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Magnetic Attraction by Joseph R. Plazo

Magnetic Attraction by Joseph R. Plazo



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Published by Pontiac T. Jenkins

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Published by: Pontiac T. Jenkins on May 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Joseph Riñoza Plazo
Master of Persuasion, Influence andSeduction
SRP US$63.95Also By theAuthorMaster ofPersuasionPh.D ofPersuasionPsychicSeduction
Advanced NLP Emotional Elicitation Psychic Rapport Behavioral Influence
Based onmoderninnovations ofadvancedbehavioralsciences.Field tested.100%Effective.
Usewith caution.
Exceed International. United States*Canda*PhilippinesFor International Distribution. Copyright 2001. All Rights Reserved
Magnetic Attractionfile:///D|/ArtofAttraction/index.htm (1 of 47) [7/10/2001 2:43:35 AM]
Creating Charisma
Stop for a minute... and search your heart. What is it that frightensyou the most? Ghosts? Demons? Or maybe... it is simply beingalone in the world... isolated... with not a soul caring whether youexisted. As you think about it now, maybe the one fear everyonenurtures deep down is that of lonesome isolation.Since birth, each person seeks out companionship. As children wesought the approval of parents. As teens, we fought for a placeamongst friends. Then as adults, we struggle to find that specialsoulmate with whom we would forge the rest of our lives with.Man, indeed, is the ultimate social animal. He draws inner strengthfrom the well-spring of his circle of friends. Friends fuel the drive toendure the rigors of life. With friends, man finds solace, sympathy,and love.While casual friends satisfy the basic psychological requirement forcompanionship, there is one need that a regular friend cannotsatisfy: the need for intimate affection. At critical points in our lives,we suddenly find ourselves yearning for specialcompanionship--one that friends cannot fill, but only lovers can.The sudden rise of numerous industries promising instant fixes toromantic frustrations naturally allow us to conclude that there arehundreds of millions of lonely individuals out there. Turn on yourTV set or flip through your newspapers. Observe countless ads forself-help seminars promoting "seduction strategies." Take note ofthe sudden proliferation of "magic pheromone perfumes" that claimto sensually arouse nearby sniffers. Then of course, browsethrough the thousands of romance how-to manuals parading onbookshelves. For millions of the lovelorn, the need for affectiongrew to a national obsession. That desire now drives industriesraking in millions. What makes this book any different?Step into a popular seminar room where a love-guru enthralls hisstudents with masterful techniques of seduction. Yes, you willlearn, in fact, you will absorb so much knowledge that before youknow it, you'll be fighting off scores of love-crazed individuals fromyour door. Such skill comes with a price, of course. Expect yourwallet to be several inches and hundreds of dollars thinner .Alternatively, you can go the economical route and invest in a fewnational best sellers costing $15 a pop. Browsing through the
Magnetic Attractionfile:///D|/ArtofAttraction/index.htm (2 of 47) [7/10/2001 2:43:35 AM]
hundred or so pages of this standard romance fare will typicallyleave you dissatisfied. Most of what you learn are theory and withlittle real-world illustration. Theory appeals as enticingly asdishwater. You want tried and tested techniques. You want results.You want to embrace someone dear, not in the next decade, butright now. So you finally shelve those books and sigh inmelancholy.
 Your Key to Fulfillment
Magnetic Attraction (TM) strikes the middle ground between thehigh-quality but costly seminars and the economical, but impotentlibrary books. Magnetic Attraction resulted from scores of research,personal experiences and interpersonal experimentation to bringyou a powerful source of theory
real world techniques that willmagically fill that empty void now plaguing your heart.
Magnetic Attraction is a breakthrough manual designedexclusively for men
. Magnetic Attraction assembles an arsenal ofSeven Power Principles of Chemistry guaranteed to transform theaverage lonely man into an irresistible magnet of attraction. As youlearn the individual Principles, you immediately take momentousstrides forward to becoming a modern day Casanova.Each Principle is designed around the psychological make-up ofwomen and offers you irresistible avenues to hotwire herneuro-circuitry in order to incite attraction beyond simpleinfatuation. Picture yourself now... as you experience unlimitedsocial power... instantly resulting from the rapport you readilygenerate at will! Imagine, all your friends wondering about thetremendous secret that you alone possess.Stop... and draw a long breath... understand that you hold the keyto unlimited social fulfillment. Sit back, relax and prepare to embarkon a mind-lifting experience ...Within this concise manual, you will understand not just whatwomen seek for in their fantasy partners, but you will also discoverhow to easily create emotional states ranging from magneticrapport to pure enthrallment. Each principle you unlock willnaturally unleash an unstoppable fury of almost unnaturalallurement when combined all at once.
Magnetic Attractionfile:///D|/ArtofAttraction/index.htm (3 of 47) [7/10/2001 2:43:35 AM]

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