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Toledo Mega Clinic notes Feb 14th

Toledo Mega Clinic notes Feb 14th

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Published by Coach Brown

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Published by: Coach Brown on May 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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16th 2008
Kyle Hockmann- Head Coach, Campbell High School –GA
Where did it come from ? Nevada bowl game during Christmas of 2005-Studied and implemented it through trial and error 
Benefits of the Pistol:
 –Great for offenses with a tailback type / downhill runner with a above average thrower, althoughnot a necessity –Easily adaptable as a package to most offenses –“Better coaches don’t copy line for line another coaches ideas, but adapt what they like to their own system”
Why the Pistol ? Advantages of the gun
 –QB has instant separation –Better line of vision for QB (their QB was only 5’7’’) –Easier QB read element –Better QB run element (based on single wing run philosophy)
Why the Pistol ? Advantages of the I
 –Downhill run game (iso, power, counter, toss, etc) –RB has shoulders square to L.O.S. –Can be run in either direction –Runners are runners and blockers are blockers –Takes immediate pressure off QB –Kids know their roles
Offensive AlignmentPlus the SPIN
 –Deception: we all need it, not good enough to line up and pound people –QB blocks vision of defense to RB –QB turning back to defense to hide the ball Plays hit quicke –.35 average time to QB in Pistol, under center .75 –.95 average time pistol +3, under center 1.35 +5 –Gain .5 seconds from being under center 
The Pistol- Spin Theory, Ball Handling , and Backfield Action
16th 2008
Is the Pistol for you ?
 –Will run the pistol regardless of field position or weather conditions –The chance of the snap going over the head of the QB is much slimmer in the pistol than theshotgun –In their youth system, the same pistol offense is ran from K-8
At youth level until 6
grade, snap is 2 handed
Easy to install at youth levels (7-8
grade done within a week)
Ball Handling Considerations
 –Must practice snaps every single day –Center snaps require more accuracy –QB ball skills- same reason as above, if QB reaction is slower, move him back more
Center Snaps
 –Techniques: both spin and flip, whatever works best for center  –Snap- don’t look at QB, aim at belt buckle –Firm but not fast- trial and erro –Adjust depths and steps according to speed of snap –Narrow base and low butt- small window =small miss
Backfield Techniques
 –Timing- adjust depths –RB Toes at 6 ½ yards, have moved to 7 and 8 yards based on speed –QB spin must be quick and consistent to specific play –QB must “stomach” the ball as if he was under center  –Hand offs are executed like under center  –QB angle will be adjusted based on play –Toss must be a quick pitch like toss
Risky ?
 –Campbell 2006- Pistol/Gun , 500 snaps = 2 bad snaps, 1 bobble –Undercenter: 100 snaps- 1 muffed snap –7 turnovers all season- 6 fumbles, 1 interception“If you’re any good, you can get what you emphasize, but you can’t emphasize everything”
16th 2008
Brad Scott – Desoto High School, Kansas
What is the “Spin”
 –Comes from Barry Gibson and Dale Weiner  –Email: bscott@usd232.org –5 offensive lineman in standard splits –2 Wingbacks in a 1 by 1 alignment to the EMOLS (tackle or TE) QB in shotgun –FB in a 1 by 1 alignment in front of QB –Receivers and TEs can line up in many different formations
Base Formations
 –Doubles – 2 Recievers –Ace Right / Left: 1 reciever, 1 TE –Double Tight: 2 TEs
Wing Back Basics:
 –Wingbacks go in motion one snap count ahead of the snap –Snap count is GO, SET, HIT HIT –If play is on HIT, motion is on set –Wing stance is outside foot forward, hands on thigh pads –Pivot is on inside foot, crossover with outside foot and sprint to QBs hip for mesh
QB Basics:
 –Must time the cadence perfectly with the snap –Secure the football and jab step forward with the foot opposite the motion –Pivot on the jab foot and open to the wing –Mesh the football just like the option –Continue to spin into the rest of the play
 –Traditional I formation toss play –Reach and pull backside guard, lead FB, crack with outside receiver, wing leads on corner  –Wing goes in motion, QB spins and hands off, continues to spin and fakes blast into B gab –Wing takes ball and sprints to outside looking for daylight
 –Traditional I formation off tackle power  –Down block and kick out with FB, backside guard leads through hole –Same action as sweep, QB keeps the ball through B or C gap depending on formation –Play side WB fakes reverse –We tell QB, if hole is cloudy then cutback
Wildcat Spin Offense- Base Run Plays

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