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Henry Krank Catalogue 2010-2011 Shooting Accessories

Henry Krank Catalogue 2010-2011 Shooting Accessories

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Published by henrykrank

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Published by: henrykrank on May 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brunox Gun OilBrunox Gun Oil
H425 Henry Krank BlackPowder Solvent 250cc £4.75
Specially formulated to removepowder residue and fouling asquickly as possible. Completewith instructions.
H427 Henry Krank No.1 GunOil 250cc £4.75
Use after cleaning to lubricantand protect all moving parts.Complete with instructions.
H426 Henry Krank NitroSolvent 250cc £4.75
Specially formulated to clean andpreserve nitro guns. Completewith instructions.
HK410 Brunox Kit AHK410 Brunox Kit A
£9.95£9.95HK412 Brunox Kit CHK412 Brunox Kit C
£12.95£12.95HK413 Brunox Kit DHK413 Brunox Kit D
£9.95£9.95HK411 Brunox Kit BHK411 Brunox Kit B
H421 UniversalSportsmans SiliconeCloth £4.25
Heavily impregnatedwith a protective siliconeoil. Ideal for gun care andtools. Supplied in are-sealable bag.
Protectyour clotheswhencleaningyour guns.One sizefits allapron. Withmanyhandypockets.
H420 4x2 CleaningRoll £5.10
Excellent qualitycleaning cloth with 4”x 2” patches. Approxlength 23 metres.
H424 Evapo-Rust500ml Bottle £9.25
Rapidly removes rust +gun blue. Requires nospecial equipment.Safe on soft metals,plastics + all other materials. Will not pitun-rusted steel.
H404 Brunox IX 100 High-Tech Corrosion Inhibitor 300ml £5.95
Protects against corrosionof metalic parts even under the harshest of conditions.Especially useful for longterm storage of guns andblades. Easily removed witha petrol based fluid.
H405Brunox IX 50 High-TechCorrosion Inhibitor 400ml£4.95
High-Tech corrosion inhibitor with the added benefit of high viscosity lubrication for objects ranging fromprecision tools, cables,slides, chains to drive gears.
Loosens powder, lead, tombacand copper nickel residues.Also protects againstcorrosion & displaces humidity.Neutralises hand sweat.
H401 Brunox 300ml Spray £3.95H402 Brunox 100ml Spray £2.20H403 Brunox 100ml Bottle £3.25
Essential Cleaning Cloths & LiquidsEssential Cleaning Cloths & Liquids
See product H470 on page 3 for description
1 x Henry Krank BlackPowder Solvent (kit C1)
1 x Henry KrankNitro Solvent (kit C2)
1 x Henry KrankNo.1 Gun Oil (kit C3)
See bottom of pagefor descriptions
BESTSELLERGreat ValueGreat ValueGreat ValueGreat ValueBESTSELLER
Customer Review:Customer Review:
“....What a fantastic product...cleans and lubricates effortlessly and smells great too!  After using Brunox oil, I wouldn’t go back to any other gun oil.” 
Steve Haywood, South Yorkshire
Brunox Gun OilsBrunox Gun Oils
To place an order call:01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167
   S   h  o  o   t   i  n  g   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   R  e   l  o  a   d   i  n  g   &   A  m  m  u  n   i   t   i  o  n   M  u  z  z   l  e   L  o  a   d   i  n  g   R   i   f   l  e  s   &   S   h  o   t  g  u  n  s   A   i  r   G  u  n  s   &   A  c  c  e  s  s  o  r   i  e  s   B   l  a  n   k   F   i  r  e  r  s   &   I  n  e  r   t   G  u  n  s   K  n   i  v  e  s ,   S  w  o  r   d  s   &   B  a  y  o  n  e   t  s   B  o  o   k  s ,   S  o   f   t  w  a  r  e   &   T  r  a   d  e   L  a   b  e   l  s
Tru-Oil Gun Stock Finish
There is no better oil finish!Dries fast, resists water and will not cloud.
H430 Bottle 3 fl oz£5.40H431 Bottle 8 fl oz£10.10H432 Aerosol 7 oz net wt £8.80H433 Perma BlueLiquid Gun Blue 3 fl oz£5.40
Proven way to touch upscratches and wornspots or to completelyre-blue most guns. It willgive a non-streaky/evenblue-black finish to steel.
