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Woodleigh School Newspaper 6

Woodleigh School Newspaper 6

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Published by Woodleigh School
Woodleigh School Newspaper . Woodleigh School, Langton, York. www.woodleighschool.com
Woodleigh School Newspaper . Woodleigh School, Langton, York. www.woodleighschool.com

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Published by: Woodleigh School on May 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cabaret-in-a-day success
On Friday the 19th of March, we heldthe Cabaret in a day, the theme was Coun-try and Western and we had a huge arrayof songs, already exclusively reported inthe Woodleigh Weekly. It was a huge suc-cess with many laughs and some fantasticperformances all round.Below are some of the pictures taken by Max Bramhall, more of his pictures areavailable to view in the library, the corridorand on Flikr.
By Fred Austin, Year 8
Issue 6 Friday 23th April 2010 Next issue: 30/04/10
The Magnificent seven all sang so-los in American Pie:The Rhinestone Cow starred in theperformance:
Mikey ‘the Bad’ Curtis sang his solo of 
21 March - 20 April 
: 999999.9 tons of volcanic ash will fall on yourhouse.Taurus,
21 April - 21 May 
: because ahuge amount of ash fell on someone'shouse, you will rename the house
’ashwood’ and sell it as a tourist at-
 traction .Gemini,
22 May - 21 June 
: your billionpound motorboat will be hijacked bySanta on his Summer holiday.Cancer,
22 June - 23 July 
: A mooncrab will burrow a quasi-dimensionalhole in your back garden and bury abone in it.Leo,
24 July - 23 August 
: purple skit- tles will rain from the sky.Virgo,
24 August - 23 September 
: younoticed purple skittles raining from the sky.Libra,
24 September - 23 October 
: you
sent a complaint to skittles’ owner
about you garden covered in skittles.Scorpio,
24 October - 22 November 
: aFrench ninja will stab you in the armwith a model of the Eiffel tower.Sagittarius,
23 November - 21 Decem- ber 
: a swimming guard will push youout of the way of a lorry carryingchocolate bars to the centre of theearth.Capricorn,
22 December - 20 January 
:a juniper bush will spring up in a her-
mit’s cave, causing no effect on you
21 January - 19 February 
: ahorse dressed as the queen will knock
on your door saying ‘Trick or Treat’
20 February - 20 March 
: for thenext 20 years two small horns willgrow out of your belly.
This weeks crossword is based on Fawlty Towers.
The crossword competition has been cancelled as there were onlytwo entries.
1 23 456 7 89
4. Is a 'Filigree Siberian Hamster'.5. A military rank.7. A roman Prophet who lived in a cave.9. Is almost identical to the name of Yorkshire's Headinglystadium.1. Meat from a Calf.2. Emanuel without a letter.3.
When you speak to a parrot you go "pretty………".
 6. Rhymes with berry.8. A Herb
Shape Poems
Year eights set for the future
‘North’ meet house play success
tremely hard and received a place at Pock-lington, as did Samson Chan. CharlieGoodlass went for an interview at Scarbor-ough and sealed a place there. CharlesSaunders got an Exhibition to Radley andCameron is on track for St Augustine's,where his sister went. Ben Laverack, Geor-gia Bemrose and Matthew Binnersley arestaying at Woodleigh for one more year.
This year’s year eights have all
worked very hard to get into their nextschools. Almost everyone has been success-ful and is very relieved but excited.Firstly, Patrick Litten passed his exam
for St Peter’s, just missing out on gettinginvited for a scholarship. The Curtis’ didn’tget into St Peter’s but then worked ex-
Years one and two, both taught by Mrs. Hayes now Mrs. Clark hasretired, have being drawing shapepoems this week.This is just one of the four thatthey have drawn and written. It isabout a snowman, as the picturerepresents.On Saturday the 20th of March there was ahouse play extravaganza as all four houses
 battled in a ‘Fawlty Towers’ house play
The play was ‘Basil the Rat’ and there
were some great performances from manypeople.The winner of the house plays wasNorth and the full cast, bar one, was se-lected to play their part on Wednesday. Toreplace Victoria, Alex Curtis played Pollyand, as a last addition, Robert Bradleyplayed Mrs. Taylor. The final cast was: Pat-rick Litten as Basil Fawlty, George Ullyottas Sybil Fawlty, Charles Saunders as MrCarnegie, Alex Curtis as Polly, Ryan Sun asManuel, Rory Selvey as Terry and RobertBradley as Mrs Taylor. It was a big success.

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