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Published by Bissy Lak

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Published by: Bissy Lak on May 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MEDIA HAVE FALLEN FOR MISGUIDED ANTISMOKING CAMPAIGN.The alarming increase in the smoking ability in a source of worry to thegovernment of America and the media has played a very significant role increating awareness on the habit that people cultivate and which has beenproving to be having a deadly long term effect on their body. Smoking onlycontribution to more problems, both vital role in educating people on their right, educating people created awareness that smoking should beeradicated organized antismoking also organized crusade to discouragesmoking ability among teenagers because of the alarming increase in thenumber of teenagers that smoke. What ignorance is not an exercise in thecourt of law? In my own opinion, considering the number of Americandieing daily through smoking, it should be eradicating or reduced to thelowest level through harsh laws and policies. Firstly, the 25percent of thepopulation whose rights are either denied or ignored and the debate over cigarettes has been framed as if smoking were the unwitting victims of thetobacco industry. If their rights are not denied or ignored the health risksand the number of cases of health problem associated with smoking wouldhave light up fire under our feet that none of us would know how to put out.However, this pack journalism runs amok and that we media fancyourselves independent thinkers are not true because media would haveconsulted or confided in people or journals before they would conclude onany story. Public health community and media view smoking as a scourgeto be eradicated. This as true and it should be eradicated because of itshavoc. Also sitting of tobacco industry in an area be discouraged likecoughing, shortness of breath, production of phlegm(mucus), respiratoryillness, reduced physical fitness, poor lung growth and and function etc.More so, the simplest is whether is trying to make Americans better off, the antismoking crusade would make many Americans worse off,smokers would clearly suffer huge price and tax increases. In the contrary,it is in trying to make Americans better off and the antismoking crusadewould make many American better off, the increase in the price of tobaccofrom 62percent to $1.50per pack would discourage many smokers even Iwill prefer it is raised up to $20per pack. Do you know how many peoplewould stop buying cigarette?Higher prices will deter some people from smoking. But for the restcould be siphoning billions away from the poorer people for good policy or fair? It is true that higher prices will prevent some people from smoking inspite of this it is the number stocks taken by the smokers that would bereduced. Cigarette companies such as Phillip Morris, have publiclyadmitted that tax increases prove to deter smoking.Furthermore, smoking has been increasing among teenagerswho once they try cigarette may become addicted for life. Secondly,tobacco ads cause much teenage smoking teenagers are therefore victimsthirdly, passive smoking (non smokers inhaling smoke) in public places isa serious health threat, justifying action against smokers. All theseassumptions are true and do not permeate media coverage. The rate of 
tobacco smoking among teenagers are still higher because about 1 in 7higher school boys use some form of spit or smokers tobacco likewisemore than 2percent of higher school girl use spit or smokers tobacco.Children and teens are easy target for the tobacco industry. They’re ofteninfluence by TV, Movies, advertising, and by what their friends do and say.Children and teens don’t think much about future health, health outcomes.Passive smoking has the same consequence as tobacco smoking. Passivesmoking may cause cancers of the mouth, cancers of the oharynx (throat),cancers of the esophagus(swallowing tube), receding gums, which canprogress to the point that the teeth fall out, pre-cancerous spots in themouth, called leukoplakia, and there is also possibility of heart attack andstroke. Conclusively, research has slow in that teens who use a form of other oral tobacco are more likely to become cigarette smokers than non-smokers. On the survey of the University of Michingan which shows a risein the teen smoking while on the contrary government showed adecreased. And the 18.3 percent of teenage between 12 and 17 had smokedin the past mouth the lowest. Either a report shows an increase or adecrease, it is the havoc done by this acquiring habit that teens shouldlook at and not the disparity in the survey. Remember nobody is abovemistake.Tasting the smoke once is even dangerous became theprobability of the percentage of the teenagers that tasted cigarette once tobe addicted is higher. The “addiction” isn’t so great that millions haven’tbroken it. The addiction is so great even it is alarming that smokingresponsible for nearly 1 out of every 5death of smoking in America. Evensmoking kills faster than other diseases says a research.However, the press are not bias them conclusion is derivedfrom the research and opinions of the people. Don’t smokers have a rightto engage in behaviour whose pleasures and pains mainly theirs withoutbeing punished by the rest of the society? Smokers pay more for insuranceoverall, but our entire society, including smokers and non-smokers alikepays the price. Each American household spends over $600 a year infederal and state taxes due to smoking. These costs come from medicalexpenses from the un-insured, or those who have lost productivity due toillness or death related to smoking. All these add to health care bill spenton both public and private health care.Conclusively, research has shown that cigarette smokers also morelikely to get into fights, carry weapons, and attempt suicides, suffer frommental health problems such as depression and engage in high risk sexualbehaviors. |They are not abandon because the press and others stillorganize, crusade, seminars, talks and other forms of educationalenlightenment in other to open up smokers’ eyes to the dangerous effect of smoking.The essay is quite educative interesting and good for everyAmericans especially the youth to read.The author is bias and sentimental about its critique.

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