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2204228 Uranus Sign House Aspect

2204228 Uranus Sign House Aspect

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Published by pire2

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Published by: pire2 on May 10, 2010
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Natal Uranus in Aries
 (Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy) Those born in the generation having Uranus in Aries have the ability to intuitivelyreceive from the planetary mind a new direction for mankind. They will haveindividualistic ideas of how to pioneer new ways. Disruption occurs only when a pathof leadership that is not in accord with the good of society as a whole is sought. (Joan Negus) Uranus and Aries is direct and overt. The keyword for this placement is 'action'; andlittle thought may be given to the consequences thereof. Sudden changes are made,or revolutions precipitated, not because God says you should nor because societydemands it, not for reasons of fairness, equality and justice, but rather because 'I' sayit's right. There is the attitude of 'what's in it for me?' or 'if it's right for me, it's rightfor everyone'. The optimistic, risk-taking quality ascribed to this combination, especially in the signof Aries, can help to explain the attitude and conditions that led to the depression. You need look no further for astrological reasons or excuses for the marginal buyingthat contributed to the Stock Market crash in 1929. We can add to our definition of Uranus in Aries the adventurous, pioneering spiritthat those who have this placement can exhibit in their revolutionary activities andtheir search for freedom and individuality. (Skye Alexander) Uranus was in Aries last century from April to October 1927, again from January1928 until May 1934, and from October 1934 to March 1935. Aries is the sign of individuality and the self as separate from society; therefore, those of you who haveUranus in this sign in your birth charts will experience and be involved with changesthat affect the individual's role in society. Aries also is associated with war, themilitary, and all forms of conflict and competition, including sports, so your Uranus-group might be responsible for bringing about changes in these areas, too. Much of the world was in turmoil during Uranus's most recent trip through Aries.The United States and Europe were in the midst of economic chaos. In China, thewarloards who had held control since the end of the Empire were overthrown, andthe country was embroiled in civil war. Militaristic régimes were increasing theirpower in Germany, Italy and Japan. Japan and China were at war; and conflicts andunrest that would lead to World War II were building up around the globe. Those of you who were born during this explosive time are yourselves explosive,assertive, impulsive, antagonistic, reckless, outspoken, even violent. You also aredaring, courageous and adventurous, and eager to confront challenges and danger -on the battlefield, in the sports arena or in the boardroom. Not easily intimidated, you have the singlemindedness and strength of characted to go after what you wantaggressively, no matter what the odds against you are, and may see yourself as amodern-day David fighting Goliath. This is the stuff of which heros and heroines are
made. This fearlessness, aggressiveness and love of adventure can lead some Uranus-in-Aries people to endanger others or even to engage in lives of crime. Issues of individual rights and expression versus society's rules and conventions oftenarise for people with this Uranus placement. Those of you with Uranus in Aries insiston complete freedom to do as you please, and see the individual as being moreimportant than society. Perhaps you believe society interferes too much with personalfreedoms, and you might embace a civil libertarian viewpoint or work to do away withgovernment regulations and restrictions. In the pursuit of your own desires, however, you can be reckless and irresponsible, and sometimes show total disregard forothers. During the mid-nineteenth century, when Uranus was also in Aries, many of the greatindustrialists, interested only in their own purposes, exhibited a lack of concern forthe health and safety of their workers as well as for the environment. This same'rugged individualism' and willingness to push ahead without considering theconsequences, however, was what made the Industrial Revolution possible in theUnited States and Europe. Uranus in Aries signifies the self-made men and womenwhose pioneering spirit, energy, independence and vision result in majorbreakthroughs in science, technology and industry. Those of you born while Uranus was in Aries in the twentieth century have beenresponsible for the development of computers, aerospace technology, sophisticatedmilitary hardware, medical techniques and equipment, and many other scientificadvances. You are interested in discovering new things and new ways to accomplish your aims, and are inventive and original