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Themelios, Volume 33 Issue 1

Themelios, Volume 33 Issue 1



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Published by thegospelcoalition

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Published by: thegospelcoalition on May 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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General Editor:
rinity Evngelicl Divinity School 2065 Hl Dy Ro  Deerel, IL, USA
Consulting Editor:
Westminster Teologicl SeminryChestnut Hill, P.O. Box 27009 Philelphi, PA 19118, USA
Managing Editor:
Ok Hill Teologicl CollegeChse Sie, Southgte, Lonon N14, 4PS, UK 
rinity Evngelicl Divinity School 2065 Hl Dy Ro  Deerel, IL, USA
Book rEviEw Editors
Old estament
rg e sua
 Fcule e LetrsUniversie Feerl e Goiás - Cmpus II Cix Postl 131 - CEP 74001-970Goiâni - Goiás - Brzil 
New estament
 Ala i. wln
 Dumisni Teologicl Institute PO Box 681 King Willim’s own 5600South Aric
Histor and Historical Teolog 
shan wgh
Southern Bptist Teologicl Seminry2825 Lexington Ro  Louisville, KY 40299, USA
Sstematic Teolog and Bioethics
Han Maueme
rinity Evngelicl Divinity School 2065 Hl Dy Ro; D-632 Deerel, IL 60015, USA
(bu n Behc)
and Pastoralia
dmnc sma
Gilcomston South ChurchUnion Street  Abereen AB10 1P, UK 
Mission and Culture
danel sange
Ok Hill CollegeChse Sie, Southgte Lonon N14 4PS 
 an nenanal eangelcal helgcal junal ha exun an een he hc Chan ah. imay auence  helgcal uen an a, hugh chla ea  a ell. i a mely a n junaleae by rtsF/UCCFn he Uk, an  became a gal junal eae by Te Gel Calnn 2008. Te ne  eal eam ee  eee eeenan, n bh eay an eee, m bh e  he Alanc.
 ublhe hee me a yea excluely nlne a.heGelCaln.g. i  eene n  ma:pdF ( cng agnan) an HtML ( geae accebly, uably, an nlan n each engne).
cyghe by Te Gel Caln. reae ae ee  ue  an cculae  n gal m hu uhe emn(any n ue eque uhe en emn), bu hey mu acnlege he uce an,  cue, n change hecnen.
Acle hul geneally be abu 4,000  7,000  an hul be ubme  he Managng E  Temel,hch  n ee-eee. Acle hul ue clea, cnce Englh, llng
(e. abbean), ulemene by 
Tey hul cnenly ue ehe Uk  UsA ellngan uncuan, an hey hul be ubme elecncally a an emal aachmen ung Mc w (.c  .cxexenn)  rch tex Fma (. exenn). secal chaace hul ue aUncen.
Te b ee e geneally elec nual  b ee, bu enal eee may cnac hem abueeng ecc b. A a  aangng b ee, he b ee e ll uly b ee guelne eee.
 D. A. Carson 
 D. A. Crson is reserch proessor o New estment t rinity Evngelicl  Divinity School in Deerel, Illinois.
elcme  he  ue  he ne gal
Le he l n en, e ll  heme beng am  uce hee accle a yea. Becaue h enue  neehele n meeec ne, e hae ece  begn h a ne lume numbe (l. 33)—an, unle hel n en, change n lume numbe ll cnce h change n he calena yea.ohe change, hugh elaely mn, ae me ubane. Te ne 
am  eebh helgcal/elgu ue uen an a. Tee ll be n n en. ou he  becme nceangly nenanal n eeenan: ae a l a he l  B ree E anhe aee n he eu age. we ll acce an ublh cnbun n ehe he Englh  he Une kngm  he Englh  he Une sae—hugh n a mx  he  n any ne ece!Te Managng E, Chale Anen, lecue a oa Hll Cllege, suhgae, Lnn. submnhul be en  hm, eeably n gal m. in h ue e ae ll lng  eay an eeha ha been ubme  he l n junal, bu e ae eage n  ecee eh cnbun.Many eae  he l junal hae ncae ha he ae ece each ue a he ealby Cal tueman—a much   , ee, an neenence a   ubance. we ae gaeul Cal  ageeng  ee a Cnulng E an  cnnue ng a clumn each ue, n une he heang “Mny re.” we ae al hanul  rbbe Caleman  he ahulnean hughulne  he clumn ung he la yea  he n en. wh he lgh h nenan  u eae, e hae ece  elace he clumn h a ne ne, “paal
 bu he he ll heel cnbue   m me  me.reae ll ne ha e ae ucng h gal
n  ma, bh pdF an HtML.Te me eee agnan  accuae eeencng; he lae enable inene ue  each hemaeal, ce ne, cy cnenen chun, an  h. Ceanly e an he maeal  cculaeely,  e an   be a acceble a ble. pleae ne, hee, ha he maeal  cygheby Te Gel Caln. Yu ae ee  ue  an cculae  n gal m hu uhe emn(any n ue eque uhe en emn), bu e a yu  acnlege he uce an,  cue, n  change he cnen. All he maeal  “ee”—ha , yu can nla  hu c.obuly, hee ae c nle, an  anyne he  hel u eay he c, hee  a age hel yu  :su

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