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Science Fair Report Parts 1-5

Science Fair Report Parts 1-5



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Published by dude02135
T-Bone's Docs
T-Bone's Docs

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Published by: dude02135 on May 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tyrone Li82-69-27-07
The Effect of Different Beverages on Teeth Over TimeI. INTRODUCTION
Many people buy different drinks and food from the store. Many of these drinks containsugar and artificial coloring that could stain teeth. Some of these beverages are grape juice, cola,coffee, and tea.Eggshells are a good substitute for teeth because they are made out of similar material.The objective of this experiment is to find out which beverage stains eggshells the most over time. The experimental variables are coffee, tea, cola, gape juice, and tap water. The dependentvariable is the darkness of the stain on the eggshell compared to the stain chart. The eggshell will be soaked in the liquid for a predetermined amount of time, and then its shade will be comparedto the Dentist's teeth stain chart. The amount of time that the egg is left in the liquid and the typeof eggshell will always be the same for every part of the experiment.The color of teeth is not always the same for everyone. The only ways that people cancontrol their teeth color is to avoid medication that can cause stains, eat or drink less of differentstaining drinks or food, to brush their teeth (www.dental-picture-show.com/). Eggshells and teethwere found to be similar in material. Eggshells are made out of calcium carbonate while teeth aremade out of calcium phosphate(www.madsci.org/).To find this information, a dictionary was used (Gelb, 148, 112, 123). A way thatdifferent foods or drinks stain teeth are through cracks in the surface of the enamel. They reachthe second layer of the tooth which is the dentine which absorbs the colors of the food, thereforemaking the tooth look darker in color. Also, acidic juices and pigmented foods and drinks causemore stains then others that are not (www.stainexpert.co.uk/
). Acid can also cause teeth to become darker and darker shades of yellow over time while also making the enamel of the toothvery soft, therefore making the tooth very susceptible to many different teeth problems such ascavities (today.ninemsn.com.au/).To find different independent variables, the table of contents for each beverage was usedto determine what beverage to buy. Some ingredients that were searched for were high amountsof sugar, caffeine, and acid of any kind. If the grape juice is used to soak the egg then the eggwill have the darkest stain because it has acid that would make the eggshell more vulnerable tostains. A website (www.stainexpert.co.uk/) states that acid softens enamel which can allow thegrape juice to reach the dentine which will then make it permanent.How different ingredients such as caffeine and acid can affect calcium can be learnedfrom this experiment. How different beverages affect calcium carbonate can also be learned fromthis experiment. A future experiment can be conducted using different foods instead of  beverages. Actual teeth can also be used instead of eggshells.
Experimental Variable:
Coffee, Tea, Cola, Grape Juice, Tap Water 
Dependent Variable:
The darkness of the stain on the egg compared to the stainchart

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