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Bubble Screen Passing Package

Bubble Screen Passing Package

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Published by Coach Brown

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Published by: Coach Brown on May 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It is great to be here to talk aboutour program. A lot of people havequestions about Texas High Schoolfootball. I will be glad to sharesome of those things with you whileI am here this weekend.I went to Texas in 1983. I was fromIowa. I played quarterback at theUniversity of Northern Iowa. I knewJohn Burks the Clinic Director ofthe Denver and Las Vegas Clinicswhen I coached in Iowa. Then I wentto Texas and found out that waswhere the game of football wasinvented. There are two points youneed to write down right away. Firstis this. The game of football wasnot invented in the state of Texas.The second thing is this. If youever come to the state of Texas youmust always say it is nice to be inthe state where the game of footballwas invented.Let me tell you a little about ourschool. The city of Baytown is onthe eastern part of Houston, Texas.We are a town of about 70,000people. We only have two highschools. We have 2,300 students ingrades 9 through 12. We compete in aschool district that has schools init as large as 4,000 students. InTexas they decided to have twoclassifications for the StateChampionships. They decided to takethe largest school in each districtand place it in Division I. The restof the teams in your district wereplaced into Division II. The fallacyof this system is the fact that youhave a lot of large schoolscompeting against schools that arenot nearly as large. We ended uplosing to a school one year in theSemi-Finals of the small schoolsthat had 4,700 students. There is adiscrepancy in this system. ButTexas is a great place to coach.Let me tell you how I got to Texasas a coach. I was at Clinton HighSchool in Iowa. It is an industrialtown and was drying up. I went to aTexas High School Coaching School in1983. It is the largest associationof high school coaches in thecountry. I went to the CoachingSchool and that is where I got myjob. Let me tell you about theCoaching School so if any of you areinterested in coming to Texas tocoach.When you go to the Coaching Schoolyou will see that there are 400 ormore vendors that have displays.They have all kinds of clinics goingon at the time. In the lobby theyhave a job room set up. You go intothe room and put your resume on abig board on the wall. On the otherside of the wall are the open jobsand the qualifications and otherinformation about the job.In the clinic sessions they willcall the names of the schools thatare interested in interviewingcoaches that are looking for jobs.You go down to a room and the schoolpersonnel have interviews with thosecoaches interested in jobs.The reason I am telling you aboutthis is because the number ofquality people applying for coachingjobs has diminished. We need formore coaches to come to Texas to1
coach high school football. Thereare teacher shortages all over thestate. Texas pays very well forteaching and coaching.The President of our associationtold me to make sure I told everyonethat when you apply for a job inTexas there are only two questionsthey ask you in the interview. Youdo not need to fill out a resume orsend in any references. They justask you two questions. The firstquestion is this. “Have you ever hadsex with a farm animal?” If theperson answers
they hire you onthe spot and do not ask the secondquestion. If the person beinginterviewed answers
they ask thesecond question. The second questionasked is this. “When you had sexwith the farm animal did anyone seeyou?” If the answer is
you arehired on the spot. We do needadditional coaches in our area ofTexas.In Texas there is no state incometax. That is a good thing. If youwere coaching in Baytown, Texas thisis what you would be making. If youhad zero years of experience andBachelors Degree this is what youwould get. Our base is $35,739. As acoach you get 10 days extra paywhich means you would get $2009added on the base pay. They dividethe base pay by 187 days and that iswhat you get for starting coachingbefore school starts. The coachingstipend is $4,800. That means acoach with zero experience wouldmake $42,450.20. If you have aMasters Degree you would make$44,807.80.In my situation I do not have toteach a single class. I have anoffice and we have a 16,000 squarefoot field house. It is used byfootball only. If the principalwants me he has to call me. Theywill not walk across the street. Ihave caller ID so I don’t have toanswer them if I do not want to.