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Tables of Useful Points

Tables of Useful Points

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Published by Ollie Harris

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Published by: Ollie Harris on May 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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10 Window of Sky/Heaven PointsLU 3 (Tian Fu) Celestial Storehouse REN 22 (Tian Tu) Celestial ChimneyST 9 (Ren Ying) Man¶s Prognosis SI 16 (Tian Chuang) Celestial WindowLI 18 (Fu Tu) Protuberance Assistant SI 17 (Tian Rong) Celestial CountenanceTH 16 (Tian You) Celestial Window DU 16 (Feng Fu) Wind MansionBL 10 (Tian Zhu) Celestial Pillar PC 1 (Tian Chi) Celestial Pool12 Yuan/Source PointsMeridian Yuan/SourceLung
LU 9 (Tai Yuan)
Large Intestine
LI 4 (He Gu)
ST 42 (Chong Yang)
SP 3 (Tai Bai)
HT 7 (Shen Men)
Small Intestine
SI 4 (Wan Gu)
Urinary Bladder
BL 64 (Jing Gu)
KI 3 (Tai Xi)
PC 7 (Da Ling)
Triple Heater
TH 4 (Yang Chi)
Gall Bladder
GB 40 (Qiu Xu)
LV 3 (Tai Chong)
13 Ghost Points of Sun Si-Miao:Modern Version Alternative Version
Ghost Name Usual Point Name Ghost name Usual Point NameGui Gong(Ghost Palace)
DU 26 (Ren Zhong) Ghost Palace DU 26 (Ren Zhong)
Gui Xin(Ghost Faith)
LU 11 (Shao Shang) Ghost Light DU 24 (Shen Ting)
Gui Lei(Ghost Fortress)
SP 1 (Yin Bai) Ghost Wrist DU 16 (Feng Fu)
Gui Xin(Ghost Heart)
PC 7 (Da Ling),[LU 9 (Tai Yuan)]Ghost Body M-HN-37 (Hai Quan)
Gui Lu(Ghost Path)
BL 62 (Shen Mai) Ghost Door REN 24 (Cheng Jiang)
Gui Zhen(Ghost Pillow)
DU 16 (Feng Fu) Ghost Barrier ST 6 (Jia Che)
Gui Chuang(Ghost Bed)
ST 6 (Jia Che) Ghost Room LU 11 (Shao Shang)
Gui Shi(Ghost Market)
REN 24 (Cheng Jiang) Ghost Heart PC 7 (Da Ling),[LU 9 (Tai Yuan)]
Gui Cu(Ghost Cave)
PC 5 (Jian Shi),[PC 8 (Lao Gong)]Ghost Arm PC 5 (Jian Shi),[PC 8 (Lao Gong)]
Gui Tang(Ghost Hall)
DU 23 (Shang Xing) Ghost Site ST 17 (Ru Zhong)
Gui Cang(Ghost Store)
REN 1 (Hui Yin),[Yu Men Tou, Yin Xia Feng]Ghost Leg GB 34 (Yang Ling Quan)
Gui Tui(Ghost Leg)
LI 11 (Qu Chi) Ghost Festival SP 1 (Yin Bai)
Gui Feng(Ghost Seal)
M-HN-37 (Hai Quan) Ghost Road LV 2 (Xing Jian)
15 Luo Connecting Points. 14 Main Meridians.Meridian Luo PointLung
LU 7 (Lie Que)
Large Intestine
LI 6 (Pian Li)
ST 40 (Feng Long)
SP 4 (Gong Sun)
HT 5 (Tong Li)
Small Intestine
SI 7 (Zhi Zheng)
Urinary Bladder
BL 58 (Fei Yang)
KI 4 (Da Zhong)
PC 6 (Nei Guan)
Triple Heater
TH 5 (Wai Guan)
Gall Bladder
GB 37 (Guang Ming)
LV 5 (Li Gou)
Ren Mai
REN 15 (Jiu Wei)
Du Mai
DU 1 (Chang Qiang)
Great Luo of Spleen
SP 21 (Da Bao)
16 Xi ±Cleft/Accumulation points:12 Primary meridians and 4 Eight extra meridiansMeridian Xi ±Cleft/Accumulation PointLung
LU 6 (Kong Zui)
Large Intestine
LI 7 (Wen Liu)
ST 34 (Liang Qiu)
SP 8 (Di Ji)
HT 6 (Yin Xi)
Small Intenstine
SI 6 (Yang Lao)
Urinary Bladder
BL 63 (Jin Men)
KI 5 (Shui Quan)
PC 4 (Xi Men)
Triple Heater
TH 7 (Hui Zong)
Gall Bladder
GB 36 (Wai Qiu)
LV 6 (Zhong Du)
Yang Qiao
BL 59 (Fu Yang)
Yang Wei
GB 35 (Yang Jiao)
Yin Qiao
KI 8 (Jiao Xin)
Yin Wei
KI 9 (Zhu Bin)Five elements points useMeridian Excessiveness syndrome Deficiency syndromeSedation Tonification Sedation TonificationLung LU5, KI10 LU10, HT8 LU9, SP3 LU10, HT8Large Intestine LI2, BL66 LI5, SI5 LI11, ST36 LI5, SI5Stomach ST45, LI1 ST43, GB41 ST41, SI5 ST43, GB41Spleen/Pancreas SP5, LU8 SP1, LV1 SP2, HT8 SP1, LV1Heart HT7, SP3 HT3, KI10 HT9, LV1 HT3, KI10
Small Intestine SI8, ST36 SI2, BL66 SI3, GB41 SI2, BL66Urinary Bladder BL65, GB41 BL40, ST36 BL67, LI1 BL40, ST36Kidney KI1, LV1 KI3, SP3 KI7, LU8 KI3, SP3Pericardium PC7, SP3 PC3, KI10 PC9, LV1 PC3, KI10Triple Heater TH10, ST36 TH2, BL66 TH3, GB41 TH2, BL66Gall Bladder GB38, SI5 GB44, LI1 GB43, BL66 GB44, LI1Liver LV2, HT8 LV4, LU8 LV8, KI10 LV4, LU8
5 General Luo PointsGeneral Luo Points
Yang Points TH 5 (Wai Guan)DU 1 (Chang Qiang)Yin Points PC 6 (Nei Guan)LU 7 (Lie Que)REN 1 (Hui Yin)
7 Viscera related Yuan/Source PointsMeridian Points
Lung Lu 9 (Tai Yuan) Great AbyssHeart PC 7 (Da Ling) Great MoundSpleen Sp 3 (Tai Bai) Supreme WhiteLiver LV 3 (Tai Chong) Great SurgeKidney KI 3 (Tai Xi) Great RavineGao REN 15 (Jiu Wei) Turtledove tailHuang REN 6 (Qi Hai) Sea of Qi(Gao Huang is the region below the Heart and above the Diaphragm)
8 Hui/Meeting PointsHui/Meeting PointZang
LV 13 (Zhang Men)
REN 12 (Zhong Wan)
REN 17 (Shan Zhong)
BL 17 (Ge Shu)
GB 34 (Yang Ling Quan)
LU 9 (Tai Yuan)
BL 11 (Da Zhu)
GB 39 (Xuan Zhong)
9 Needles for Returning YangLI 4 (He Gu) PC 8 (Lao Gong)ST 36 (Zu San Li) [ PC 7 (Da Ling) ]SP 6 (San Yin Jiao) GB 30 (Huan Tiao)KI 1 (Yong Quan) DU 15 (Ya Men)KI 3 (Tai Xi) REN 12 (Zhong Wan)

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