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RT Mag May-June[1]

RT Mag May-June[1]

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Published by prshanthrb78
END TIME PROPHECY, The Lord's Seven Feasts and it's alignment with the Lord Jesus Christ in fullfilling His Divine Plan unto fallen human race.
Enter into the Glory of God of ISRAEL. Amen
END TIME PROPHECY, The Lord's Seven Feasts and it's alignment with the Lord Jesus Christ in fullfilling His Divine Plan unto fallen human race.
Enter into the Glory of God of ISRAEL. Amen

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Published by: prshanthrb78 on May 10, 2010
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May / June 2010
theSeven Feasts 
Keys to Humanitys Future!
14th DayNissan15th DayNissan17th DayNissan6th DaySivan1st DayTishri10th DayTishri15th - 22nd DayTishri
    T   y   p   e    A   n    t    i  -     T   y   p   e
1FeastPassover2FeastUnleavened Bread3FeastFirst FruitsFeastofWeeks4FeastPentecost5Feast ofTrumpets6Feast Day ofAtonement7Feast ofTabernacles
2 Month3 Month4, 5, 6 Month
Redemption of blood.The lamb of GodPassover Leaven type of sin.Purged byCrucifixionFirst FruitsResurrection &those whose gravesopened first harvestPouring out of HolySpirit Day of Pentecost in upper room
The Intervaltypifies thepresentdispensation of 2000 yearsin which the Holyspirit isgathering theChurch.The feast of Trumpetssummons Israelback to their ownland where Godwill resume Hisrelations withIsrael.
Israel isgathered back totheir own landby angle Trumpets
They shall lookupon Him whomthey pierced &accept the atonementnationally
Typifies the periodof rest. TheSabbath rest inrelation to the other 2000 years’ of work day history
Lev 23 :4-5Lev 23 :68Lev 23 :9-14Lev 23 :15-22Lev 23 :23-25Lev 23 :26-32Lev 23 :33-43
Bro. Prashanth R.B
 A detailed article on the same is available atFor any clarification and comments you may also write to, www.reasonedtruth.comrbjj@reasonedtruth.com Dear Brethrens in Christ, it's high time to reconsider our Lord's Feast in the prophetic aspect to rebuke our err of understanding. Since, large biblical readers believe that, these feasts are fulfilled and have no role in End Time prophecies, with thy spirit, this short article may enlighten on our move towards the final preparation of salvation and to flee from the wrath of God.The Seven Feasts of Israel are key waypoints on a roadmap in holy history. They tell the story of the main Covenant events between God and His Elect people as they occur here on the earth and in time. The story begins back with the people Godcalled in Old Testament times. And it extends right through to the Apocalyptic events John saw in vision and wrote aboutin the Book of Revelation. Indeed the very next feast, the
Feast of Trumpets
is coming up in some future new moon of Tishri to express its New Covenant fulfillment in holy history. The Feast of Trumpets will almost certainly be the one that will usher us into the
70th week of Daniel
and the final seven years of this present age. At the end of those seven yearsthe final
Day of Atonement
will come into its ultimate fulfillment as well. This will be the very last day of this age.The
first four
of the Seven Feasts of Israel have already been fulfilled. They were fulfilled in spectacular fashion. They  were fulfilled right on the auspicious Hebrew calendar dates on which they have been celebrated in times past, the samedates that will be celebrated forever more.
The three
spring feasts would be fulfilled by Jesus our Saviour in near future. As we can see, there are three big events left to be fulfilled. God's future epic agenda will unfold right on God's calendar.So will the Hebrew calendar dates of those Fall Feasts deliver up earthshaking future events? It would be foolish of us to believe otherwise. Look at the first four feasts. Weren't the first four feasts fulfilled in spectacular fashion? And did we notsee epic events unfolding right on those very auspicious dates on the Hebrew calendar?
