) 763-1757 DEERS (760) 725-2768 Family Services:Family Child Care
: 725-7631Resource & Referral: 725-9723
W.I.C. 1-800-500-6411Relocation Assistance
(Lifestyles, Insights,Networking, Knowledge andSkills):725-9052
Psychological CounselingServices
l: 725-9051
Substance Abuse CounselingCenter Appointments
:725-5538 or 725-5539Base:Military Police (760) 725-3888Pass and ID (760) 725-2442Base Legal (760) 725-6172Base Housing (760) 725-5995DEERS Enrollment(760) 725-2768Vehicle Registration(760) 725-210
Battalion Leadership, continued. Page 2
Chaplain’s Corner 
One evening while watching TV, one of those commercials promoting the value of goldcame on, and it reminded me to remain faithful to God. You are probably thinking “Huh?How’s that Chaps?” Well, if we trust God to see us through the trials that come into our lives, we can know for certain that the outcome will be gold! When gold is put into the fire,not only will it come out still gold, but it will come out purer and more luminous. If you andI go into the furnace of affliction as righteous and faithful people, we will not onlycome out the same, but better, more pure, and stronger. Fire does that; it burns off all the dross and makes thegold, purer, and more valuable. Your trials will have a clarifying effect on your life, and in the end, make you evenmore valuable to Him. Let us then praise God for all He places in our lives, both the good and bad, so that wecome forth as gold. Pure gold.Blessings,Chaplain David R. BradleyMarines, Sailors, families, and friends of 1st Supply Battalion,The 101 days of summer are almost here, so it is once again, time to practice good judgment and common sense to avoid some of the ailments and injuries the warmweather might bring. Along with practicing safety when participating in water sports,the following should be taken into consideration:
SunburnThe problem:
Everyone is at risk for skin cancer, but especially people with light skin color, light hair or eye color, afamily history of skin cancer, chronic sun exposure, a history of sunburns early in life, or freckles, according to the American Cancer Society.
What you can do
: limit sun exposure, wear protective clothing, and use sunscreen. Sunscreen should be applied30 minutes before going outdoors and reapplied at least every two hours. Use water-resistant sunscreen with a sunprotection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher.
Heat Related IllnessThe Problem
: During heat illness, the body's cooling system shuts down. Body temperature goes up, which inhibitsthe ability to sweat.
What you can do:
Try to partake in strenuous activities during early mornings and evenings when it's cooler. If you're outside for long stretches of time, carry a water bottle, drink fluids regularly, and don't push your limits.People who play sports should wear light, loose-fitting clothes and drink water or sports drinks before, during, andafter activity.
Burns form Fireworks and GrillsThe Problem:
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that about 8,800 people were treated inemergency rooms in 2002 for injuries associated with fireworks. Most injuries involved the hands, head, and eyes
What you can do:
Stick with public firework displays handled by professionals. Children should always be closelysupervised when food is being cooked indoors or outdoors. Be aware that gas leaks, blocked tubes, and overfilledpropane tanks cause most gas grill fires and explosions.
SnakesThe Problem:
warm weather brings out the snakes, many of which are venomous.
What you can do:
Pay attention! Snakes do not go out of the way to harm you. Keep grass cut short around thehouse, and when you are walking through trails, be alert and wear sturdy hiking boots that cover your lower leg. If you have dogs, be sure to give them the Rattle Snake vaccine.
Semper Fidelis,Major Michelle Akers
From the Executive Officer 
AMMO Company
Ammunition Company has been extremely busy since the last news letter. Ammunition Detachment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 10.1 departed and the training for 10.2 began. We continue to send our Marines tospecialized MOS training to ensure the proper skill sets and Ammunition knowledge is in place to support OCONUand CONUS operations. Marines of Ammunition Company recently completed a series of training and readinessevents, received certificates for the Technical Transportation of Hazardous Materials, attended the AmmunitionSupply Administration course, AMMO-43 Inter-Modal Dry Cargo/CSC Re-inspection Course and AMMO-62 Technicaltransportation of Hazardous Materials to name a few. The Marines of Ammunition Company continue to set the pacein all areas of ammunition support meeting or exceeding mission requirements. The company would not be assuccessful in supporting the demanding deployment cycles and day to day work schedules without the love andsupport of our families and friends.Changes in leadership:
Company News Page 3
1st Supply BattalionIs on Face book.Search for “SupplyBattalion CampPendleton” & send afriend request!
Headquarters and Service Company
H&S has provided outstanding support to those Marines and Sailors deploying with CLR-15 FWD.Many nights and weekends were spent organizing logistical efforts and administratively preparingthe Marines and Sailors to spend their next 6-7 months in Afghanistan. Their hard work wasacknowledged and appreciated by all who successfully deployed. Thank you to all families of thoseMarines who worked these long hours in preparation. Your understanding was a key component toour success.H&S Company has been busy this quarter in other areas such as the Logistics ReadinessEvaluation, which evaluated our armory, motor-transport and supply sections. In many areas, wewere recognized as an example for the entire Marine Logistics Group to emulate. We continue toevolve and improve our processes in preparation for another inspection in May!Our Company also participated in a Battalion Field Meet in March. Unfortunately, we did not takehome the trophy, but we were just warming up! We will get it next time.Lastly, we welcome a new Company Gunnery Sergeant to our Company: SSgt Livings. He willdefinitely have his hands full while 1stSgt Hutto stands in for SgtMaj Belle as the Battalion SergeantMajor for two months.

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