H437 Perma Blue GunBlue Paste 2oz £5.70
More work than liquidbut longer lasting.
H434 Super BlueLiquid Gun Blue3 fl oz £7.00
Double strength for blackest blue, willaffect current blue.
H438 Plum BrownBarrel Finish 5 fl oz£8.10
Ideal for restoringantique guns,muzzleloaders andother metal antiques.
H435 AluminumBlack MetalFinish 3 oz£7.55
Will blackenaluminium parts,deep grey to black.
H439 BrassBlack MetalTouch-Up 3 fl oz£7.55
Will blacken brass,copper + bronze,black can vary.
H436 Blue & RustRemover 3 fl oz£4.05
Use on all guns or tools, essentialbefore re-blueing.
H440 Cleaner Degreaser 10 ozAerosol£8.60
Formulated toremove dirt, grease,fouling and oil.
Birchwood CaseyBirchwood CaseyGun care and gunGun care and gunmaintenancemaintenanceproductsproducts
H445 Phillips ProfessionalCold Blue 250ml Bottle £9.95
No other gun blue liquid will givesuch professional results. Idealfor the amateur under cold condi-tions. For re-blueing trigger guards, top levers or evencomplete barrels.
H448 WoodStock Oil£4.70
 A very effectiveoil to enhancethe appearanceof woodwork.
H447 EnglishWalnut OilPreparation£3.95
Walnut stain for gun stocks.
H446PhillipsGun BluePaste£3.45
Excellent for touchingup those scratches.
Gun Blue and Stock OilGun Blue and Stock Oil
H441F GunStock Wax 3oz£4.85
Produces a water repellent film thatwill not rub off like oils. Offersmaximum protection againstfinish cracking from weather and handling. Enhances andprotects the beauty of woods,metals and leather.
H441D Stock Sheen &Shine 3oz £4.85
Removes surface im-perfections and givesyour stock a smooth,hand-rubbed finish. Pro-tects against weather and handling. Will not fingermark.
H441B Super BlackTouch-Up Pens £5.95
 An easy and effective way totouch-up nicks, scratches and worn areas of blackanodized aluminum or black painted surfaces. Thepen contains a fast drying, lead-free paint withsuperior adhesion and durability that helps fill in deepscratches or worn areas.
H441E GunStock Sealer &Filler 3oz £4.85
Sealer & Filler seals out moistureand fills the poresin one easy step.
H441G WalnutWood Stain3oz £4.85
Water solublestains are sun-fast, true tocolour and non-bleeding. Produces aclear, rich colour withoutgrain clouding or smear-ing. Highlights the grainand enhances the naturalbeauty of wood.
H442 Brass Cartridge Case Cleaner 16oz£7.55
Easily removes resizing lubricant, oils, grimeand stains from brass cartridge cases. Restoresthem to original finish for reliable operation. Willclean 8,000 medium sized cases.
H441C Sight BlackAerosol 3.5oz £7.30
Convenient take-along“jet” black spray thatstops glare! Great for hunting, skeet, trap andtarget shooting. Dries in-stantly.
H449 Stock OilKit £10.25
Kit contains stockoil abrasives,cloths and woodoil. This kit willenable you torenovate thewoodwork on your gun.
H441A Presto Gun Blue Pen£5.40
The fastest and easiest way totouch-up nicks and scratches iswith an easy-to-use Presto GunBlue Pen!
Firearm Blueing &Firearm Blueing &Browning ManualBrowning Manual
See page 143 for details. A comprehensive manualwith more than 230chemical formulas.Complete with practicalinstructions and notes.
NEWGreat Value
Gun Cleaning / MaintenanceGun Cleaning / Maintenance
To place an order call:01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167
Air Rifle/Pistol Cleaning KitsAir Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Kits
H450Airgun CleaningKit £13.95
Suits both rifles andpistols in either .177 or .22 calibre. Contains 3 piecesteel rod, jag, pellet remover, 1 mop.177, 1 mop .22, 1 brush .177, 1 brush .22.
H451 Deluxe Air Rifle Cleaning Kit.177/.22 £25.70
 Attractive green ABS case. This casecontains a high quality brass rod, oilbottle, wool mop, bristle and bronzebrush in both .177 and .22. 3 piecerod included.
H460 Phosphor Bronze Brush Parker Hale/Bisley £2.85
 Availabe in .170, .177, .22, .240, .270, .30, .35, .40, .45, .50, .60.
