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2006-07 DI-II Coaches Certification Program - QA

2006-07 DI-II Coaches Certification Program - QA

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Published by Coach Brown

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Published by: Coach Brown on May 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Q:What if a coaching staff member is “kicked out” or the program inadvertently closeswhile the coach is in the process of taking or submitting the exam?A1:The Web-based testing program is designed with a “fail safe” mechanism to ensure thatcoaches taking the exam are not penalized for technical difficulty. In the event thisoccurs, the program “freezes,” that is, the exam timer stops until the user re-enters the program by executing the login procedures and begins the exam again by clicking on hisor her name. While annoying, being inadvertently logged off the program will notcause a user to fail the exam.A2:The timer has expired. The coach’s exam has been graded and will appear in the resultsscreen.2.Q:A coach clicked the “Submit” button but the exam results are not showing up in theresults screen. What happened?A:The coach was “kicked out.” It is not uncommon for this to occur when a user submitsdata due to the flow of internet traffic. Refer to answers in question one.3.Q:A coach was almost finished with the exam (he/she indicated four minutes remained atlast check) and the exam submitted automatically and was graded. How did thishappen?A:The timer expired. Keep in mind that the timer will only update once the screen isrefreshed.4.Q:I have lost my ID/password. Where can I find it?A:You will need to contact your conference office for the conference ID and proctor  password. If you do not have your sport-sponsorship password, please contact theadministrator on your campus responsible for submitting your Equity in AthleticsDisclosure Act forms, as he or she may have it on file. If not, please contact the NCAAnational office, membership services department.5.Q:Why is an error message appearing when I attempt to log in?
2006-07 NCAA Coaches Certification ProgramDivisions I and II Questions and AnswersPage No. 2 _________ A1:Please note there are two different Web addresses; one for the conference and one for the institution. If the correct UserId and proctor password are not entered in thecorrect Web site, the error message will appear. Please double check that you areattempting to login to the correct Web site AND remember that UserIds and proctor  password are case sensitive. Check to be sure you are using the correct institutional password (i.e., sport sponsorship password) as well.A2:In the event you are an institution that sponsors a sport in another division in another conference, the administering conference will need to request that your institution beadded to its list of members for the online program. Each conference has its membersautomatically listed in the online program and this information is drawn from themembership database. If another conference will be administering your institution’sexamination, the conference will need to request the national office change theadministering conference for the coaches examination only. Please note this will notaffect the alignment in the membership database.6.Q:I am using the correct Web address, but why am I getting an error message thatindicates my password is incorrect?A:UserIds and proctor passwords are case sensitive. Be sure you are entering the UserIdand proctor password exactly as they appear. In addition, check your UserId and proctor password to see if it includes a letter that appears to be a lower case “L” or thenumber “1”and try replacing it with a capital “I.” These characters appear similar in the program, so try each in order to determine the correct character in your password.
.1.Q:Who is permitted to administer the exam to coaching staff members?A:The exam may be administered by any institutional staff member (nonathleticsdepartment staff member in NCAA Division II) or conference administrator. Pleasenote, each conference may also determine or limit who is permitted to administer theexam.2.Q:Who is responsible for administering the certification procedures to independentinstitutions?A:The conference responsible for administering the National Letter of Intent program for a NCAA Divisions I or II independent institution also shall administer the coachescertification procedures for that institution.
2006-07 NCAA Coaches Certification ProgramDivisions I and II Questions and AnswersPage No. 3 _________ 3.Q:Is it permissible to review printed copies of a generated Web-based examination,specific exam items or answers with exam participants before or after the examination?A:None of the above mentioned items may be reviewed prior to the exam; however,unless conference policies preclude it, the institution may review missed examquestions (including answers) with coaching staff members but may not provide thecoach with a hard copy of this information.4.Q:Is it permissible to administer the examination to anyone other than Divisions I or IIcoaches?A:Other testing opportunities, including those for individuals who may be employed torecruit off campus, shall be determined by the conference office.5.Q:Does the conference office have the discretion to determine whether an exam participant has a learning disability?A:No. The conference office does not have the discretion to determine whether an exam participant has a learning disability but is responsible for confirming the validity of themedical documentation and whether the individual qualifies for accommodations at hisor her institution.6.Q:May individuals with medically diagnosed learning disabilities be provided additionaltime to complete the examination?A:Yes. The certification procedures indicate that coaches who have medically diagnosedlearning disabilities may apply to the conference office for additional time or to havethe examination administered to them orally.7.Q:If English is a second language for a coach, may the conference provide additional anytype of accommodation?A:No. Accommodations may be provided only to individuals who have medicallydiagnosed learning disabilities.8.Q:If a Division I or II coach does not intend to recruit off campus, is he or she required to pass the certification examination?A:No. Per NCAA Bylaw (annual certification requirement), only coaches whohave been certified may contact or evaluate prospective student-athletes off campus;therefore, if a Division I or II coach does not intend to recruit off campus, certificationis not required.

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