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Global Eco Village Network News, Issue 43

Global Eco Village Network News, Issue 43

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Published by KsanthakouPotitsa

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Published by: KsanthakouPotitsa on May 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 No. 43
Permaculture Magazine
May East, GEN’s Director ofInternational relations, hasbeen invited to join the Clubof Budapest’s World WisdomCouncil.This is a very prestigiousbody whose aim is to ‘cham-pion the joint interest of allhumans and all life on thisplanet, informing people sothat they can move toward aworld where they can live inpeace with each other and inharmony with nature.’ May
Grishino Ecovillage in RussiaReconnects with its Cultural Roots
GEN and the Club of Budapest’sWorld Wisdom Council
Sarvodaya, Sri Lanka toLaunch New Ecovillage
In June, Grishino ecovillagehosted its rst folk camp, throughwhich participants reconnectedwith the depth of culture of theirRussian ancestors.The camp worked accordingto the old Russian tradition,‘Toloka’, that involves com-munal work parties undertakingprojects in the communitygardens and houses during theday; and dance and song,including traditional Russian‘horovod’ dances in theevening.During the week, thoseAs we were putting togetherthese pages GEN it was announ-ced that the Sri Lankan NGO,Sarvodaya, was to launch anew ecovillage initiative thataimed to be ready in 2008. Thiscoincides with the organisation’s50th anniversary. Sarvodaya’sDirector, Dr Vinya Ariyaratne,said that the aim is to create asettlement that will combinethe cultural and spiritualstrength of Sri Lanka with theneeds of modern village life.The project is being supportedby GENOA. Their co-director,Lloyd Williams, said that sucha project if successful, couldbe an example which wouldhave an effect throughoutAsia and may help slow theworrying drift from rural areasto cities: “If the expectationsof villagers in terms of health,education and work can bemet, the need for migrationwould be much reduced”.Of course, with the deva-stating impact of the recenttsunami, plans may have beenaffected. If you turn to our newssection on page 31 you will nddetails of a relief programme:www.sarvodaya.org
Auroville of India Wins‘Green Oscar’
The much celebrated Indianecovillage, Auroville (located inthe South East, near Chennai,Madras) has just won one ofthis year’s Ashden Awards forSustainable Energy (basicallythe Green Oscars).These awards are extremelyprestigious and this year thepresentation was made byHRH Prince Charles.Auroville’s award wasmade primarily to mark thecommunity’s achievements inthe eld of reforestation andrenewable energy.For further information,please contact Marti Muellerat: marti@auroville.org.in andvisit the site www.auroville.orgis now part of the circle ofWWC Ambassadors.For further information,contact May East at: mayeast@findhorn.org
Members of the Councilinclude Hafsat Abiola, Lybert Angaangaq, Peter Gabriel, Ashok Gangadean, JaneGoodall, Hazel Henderson,Ervin Laszlo, Wangari Maathai,Elisabet Sahtouris andMasami Saionji.
participating in the camplearned how to make traditionalcostumes and crafts. The folkcamp was especially importantin helping the community tostrengthen its ties with the localpeople. Some of these are oldpeople who still rememberthe dances and traditions oftheir youth with which theywere happy to share with theyounger people.For further information,contact Vasudeva on grishino@greenlab.ru or visit: www.grishino.ecology.net.ru

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