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2204105 Pluto Sign House Aspect

2204105 Pluto Sign House Aspect

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Published by pire2

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Published by: pire2 on May 10, 2010
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Natal Pluto in Cancer 
(Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy)
Those born in the generation having Pluto in Cancer experience the call toparticipate in world transformation by creating a new security based on co-operationwith other nations. During the depression, their sense of isolation as a key to theirbasic survival was transformed.
On a personal level, those born with Pluto in Cancer experience their greatest fearsin the area of maintaining control over their personal safety. Their challenge is to risk their self-protective instincts for a larger security in co-operation with others.
(Steven Forrest)
Cancer is the Crab - a 'defensive' creature, hiding inside a shell. Which is a prettygood idea, given the nasty way the world behaves sometimes. Fantasize with me for amoment. Imagine we humans had shells into which we could withdraw whenever wefelt threatened. Nice, warm shells, with refrigerators, books and stereos. It's apleasant thought. It's also close to the ruling passion of Pluto-in-Cancer.
Here we observe a generation that made the construction of the perfect Shell itsideal and its passion.
We've entered modern territory at this point. As I write, lots of people with Pluto inCancer are still living quite vigorously. Even though I made the point earlier, I wantto re-emphasize that in speaking of Pluto's sign placement in a given chart, we'rereally getting information about an entire generation - the social context in which theperson's life is unfolding. The Pluto-in-Cancer qualities, for instance, stand out moststarkly in people in whom the Plutonian energy is very strong - the planet is conjuncttheir Suns or Ascendants, for example - or in people for whom the rest of their natalchart suggests a strong natural resonance with those Plutonican sign qualities.
What is the 'perfect shell', this Holy Grail sought be the Pluto-in-Cancer generation?It can be physical: a home. It can be financial: the bullet-proof retirement plan. It canbe psychological: Pollyanna-like defensiveness. It can be spiritual: a religion thatpromises everything, explains everything, and offers parental comfort in exchange forchildlike belief.
The Cancerian passion? At its best, it is for a safe, caring world in which all creaturesare fed, lifted up by beauty, and inspired by a gentle faith. A world like a garden,protected, nurturing, and full of dreams.
The style of Pluto-in-Cancer is nourishing and supportive, eager to provide comfort.The offering of food or drink is one of the most fundamental human rituals, and itreaches its apotheosis here. The same can be said for the hospitable receiving of aguest: these are rituals of home and hearth, and much in Cancer's domain.
We all feel most uncomfortable when our madness is showing. Who likes to beregarded as an egomaniac, or a drunk, or a liar? In Cancer, the style revolves aroundthe providing of comfort... and so there is considerable grace and skill around the artof helping others 'save face', thereby insuring their psychological contentment andease.
It is a commonplace observation that the young of every species display a qualitythat's hard to define but easy to recognize: cuteness. And it's a short step from thereto the realization that 'cuteness' is a survival-positive quality in the young, since itfills adults with the desire the provide solace and protection. Cancer, as htearcheypal sign of the Great Mother, has an affinity with cuteness in all its forms. Itespecially values cuteness as an aesthetic in art, clothing, and decoration.
 Above all, Pluto-in-Cancer focuses on teh security of home and family. In the food-chain, first the self is nurtured and protected. That assured, next comes family. Thenthe 'guest', then the nation and family; and finally, if we get that far, the planet.
Imagine a woman born in 1936. She married in 1960, and had a son a couple of yearslater. As I write, the young man is in his middle thirties. He's still living at home. Dadflew the coop in 1978, so it's just the two of them. The young man has never held a job for more than a few weeks; he won't do his wash or help out around the house.He treats his mother abusively at every level while she explains away hisdysfunctions as a response to the early divorce and continues to insist on 'beingpatient' with him and 'helping' him despite the protests of her friends.
'Nurturing' can weaken people; that is a truth to which Pluto-in-Cancer may be blind.
Imagine that the scientists of two nations simultaneously develop a terrible newweapon. Neither nation has any compelling reason to attack the other one. But, in theinterest of security, each nation feels compelled to accumulate just a few moreweapons than the other one.... That of course is recent world history in a nutshell,and an excellent example of anohter one of Pluto-in-Cancer's blind spots: trying to be'perfectly safe' often leads to terrible, escalating danger.