in your thinking and methodology. (Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker) Uranus in the sign Aries indicates people whose mission it is to blaze new trails inscience and social reform. Freedom to act in their own way is of paramountimportance to them. They have courage, daring, initiative and resourcefulness. WhenUranus is afflicted in Aries, however, they can be explosively impulsive, politicallyfanatic, violent, and indiscriminate in their rejection of the past. This sign position makes its natives blunt and outspoken. As a generation, theydemand change and refuse to live in the style of their parents or precedinggenerations. Their spirit of adventure is strong, and they need constant newexperiences in order to remain happy. Impulsiveness and temper are the pitfalls of this sign position. Natives must learn todevelop more consideration for others and a greater ability to co-operate. Whenindividualism is carried to extremes, it blinds people to the social structure uponwhich large endeavors depend. Many people who were born in the late 1920s or early 1930s have Uranus in Ariessquare Pluto in Cancer. Their lives and destinies were torn apart by World War II. (Grant Lewi) If your Jupiter is also in Aries, read that paragraph carefully and link it with this one.Uranus in Aries causes you to express your genius directly and openly to the world. You have around you a cheerful forthrightness that can make for great honesty,simplicity and charm. You are protected from sensitiveness by having a good, solidsense of your own worth and a willingness to believe that other people accept you forwhat you are. You can be blunt and tactless, and you have to look out that
independence of spirit does not make you a lone wolf. Mentally, you are quick, apt,facile, able to grasp mechanical details readily and to apply them practically. You areaggressive and are rarely afraid to think your own thoughts or to express them. Youcare a great deal about 'being understood' and will go out of your way to explain yourself if you think you are being misinterpreted. You love action, both physical andmental, and are rarely found idle. Laziness is not for you; your mind at least is alwaysworking, no matter what your body may be doing. Concentration is the thing youhave to learn in order to put your pioneering intellect to best use. (Julia and Derek Parker) This is a powerful and positive placing, with the energy and assertiveness of Ariescomplementing the forthright, nervous energy of Uranus. Unless negatively aspected,Uranus should endow plenty of originality and the motivation to use it in positiveways. There will be erratic tendencies, however, and patience is not enhanced; look elsewhere in the chart to see if this and more cautionary qualities are present. In a chart showing creative potential, the influence will strengthen originality andoften gives a lively color sense. The pioneering spirit of Aries also complements thesearch for what is new, out-of-the-ordinary and different - all-powerful Uranian traits.The placing also heightens self-confidence and reinforces the individual's powers of leadership. However, possible fool-hardiness must be checked, since it can surface inan extremely eccentric way with the individual becoming involved in silly anddaredevil feats (if often with good intentions, such as raising money for charity). Asalways with this placing, caution must be developed. If Uranus is negativelyaspected, especially by Mars, these daring tendencies will be increased. If Uranus isgenerally negatively aspected, its characteristic nervous and emotional tension willbe particularly noticeable. (John Townley)  Along with others in your age group, you are inclined toward sexual discoverythrough active commitment and involvement. Instead of just letting events take theirown course, you prefer to shape them, finding special personal enrichment inrelationships that you instigate yourself. This attitude results in part from a belief, shared by your peers, in taking fate into your own hands and shaping it by the force of your will. You have an inner drive to beself-sufficient or willfully self-reliant. It would be wise to question this generational attitude, particularly if you find that itdoes not suit your own personality. Any attempts to aggressively change or control your environment, especially a love relationship, should be done cautiously withspecial concern for adverse effects on your partner. If you find that change comes easily to you in affairs of the heart, your relationshipsmay become stepping stones to growth. Though these liasons are often fairly simpleand well-defined, they represent an increasingly complex pattern of personal growththat is the result of continually taking matters into your own hands.  You may find that your style and philosophy change radically over the years. You willretain your sincerity and commitment while becoming increasingly aware andrespectful of other people's differences. (Robert Hand) 

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