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This One Thing I Do (Article) - Rad Zdero

This One Thing I Do (Article) - Rad Zdero

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Published by Rad Zdero
Do you know your purpose in life?
Do you know your purpose in life?

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Published by: Rad Zdero on May 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright (C) 2010. Permission is granted to email, post, and reproduce this article,but only in its entirety and with proper bibliographic referencing. All rights reserved.
 Rad Zdero earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in bio-mechanics and bio-materials. He is the director of a hospital-based research group in Toronto, Canada. Rad has been involved in the house church and small group movement since 1985. He is the author of The Global House Church Movement (2004) and the allegorical novel Entopia: Revolutionof the Ants (2008). He is also the editor of Nexus: The World House Church Movement Reader (2007) and The Starfish Files house church magazine. His writings can be found at www.Scribd.com/rzdero.To make contact: rzdero@yahoo.ca 
Some of us, for better or worse, may remember
the funny flick called „City Slickers‟ that came out a
few years back, the comedy troupe being led bynon-
other than Billy „you
marvelous‟ Crystal.It‟s the stor 
y of a trio of comrades fed up with therat race of their young urban professional lives whoseek rejuvenation, a return to youth and meaning
and rest, in the deserts of America‟s former wild
frontiers. Perhaps it is there, on horseback andamong salt-of-the-earth types, that they will
rediscover something vital which they‟ve lost – 
asense of themselves and their place in this crazyuniverse.While on their quest, they encounter wisdom inthe guise of a rough-and-ready cowpoke, a no
nonsense man‟s man, wh
o challenges and unsettlesthem at every turn. During a key exchange aboutlife, the universe, and everything, the still confusedcity slicker is told by the cowpoke, who raises his
index finger into the air, that there‟s really only one
thing that we need concern ourselves about in thislife. Our city-bred hero, daring to hope at long lastthat he may have unwittingly stumbled into puttingtogether the puzzle called life, asks what that one
thing is! He‟s told that that‟s for him to figure out!
Surprise, surprise, the answer to life, the universe,
and everything is not „42‟ (despite the assertions of Douglas Adams, the creator of the Hitch Hiker‟sGuide book series), but „1‟ thing.
 At this point, echoes ring in my ears from theBiblical writer and apostle Paul who, after listingoff his very impressive resume about his academic,career, and religious achievements, felt that thesethings were just a heap of camel dung. For him,
there was also only „one thing‟ that his life wasabout: “But this one thing I do
- Forgetting what liesbehind and straining towards what is ahead, I presson toward the goal to win the prize for which God
has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”
(Philippians 3:13-14).Similar sentiments were expressed by a staff worker with the Christian organization called the
 Navigators, who once said about the „one thing‟ inhis life: “Not to be morbid, but on my death bed, if Ican name the names of men and women whom I‟ve
had a personal involvement with who, as a result,are still going on with
Christ, then I‟ll die a happyman.”
 Bob Pierce, the founder of the relief 
organizations World Vision and Samaritan‟s Purse,often prayed a „one thing‟ type of prayer: “Let my
heart be broken by the things that break the heart of 
God”. It was with this open
ness to God and the
needs that were presented to him, that he chargedforward to heal the sick, feed the hungry, clothe thenaked, and share the great news of hope in Christ,no matter where the need might be. Because hespent himself wholeheartedly on thi
s „one thing‟
that he felt Christ called him specifically to, he wasnot only able to challenge people with the
observation that “so many of us doing
 because we can‟t do
”, but he left a
legacy that continues to give hope for many aroundthe world even today.Many other men and women of days gone by,
ablaze for Christ, also had their „one thing‟
-William Booth founded the global work of theSalvation Army; John Wesley led the charge thatswept sleepy Great Britain up into a mighty spiritualawakening in the 18th century; William Careysailed for India in 1793 as a missionary andsubsequently fathered the modern day missionarymovement; Watchman Nee was one of the spiritualtorchbearers earlier this century of the modern dayunderground housechurch movement in communist
China that has it‟s corrupt government up in arms
and trembling in fear. The list could go on. MotherTeresa, Billy Graham, Gandhi, DL Moody, MartinLuther King Jr, etc. Each of these folks had that
„one thing‟ that drove th
em and fired them up forGod.
Okay, let‟s face it, most of us won‟t make the
front page of the paper or be the leading story in theevening news like these folks or become household
names. But, regardless of what that „one thing‟ is
for you and me or how big or small it may seem to
 be, it‟s
crucially important to actually find out whatit is! Without it, our lives can seem like an endlesschain of purposeless events, a string of meaninglessmoments wrapped around our necks like a collar-and-
leash that‟s yanked b
y an unknown and harshmaster. Yet, for those of us who name the name of 
Christ, this is not what the „normal Christian life‟should be like, nor is it God‟s best for us. So I‟mnot misunderstood, I‟m not saying our life is meant
to be like one victory march after another. Rather,we are called to a higher purpose, a nobler cause,
that doesn‟t necessarily transcend this world, but
that rolls up its sleeves, despite the pain anddirtiness that is in us and around us, and gets intothe nitty gritty of loving people and loving Christthrough compassion and generosity, immersion intothe Scriptures and prayer, living the common lifetogether, and witness to our decaying world of theboundless forgiveness and confidence there is in
Christ. This is the „one thing‟
that all of us whoclaim to be followers of Christ are called to as acorporate body, as a community, as a collective.
But there is, in addition, a more specific „onething‟ designed by God for each of us individually.What is that „one thing‟ for you and
me? What is
that „one thing‟ uniquely given to you individuallyas your role in the great work of building up God‟skingdom? What is that „one thing‟ that gets you up
in the morning and keeps you awake at night? What
is that „one thing‟ that friends will
 jokingly orseriously say that you are almost obsessed with?
What is that „one thing‟ that you are so committed
to and passionate about, that you would be willingto sacrifice your time, money, energy, career,prestige, position, and other dreams for, and whenpush comes to shove, even friends, family, and yourown life, in order to see it happen? How far are we
willing to go for that „one thing‟? Do we even knowwhat that „one thing‟ is? Do we dare find out and
act on it so that some day we can say with fire in
our chests, „this one thing I do‟?

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