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Person vs. Nature

Person vs. Nature

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Published by Colby

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Published by: Colby on May 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Trail of Death The air was clean, unlike back in the city. I stood, my feethanging at the tip of the cliff. The air swooshed around me, the soundsof animals whispering in my ears. I could feel the pressure of gravitytrying to push me down, down off of the cliff. If I just let my foot fallfrom beneath me, then…“Jared! Come on, we’re going,” I turned back, seeing Damien andElizabeth standing. I glanced at the cliff one last time and thenfollowed the others into the devil-swallowed jungle.We turned onto the winding path, squeals sounding in thedistance from small animals. Elizabeth’s foot caught on a root butDamien caught her before her face could be crushed into the moistmoss underneath us. We carried on, our feet occasionally catching theundergrowth. Damien slunk down on a nearby log, his legs weak andhis body resisting the travel.“Let me just catch my breath real quick,” he sighed.“No problem, I thought that it would be better to take a restsome time soon anyways. I’m getting tired myself and I figuredElizabeth would too.”We hunched together, under the gathering branches as waterslowly dribbled from above. It was starting to rain. The rough sound of rain hit the above leaves and I grabbed hold of Elizabeth’s hand that
grabbed onto Damien’s hand and pulled them away into the darkening jungle. A cave opened up in the darkness and I tugged them along withme like a train. We shuffled onto the ragged rocks. I shook out mydripping locks and sighed.“Looks like we’ll have to stay here for the night.”“Does anyone have a towel?” Elizabeth questioned fromsomewhere in the darkness, “I’ll get sick if I don’t dry my hair before Igo to sleep in this weather.”“Nah, but I have a dry sweatshirt you could borrow.” I scavengedthrough my bag and pulled out a wrinkled hoodie. I held it out and herhand found mine instead of the sweatshirt. I felt her jerk and then sheswiped away my sweatshirt. I could hear shuffling of her feet and asigh. “I’ll start the fire, you guys just try to see how much food youhave. Who knows how long we may be stuck here, and we didn’t get achance to eat lunch.” The matches had gotten wet from the storm so I had to do withwhat we had. I took a thinner, sharp rock and a larger rock and scrapedthem against each other over kindle, sparks slowly lighting. Withinminutes, a small fire was blazing and I fed it thin pieces of woodscattered in the back of the cave. We all gathered around the warmfire and waited as our clothes dripped dry, cowering in our sleepingbags.
“How much food do we have left?” Damien asked, his voicecoming in a quiet mumble.“We have enough to last about…two days, at most, withoutgoing outside of the cave,” I spoke, my voice a little shaky. Elizabethshivered and sneezed. “I have some medicine in my bag, if you wantit.”“What? Ah, no, I’m going to be fine. I am not getting sick,” shedefied, “I’m not getting sick.”I couldn’t say anything, all I could do was curl up beside thedying fire and close my eyes, pretending to sleep….By the time I wokeup, the morning was misty and broken. Newly-broken branches werefallen outside of the cave and mist shrouded the surroundings. Birdschirped above us and everyone was awake.Elizabeth’s face was flushed and she was sweating; wrappingherself tightly in her dried clothing from the day before. Damien waslying down; his back faced away from us, his sleeping bag beneathhim, unrolled. I stood up and staggered towards him, my bodyprotesting with each step.“Damien…” I flipped him over, only to find that he had an arrowshot through his heart, beads and feather’s dangling from the tip. Inhis hand, he held a hand-made headdress that was decorated withenough minerals to be worth a few hundred. He must have found anearby tribe and stolen from them. Blood was smeared from beyond

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