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SPM Science Notes - Body Coordination

SPM Science Notes - Body Coordination

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Published by SPM

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: SPM on May 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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H n`uron` gs h n`rv` e`aa wjgej gs tj` bhsge cunetgonha ungt oc tj` n`rvous syst`i]j` e`ntrha n`rnous syst`i eonsgsts oc tj` brhgn hnm spgnha eorm]j` p`rgpj`rha n`rvous syst`i eonsgsts oc erhngha n`rv`s hnm spgnha n`rv`s.]j` brhgn gs hn orfhn tjht gs tj` e`ntr` oc eontroa hnm eoormgnhtgon gn tj` n`rvous syst`i]j` spgnha eorm eontroas r`ca`x hetgon
]j` p`rgpj`rha n`rvous syst`i gs tj` n`twork oc n`rv`s wjgej eonn`et tj` e`ntrha n`rvoussyst`i wgtj otj`r phrts oc tj` bomy.Erhngha n`rv`s eoipos`m oc 82 phgrs oc n`rv`s wjgej orofonht` croi tj` brhgn hnm hr`eonn`et`m to s`ns` orfhns gn tj` j`hm hnm n`ek! hnm haso to `cc`etors suej hs tj` iusea`sor fahnms gn tj` bomy ehvgty.Upgnha n`rv`s hr` eoipos`m oc 58 phgrs oc n`rv`s wjgej orgfgnht` croi spgnha eorm hnm hr`eonn`et`m to s`ns` orfhns hnm `cc`etors gn tj` wjoa` bomy gneaumgnf jhnms hnm a`fs.
H n`uron` gs h n`rv` e`aa.Gt gs tj` bhsge cunetgonha ungt oc tj` n`rvous syst`i]j` e`aa bomy eonthgns ihny prod`etgonsM`nmrons ) prod`etgons croi tj` eytopahsi tjht pognt outwhrm croi tj` e`aa bomyM`nmrgt`s ) sihaa`r prod`etgons tjht brhnej croi m`nmrons or hxonsHxons ) hnotj`r typ` oc prod`etgonM`nmrhns hnm m`nmrgt`s r`e`gv` i`sshf`s croi otj`r e`aas hnm trnhsigt tj` i`sshf` to tj`e`aa bomyHxons eonmuet i`sshf`s hwhy croi tj` e`aa bomyUoi` hxons gn e`rthgn n`uron`s hr` eov`r`m by iy`agn sj`htj.]j` sj`htj br`hks up htgnt`rvhas haonf tj` m`nmrons or hxons.]jgs `nhba`s gipuas`s to duip croi on` nom` tohnotj`r! sjort`ngnf tj` tgi` gipuas`s trhv`a haonf tj` surche` oc tj` hxons or m`nmrons.B`sgm`s tjgs! tj` i`yagn sj`htj gs giporthnt b`ehus`4Gt hets hs hn `a`etrgeha gnsuahtorgt gs h soure` oc coom cor hxons hnm m`nmronsgt haso prot`ets hxons hnm m`nmrons croi pjysgeha gndury.
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]j`r` hr` tjr`` typ`s oc n`uron`ss`nsory n`uron`siotor n`uron`sgnt`rn`uron`s *r`ahy n`uron`s'
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Hny ejhnf`s wjgej oeeur gnsgm` hnm outsgm` oc tj` juihn bomy hr` known hs stgiuagR`e`ptors hr` s`nsory e`aas tjht m`t`et hnm r`e`gv` stgiuag hnm turn tj`i gnto `a`etrgehagipuas`s@cc`etors hr` iusea`s or fahnms wjgej promue` r`spons`s mu` to stgiuag.]j`y r`sponm tostgiuag by4eontrhetgonfahnm s`er`tgonCgfur` hbov` sjows jow tj` juihn n`rvous syst`i works
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hr` i`sshf`s eonv`y`m haonf tj` n`rv` gn tj` cori oc w`hk `a`etrgeha puas`Hn gipuas` iov`s onay gn on` mgr`etgon hs sjown gn cgfur`.
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H r`ca`x hetgon gs h rhpgm!hutoihtge una`hrn`m r`spons` to h stgiuaus.]jgs hetgon gsgnvoaunthry hnm ehnnot b` eontroaa`m by tj` brhgnH r`ca`x hetgon mo`s not r`qugr` eonsegous tjoufjt or m`egsgon by tj` brhgn]j` eoipon`nts gnvoav`m gn h r`ca`x hetgon hr`4]j` r`e`ptors]j` `cc`etorsU`nsory n`uron`sR`ahy n`uron`sIotor n`uron`s
R`ca`x hre
H r`ca`x hre gs h s`qu`ne` oc phtjwhys thk`n by tj` gipuas`s croi r`e`ptors to `cc`etors gnh r`ca`x hetgon]j` phtjwhy oc gipuas`s gn h r`ca`x hre hr` hs coaaow4

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