So, on the global level, we have the paradox of bloated welfare-states growing up athome while paranoia, suspicion, and viciousness reign among nations, all under theleadership of Pluto-in-Cancer people, or under the direct vibration of the Pluto-in-Cancer energy from more-or-less 1912 to 1939. By comparison, the pseudo-debatesof 'freedom' versus 'communism' emerge as merely the clashing jumble of waves onthe surface of a deep, homogenous sea.
Under the umbrella of face-saving silences, horrors multiply. Keeping the 'dangerous'world safely outside the shell allows what is inside the shell to fester, to grow strangeand unnatural. Privacy is a delicious luxury, but too much of it can potentially rot thehuman spirit, rendering it immune to the stabilizing, correcting influences of socialinteraction.
Should these darker, secretive aspects of Pluto-in-Cancer's passion for safety breedmonsters, where will they reside? Where should we seek them? In Cancer territory!The home! Family. Beyond mere blind spots, we now enter the realm of realdarkness. And each Plutonian sign has such a potential dimension, as we have seen.For the Pluto-in-Cancer generation, the 'devil' took the form of the Twisted Parent,quietly inflicting horrible destruction on anything 'cute'.
Some realities are so taboo that it is impossible to gather very objective data aboutthem. But I doubt there are many front-line psychotherapists today who wouldquestion the idea that there was a silent, unmarked epidemic of child abuse, sexual,physical, and psychological, during the years that the Pluto-in-Cancer generation of people was raising its families - we're speaking of the kids bron between 1935 andthe middle 1970s, approximately. (Assigning dates is tough here because of the widerange of ages at which people have children.)
Certainly, we must be quick to emphasize the good news that full-blown Shadoeexpression is virtually never the social norm - unlike the collevtive expression of destructive Pluto-sign 'blind spots', which emphatically is the social norm. Themajority of mothers and fathers presumably did their best to make a safe nest fortheir kids, and were if anything overly protective. But, as always, in the darkerPlutonian corners of the human spirit, the ancient beast was plotting... and in thiscase, it was against the very creatures who needed nurture.
If you're a Pluto-in-Cancer person and you think I've been a little hard on yourgeneration, please indulge me in two ways. First, please note that ther's a noblecosmic principle at work in this comnbination, as in any other: nurturing, healing,caring for the young, the old, and the wounded. Second, you'll probably take somecomfort at my characterization of the darker aspects of my own generation, the Pluto-in-Leo people who followed.
(Skye Alexander)
During the last century, Pluto was in Cancer from July to December 1913, between June 1914 and July 1938, and from February until June 1939. Cancer is the sign of mother, nurturing, family, home, country and security. While Pluto is in this sign,these areas become extremely important, and all things connected with them areforced into the light and transformed. Those of you who have Pluto in this sign in your birth charts are strongly attached to these things, but are likely to experience orbe responsible for their destruction; at your core, you have a deep, unconscious -perhaps karmic - need to learn to let them go.
Pluto's passage through Cancer coincided with a period of unparalleled devastation,upheaval and annihilation that left few untouched. World War I and part of WorldWar II, which toppled or reordered entire nations and claimed the lives of millions of people, were fought under this transit. The end of the Chinese Empire, the RussianRevolution and the Great Depression in America also took place during this period.Homes and homelands were wiped out, families were torn apart, races and sects (theextension of family) were exterminated, multitudes went hungry. All things related toCancer were caught up in a life-and-death struggle, and the issue of security wasforemost in the minds of people around the world.
Those of you who were born during this time are extremely patriotic. Many of yousaw your nations ruined by war, others desperately feared the loss of your homeland,and millions died fighting for their countries. Your country provides your foundationand your sense of security, therefore you are willing to sacrifice personal freedoms toensure your security and protection. Anything that endangers it awakens yourdeepest, secret fears; thus, your generation was most threatened by the anti-warmovement of the 1960s in the U.S.. Your attachment to 'national security' and yourobsession with 'the enemy' keep you from confronting problems in your own country.Pluto's sign position signifies areas where a particular generation is intransigent andunwilling to look at its own 'minotaur'. Perhaps your Pluto-group has lessons to learnabout living with others on this planet, and needs to find ways to break down thebarriers that separate people and countries from each other.

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THANK!!! you so much! Finally. In the past 3 yrs that I've ordered books and gone over the same bloody google search results for "pluto 12th house" and variations on that theme, here in one document, every question I had, answered. Well done!
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