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2009.05.15 GMANews.tv Chika Minute (Manila, PH) Cool Shades)

2009.05.15 GMANews.tv Chika Minute (Manila, PH) Cool Shades)

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Published by coolshades

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Published by: coolshades on May 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GMANews.tv -- Chika Minute (Manila, PH) -- 5/15/09Interviewer: Pia Guanio
Pia [
speaking Tagalog
]: We're here right now at Shangri-La Hotel, and we have withus none other than
David Cook and David Archuleta of American Idol season seven.For David A., as promised, I have some mangoes here for you.Archuleta: Hey, yay! [
]Cook: Yeahhh [
]Pia: And for David C., since you said you wanted to try them [
gets a bowl and holdsit out to David 
]...Cook: I did, yeah.Pia: ...this is balut.Cook: YeahPia: And I'm just gonna put it right here. [
sets it down next to her 
Cook laughs
]Pia: When you're good and ready...Cook: Right, rightPia: ...you can try it for yourself.Cook: There you go.Pia: Anyway, good evening to you guys.Archuleta: Ah, good eveningPia: And uh, welcome to Bente-kwatro Oras. Um, aside from the, the food...Cook: YeahPia: ...how are you guys liking The Philippines so far?Cook: Um...Archuleta: It's great!Cook: Yeah, yeah[
 Archuleta laughs
Archuleta: I mean, it's great!Cook: I think uh...I, I think for me, it's been um...it's been an experience, you know? To d-- to...to come off of Idol, and then go on the Idol tour, and now we're doin' a, acollege tour back home. To take a break from that and come halfway around theworld, uh, to a beautiful country like The Philippines and, and be greeted the waywe have, uh...it, it's been an absolute blast.Pia: Mm-hmmCook: YeahPia: Were you shocked at all by the reception you got-- you got?Archuleta: Yeah. I mean, it's, it's like-- you know, wherever you go, it's like...[
Pia laughs
]Archuleta: ...it's like the same response. Cuz usually it's like, you know, whereverthere's like, a group of fans who know where-- that you're going to arrivethere...they, they um, get excited. But here, it's like, just you, you're in a casualsetting, and people...recognize you and get excited and stuff. It's really interesting.Pia: Well, The Philippines is...really big on American Idol, so...Archuleta: Yeah[
Cook nods
]Pia: ...thus the reception. But uh, I was uh, I was just a bit concerned, because youguys have been giving back to back interviews and...and doing back to backguestings.Cook: Mm-hmmPia: How do you guys take care of your voice? [
To Cook 
] For you, David, do youhave -- uh, David C. --Cook: Yeah. Uh...Pia: Do you have any rituals, or...?Cook: For me I just uh, I, I really had to...kinda take stock of the existing things thatI was doing before Idol. You know, I uh...I, I, I used to drink a ton of soda.Pia: Mm-hmmCook: And so I've had to really cut back on, like, Coke and stuff like that. And, and,and switch to, like, tea and coffee and water and...um...which has helped a lot. And
then uh, past that, it's just, it's just a matter of, like, takin' the time before a show towarm up, and...um...yeah. I don't know. Past that, I mean it's, it's been go go go.I've never, I've never been so strained vocally before. But I imagine if I weren'ttakin' care of myself, this-- this train would have derailed a long time ago. [
]So...Pia: I know, I know David, that uh-- David A.-- that you had, uh, you suffered frompartial vocal...loss at some point.Archuleta: Oh yeah. Yeah.Pia: How did that happen?Archuleta: Um, you know...it was, it was pretty interesting. I just...got really sickone time, and...it...I was just sick for a few months. I'd never gotten better. [
]And uh...um...I was singing, and...uh... [
] like, when I'd sing...I could barelyget through one song.Pia: Uh-huhArchuleta: And...it was just like: What's...goin' on here? [
] And it kept gettingworse and worse and worse. And I'm like: I don't know what's going on here. So wewent to the doctor, and...they put the scope and...they said: "Oh, yep. Vocal cordparalysis." And I'm like: What's that? [
] What is that? You know?Pia: And what did he tell you to do?Archuleta: Um, well, he said "Well, you can either have surgery...which is risky. Oryou could just do voice therapy and see if that works." I'm like: [
takes a deepbreath
] Um, OK. What...w-- what? I was just really, like, shocked. And just...I waslike: What does this mean for singing? I mean, this is-- I love singing. So...Pia: Uh-huhArchuleta: ...I don't get what a...paralyzed vocal cord's gonna...Pia: But you're--Archuleta: ...affect-- how that's gonna affect it. But, you know...um af-- you know, just kinda like, things kinda slowed down for a couple years after that. And ya'know, I was just...goin'-- went back to school and was just doing normal things.And...had a summer job when American Idol auditions came up, and...then thosehappened. And um...just, I wasn't really expecting anything to-- really to happen. Iwas just like...Pia: Uh-huh

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