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Latest in Kurtz Lawsuit

Latest in Kurtz Lawsuit

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Published by AJ Weberman
The Judge wants to issue a default judgment against me rather than resolve this tort by its merits.
The Judge wants to issue a default judgment against me rather than resolve this tort by its merits.

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Published by: AJ Weberman on May 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Motion to Vacate Default - 112345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728
A J Weberman pro se318 3
Avenue #520New York 10010Gary Kurtz pro per20335 Ventura BlvdSuite 200Woodland Hills, Calif.Superior Court of California
State of CaliforniaCounty of Los AngelesGary Kurtz,Plaintiff,vs.A. J. Weberman,Defendant))))))))))Case No.: LC084486
Hearing on this motion scheduled May 20, 2010 at 8:30 AM in Dept NW I at6230 Sylmar Ave, Van Nuys, CA.INTRODUCTIONNow comes the defendant, Alan Jules Weberman, and begs this court tovacate default in the interests of justice. A case of this nature should betried on its merits in the proper venue.ARGUMENTIn your
refusal to issue an injunction you stated that you cannotissue an injunction because you lack jurisdiction in the State of New York.Plaintiff states he will get a sister-state-judgment against defendant for
 Motion to Vacate Default - 212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728
contempt of court if I violate the First Amendment of the US Constitutionand refuse to take down the derogatory information I have amassed onGary Kurtz that appears on my website. There is no provision in NY StateLaw for a sister state contempt judgment. If there was there would be nosuch thing as extradition. Sister state judgments are for monetary amountsnot for contempt of court. Secondly you stated there was no proof ofdamages which Kurtz replied to by stating that thanks to my information helost a career changing client. According to my source close to Kurtz, thecareer changing client were the Bronfman sisters, the heirs to a fortunemade by smuggling alcohol from the Canada to the United States duringthe Al Capone era of prohibition. Kurtz and his partner in crime SteveRombom were hired to intimidate former members of the cult that theBronfman sisters sponsor with daddy
Edgar’s bucks.
See Attachment A.
We have to take Kurtz’s word as to how much he lost as he will not name
these clients and will claim attorney-client privilege.This case should be tried on its merits as it is not a clear cut case of libel asdefendant is well known investigative journalist
See attachment B.
who will
produce a “Star” witness who will attest to the statements of facts ondefendant’s website and wil
l describe why there is an Order of Protectionout against Kurtz. Defendant will also call Terry Navarro who
was at Kurtz’s
law orifice and witnessed Kurtz go into another room with a prostitute toengage in a sexual act (G-d knows what?) by said prostitute in return forlegal fees. This was done in the presence of his son, who Kurtz has termed
“retarded” during court hearings
so that he can get special privilegesaccording to attorney KSNITCH 1. All and all I have opened a scab andthe puss has come a-oozing out and taken the form of Gary Alan Kurtz.
 Motion to Vacate Default - 312345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728
I HAD NO INTENTION OF ANSWERING KURTZ COMPLAINTIn your ruling of March 16, 2010 you wrote,Defendant's excuse for not filing an answer is problematic. Heclaims that he "sent in an answer... which...[the] clerk first saidshe refused to file because she never received it[,] then said itdid not have a date set for a hearing-[,] so she threw it away."(Motion Opposing Proposed Judgment for Monetary andInjunctive Relief, page 2, lines 5-7). These claims are notsupported by an affidavit or other evidence. Further, theargument is unsound for two reasons: first, a filing cannot berefused if it is never received; second, answers do not require adate set for a hearing, so a clerk cannot reject it on that ground.I was not about to answer the complaint because to do so would mean that
I recognized the Court’s Jurisdiction in this matter. The answer was a
motion to dismiss on the grounds of lack of jurisdiction as the matter ofinternet postings had already been determined by the California Court ofAppeals in
Rombom v. Weberman 
, JDO etc. A motion requires a hearingdate.AFFIDAVITI swear to G-d and swear under penalty of perjury under the laws of theUnited States, New York, California that I gave Aron Kay that motion tomail in but did not ask for a hearing date. I called the Court clerk and firstshe said she never received it then said it did not have a hearing date on it.Because it was garbified and not mailed back to me I thought that it hadbeen filed. When I erred with other courts the clerk mailed back the faulty

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