H461 Wool Mop Brush Parker Hale/Bisley £2.75
 Available in .22, .30, .40, .45, .50, .60.
H464 One-Piece Parker Hale/Bisley Rod Length 37” £15.00H465 One-Piece Parker Hale/Bisley Rod Length 44” £15.00
 Available in .17, .177, .22, .270 calibres.
H470 Jack Pyke Gun Cleaning Kit £24.95
For use on .17cal to 10bore. Includespistol/rifle rods, shotguns rods and handle,brushes for 10/12 bore, 20/28 bore,410, .45, .40, .357/38 cal (9mm),.17, .30, .270/280, .22cal.Cleaning patches and cleaningmops for 10/12/20/28 bore and410/.357/38/.22 cal. All in awooden box with brass snap catch.
See Brunox Special Offer Kit on page 1.
Jack Pyke Cleaning KitJack Pyke Cleaning Kit
Bore Snake for Rifles £24.95 each
HC24009 BoreSnake Rifle .177 airgun (no brush)HC24010 BoreSnake Rifle .17 HMR, .17 CentrefireHC24011 BoreSnake Rifle .22 Centrefire & RimfireHC24012 BoreSnake Rifle .243, 6mmHC24013 BoreSnake Rifle .357, 6.5mm, 264HC24014 BoreSnake Rifle .270, 7mm, .284, .280HC24015 BoreSnake Rifle .308, 30-30,30-06 ,.300 .303HC24018 BoreSnake Rifle .35, .350, .357, .358, .375HC24019 BoreSnake Rifle .416, .44, .45-75, .458, .460HC24026 BoreSnake Rifle 25mm
Any 1 of the above Rifle Bore Snakes PLUSBrunox Oil Spray 300ml ONLY £26.25
Simply add ‘B’ to the end of the code e.g HC24009B
Bore Snake for Shotguns £24.95 each
HC24036 BoreSnake Shotgun 10 GaugeHC24035 BoreSnake Shotgun 12 GaugeHC24034 BoreSnake Shotgun 16 GaugeHC24033 BoreSnake Shotgun 20 GaugeHC24032 BoreSnake Shotgun 28 GaugeHC24031 BoreSnake Shotgun 410 Gauge
Any 1 of the above Shotgun Bore Snakes PLUSBrunox Gun Oil Spray 300ml ONLY £26.25
Simply add ‘B’ to the end of the code e.g HC24036B
BRUNOX gun oil spray is the perfectaccompaniment to the Bore SnakeH467 Jack Pyke 12g Pocket Pull Through£4.95
Threaded pull through attaches to wire brushand handle. All components stored in thehandle.Very light and compact - ideal for usein the field. 12g.
H462 Brass Jag Parker Hale/Bisley £4.35
 Available in .22, .240, .270, .30, .35, .37.
H463 Loop Jag Parker Hale/Bisley £2,15
 Available in .177 and .22
Bore SnakeBore Snake
 A revolutionary single piece Bore Snake takes thehassel and mess out of cleaning rifles and shot-guns. One, two or more pulls of the Bore Snakeand you get a shiny clean bore.Ideal for quick cleans or for cleaning in the field.Machine washable.
Main floss area provides 160 times more surface area than a ‘patch’.Bore brush with bronzebristles embedded in cord,loosens hard deposits.Brass weight slips easily through the barrel.Grasp + pull cleaning cord through bore.
H467BJack Pyke 12g Pocket PullThrough PLUS Brunox Spray 100ml £6.25
Brunox gun oil in a compact 100ml bottle is the perfectaccompaniment to the pull through.
Great ValueOffer Great ValueOffer Great ValueOffer 
H451BDeluxe Air Rifle Cleaning Kit .177/.22PLUS Brunox Gun Oil Spray 300ml ONLY £26.95
Brunox the perfect air gun oil.
Helping you choose the right cleaning kitHelping you choose the right cleaning kit..............
 All products listed with the symbol ‘P/H’ are fully interchangeable with the standard Parker Hale thread.Jack Pyke cleaning kits use M5 x 0.8 thread size. All Jack Pyke cleaning products are compatible.
Rifle Cleaning AccessoriesRifle Cleaning Accessories
H466 US 30cal Cleaning Rod£10.00
Three section cleaning rod.
Cleaning KitsCleaning Kits
To place an order call:01132 569 163 or 01132 565 167

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