(Ha- ha) If anyone is interested youcan contact me at Robert E. Lee HighSchool in Baytown. We always have alot of openings in our area. We haveover 75 schools in the Houston area.We have a great football coachesassociation. I am the vice presidentof the organization at the presenttime and will be the president inMay.We have a lot of advantages coachingin our school. I deal with ourathletes all year round, everysingle day. In our sixth period ofathletics we have all freshmen. Inour seventh period of athletics wehave all varsity players. They donot go to any other sports first.They come to us first. They go toall other sports after school. Theonly sport we release our players tois basketball if they are a varsitystarter. After the season they mustreturn to football. My title islisted as Head Football Coach andCampus Coordinator in charge ofAthletics. I get paid $80,400.00 forthat position. I do not teach anyclasses.Because I came from Iowa everyonecalls me Yankee. Just because I wentsouth they think I am a Yankee.Hell, I did not fight in the CivilWar. I had to raise the culturelevel when I went to Texas. I do notsay “Yaw” and I do not say “sick-em.” I still think I talk like I amfrom Iowa. But, we have a greatsituation at Robert E. Lee. AsCampus Coordinator I get to hire andfire coaches. We do not have tofight the battle to get players. Ido have one of my coaches with metoday. He is the Special TeamsCoordinator, Troy Rogers.I want to talk about our offense. Iam going to cover the Bubble Screenand the Uncovered Philosophy. Ouroffense is a One-Back Set. Ourobjective is to never, never run thefootball. That is the truth. It isplain and simple. I have reached an2
age where there are two things thatare extremely important in life tome. One is regularity and the otheris “Pass Skelton Offense.” Those arethe two things I worry about. Welike to throw the ball as much as wepossibly can.I want to talk about the “Uncovered”situation first. We are in a bubble2 by 2, a bubble 3 by 1, ortendencies all of the time. We cango from the shotgun or at times cango under the center.This is how we approach the
situations. The mostimportant aspect of the offense isthe first thing we teach. That isthe uncovered philosophy. What thatmeans is this. If you are uncoveredwe are going to throw you the ballright now. If we are in a wide slotand no one is on the slot manoutside, we are going to throw himthe ball immediately. The uncoveredman takes precedent over any huddlecall. We will get him the football.If we are in the shotgun we call“Hike” and throw him the ball. If weare under center we call “Hike” andthrow him the ball. He will get thefootball. Again, anytime a receiveris uncovered we get them thefootball. If the defensive man is 10yards from the receiver he is goingto get the ball. That is the firstthing that we teach. Uncovered takesprecedent over any huddle call. Itdoes not matter what we have called.Here is a very important coachingpoint. You must practice Uncoveredfor it to be effective. We will takeit anytime it appears in practice.When we go in our Pass SkeltonDrill, if the defense does not lineup correctly, we will throw the ballto the uncovered man regardless ofwhat has been called in the huddle.The reason we do this is simple. Ifyou do not practice it all of thetime, soon it will not be a part ofyour offense. That is the reason weinsist on throwing to the uncoveredman in practice, so we will be ableto do it in a game.Go back and look at some of yourfilms. See how many times you spilta receiver out and the defense didnot line up on him. If you will lookinside you will see the defense hasat least seven defenders in the box.It does not make any sense to me notto throw the ball to the uncoveredman.The next coaching point is this. Ifa receiver is uncovered and he doesnot get the ball thrown to him, heshould re-accelerate and get backinto the route called. At times thequarterback may not see that areceiver is uncovered. Or a defendermay come down to cover the receiverlate, so he must get into his routeand get deep.Silent communication between thequarterback and the receivers isimportant to us. The quarterbackmust acknowledge the uncovered man.If you have coached receivers youknow how receivers feel. They arealways uncovered and they are alwaysopen. They are never covered. Theycan be covered by three defendersand they will still say, “No one ison me.” The quarterback has todetermine if the receiver isuncovered or not.Now, having said all of this, I needto tell you the reasons we have beenable to do all of these things onoffense. It has been because of thequarterbacks we have had over thelast several years. We had aquarterback by the name of JermaineAlfred. He started for Baylor and isnow playing for the DallasDesperadoes. We had a quarterbacknamed Clint Stoerner. He startedthree years at Arkansas and was withthe Cowboys. We had Ell Roberson,III. He played for us and now he isplaying at Kansas State. HopefullyEll Roberson is going to be aHeisman Award Candidate next year.3

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