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Never Ending Beauty

Never Ending Beauty

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Published by Joseph Winston
Life is difficult yet in the middle of all the problems there is a goodness, a beauty, a grace, that can be experienced. These are visions of the future that is to come.
Life is difficult yet in the middle of all the problems there is a goodness, a beauty, a grace, that can be experienced. These are visions of the future that is to come.

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Published by: Joseph Winston on May 10, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Never Ending Beauty
The Rev. Joseph WinstonMay 9, 2010
Grace and peace are gifts for you from God, the Father of our Lord JesusChrist.
It never has been easy to live in this part of Texas. The summers here arehot and long. Sometime in May, the weather begins changing. No longer do thecool breezes blow down from the north. Now, if any wind moves at all, it comesup from the south bringing with it heat. The temperature slowly pushes up themercury. Seventy, eighty, and even ninety become the norm. People and animalslook for shade but nothing takes away the almost constant pounding from the sun.When wind’s direction finally changes, moisture moves in from the Gulf. Thetowering thunderstorms that dot the horizon promise rain. Many times, the waterspour to the ground before a single cloud gets here. At other times, the river alongwith all the tributaries swell as they try to carry all the water back to the Gulf sothe entire cycle can start over again. The insects know this. Almost overnight, they
Romans 1:7, 1 Corinthians 1:3, 2 Corinthians 1:2, Galatians 1:3, Ephesians 1:2, Philippians1:2, 2 Thessalonians 1:2, Philemon 1:3.
appear and swarm in the air. Some are little more than nuisances. They bother theplants, they pester the animals, and they irritate young and old alike. Others aremuchworse.Theycarrylife-threateningdiseaseslikemalaria.Ifyouwanttomakea living on this land, you deal with it the best you can. You swat the bloodsuckersand bury your dead in the warm, wet ground.Every once and a while, the weather takes a dramatic turn for the worse. Thewind becomes lifeless. Clothes stick to the skin and curtains refuse to stir. Anominous line of grey clouds appears to the east and moves this way. The windslowly picks up and the rain starts to fall. There is not much to do except to comeinside. As the inches add up, the wind drives even more clouds from the coast.Each one brings more water for the already soaked land. The sound made by thewind and rains stays with you your entire life. It howls through the trees and intoevery crack of the house. It pounds the windows and pours down the roof. It wantsin. It does not seem like anything or anyone can stop it. It finally does end. Nowthe task of cleaning up begins in earnest. Fields need attention. So, do a countlessnumber of other tasks. You must check on the fences, find the animals, take care of the injured, and still have enough time to make a meal for all the hungry mouths.As the days become shorter, the temperature begins to fall. No longer is themercury pegged at the ninety-degree mark. Ever so slowly, it inches its way downthe scale. The nights now are pleasant and the days crisp. This too shall pass.The wind turns around. It blows from the north dropping the temperature rapidly.No one would really complain about this if the wind only brought relief from theoppressive heat. Another visitor comes calling. It is a dampness that cuts through2
the bones. Layers of clothes do little and those can be hard to find. The only realremedy to this problem is staying indoors. There you can control the temperatureand be out of the wind’s icy fingers. But there is work that must be done. One lastharvest needs to make it to the market. Someone must pitch in and that is you.For generations, women came with their men to this part of Texas. When theyfirst arrived on the scene, they found a wilderness: wet and damp, muddy andmessy, hard and demanding. They pitched in wherever they could. They broughtanother shoulder to the plow. They lent an extra hand in the field. They providedanother pair of eyes watching the horizon for signs of danger. Working togetheras one, they transformed the land into a safe and productive world.If this were all that women did, it would be more than enough. After all, this iswhat the menfolk do just about every day of their lives and no one asks them to domore. Traditionally, women have a much longer list of tasks they must attend to.Someone must give birth to the children and raise them. This is woman’s work.The making and mending of clothes falls to women also. They are the ones withthe skill to thread both a loom and a needle. They can darn a sock and transforma hide into a coat. Hungry mouths need food. Women gather the vegetables, com-bine them with whatever can be found at the house, and put three square mealsa day on the table. Sickness is a fact of life. Women care for the ill and theymake them comfortable. Death also is our constant companion. Women preparethe body for burial. They dress their loved one one last time and weep for thedead. Women also bring beauty into our lives. Whether it is a handful of wild-flowers on the dining room table, the graceful way they enter the room, or a neatly3

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