Significance & MeaningBible VerseComparisonBible VerseOther FactsRosh Hashanah = , A Day of New BeginningHead of the YearLeviticus 23:24First day of the 7th month (Tishri) Sep-OctTwo types of TrumpetsSilver Ram Horn ()Shofar Numbers 10:4-10Numbers 29:1The specifically was blown on thebeginning of the month TishriShofar Blowing of Trumpets indicates variousoccasionsRevelation 8:71Corinthians15:51Isaiah 58:1Trumpets sound here does not indicate therapture or theFinal End of the 7 year The Jewish New Year is a time to beginintrospection, looking back at the mistakes of the past year & planning the changes to makein the new year Psalm 81:31 week Antichrist Covenant with Israelites.False assurance of peace treaty with Israel.Daniel 9:27 As Israelites were expecting Christ for acovenant establishment for peace & liberty.… For it is a day of Blowing Trumpets for you.You must offer a Burnt Offering as a sweetaroma to the LordNumbers 29:1-6… Israelites assembled & started to Build the Alter of the God… so they could offer BurntOffering…Ezra 3:1-6 &3:7-13Both the Events are on the 1st Day of 7thmonth.Indication of 3rd Jewish Temple Rebuild?
A Study on 5th Feast of Trumpets
I n s i d e
This Publication is dedicated to Almighty Jehovah and the Lord Jesus Christ
Prophetic Views
Reasoned Insight
Facts Concealed
May / June 2010
 D e a r  B r e t h r e n s  i n  C h r i s t,  w e  a r e  p l e a s e d  t o  i n v i t e  a l l  t h e  a u t h o r s / p r e a c h e r s  f r o m  a c r o s s  w o r l d,  w h o  s e e k  t h y  s p i r i t  a n d  w i s h  t o  s h a r e  t h y  v i e w s  t o  t h y  f e l l o w  s e r v a n t s.  Y o u  m a y  s u b m i t  y o u r  m a n u s c r i p t  b y  e m a i l  t o, 
 Jo in  t he  M i s s ion an d  Be  B le s se d!
Pr o ph et ic
U n t i m e l i n e s s
   E   s   c   h   a   t   o   l   o   g   y    S   e   r   i   e   s 
I have not been this excited about a Prayer Focus in a long time. As you can see, thepurpose of this Focus is to bring us from a place of This focus will also confront us with the necessity of unlocking and realigning ouremotions so the function of our “expectation” is restored and receptive from Holy Spirit. This will cause our vision to be redefined and established.
(prophetic revelation and utterance)
This focus will takeus into the or as Christians know and remember,The Prayer Focus is in five 10-day segments that include:The Word of God revolves around the Feasts. They were holy assemblies forholy rehearsals.The Feasts forecasted His sacrifice for us. Also, they foretell the full redemption of His people and the alignment of all nations, which are His inheritance. When we participate in the waving of the First fruits at Passover time andthen receiving the anointing to gather and increase at Pentecost (Feast of  Weeks), our faith is displayed and our confidence arises for our provision to be released. By participating and remembering the Feast times NOW, they cease to be shadows of things to come.
leaving the old season bycrossing over and staking claim to our future.
Without avisiona people perish
Feast of Weeks
10 Days of Crossing Over to Press into Your Promise10 Days of Decreeing Your Land or Boundaries will Rejoice10 Days of Developing an Expectation for the Future10 Days of Restoring, Redefining and Establishing Vision10 Days of Warring for Increase and the Transference of Wealth
 Why this timing? Why the Feasts?
The remembrance of these physical events causesus to understand the spiritual significance of what came and what is to come!They actually cause us to seeour future path to our promise.
50 Days from Passover to Pentecost
 A detailed article on the same is available at www.reasonedtruth.comEarly Christian MartyrsPage - 8 A Box of Kisses & Prison HelpPage - 7Silver BoxesPage - 7 Why Christians Suffer?Page - 5The Name above all NamesPage - 650 Days from Passover to PentecostPage - 3Keys to humanity’s FuturePage - 4Tribute to Bro. Johann GutenbergPage - 8

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