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Stack Rankings 03 v 1 03

Stack Rankings 03 v 1 03

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Published by Coach Brown

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Published by: Coach Brown on May 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Welcome to the Masters List version 1.0. - July 18, 2003
 The Masters List allows you to create a custom Masters List based on your scoring system and the individual player statistical projections.
Very Basic Instructions:Complete Descriptions:
 This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is composed of eight (8) different sheets (Tabs). The names of the tabs are:On these tabs, you may enter, change or delete any data in any column in white
Removing the "R" or"F" disgnation for a player will cause his information to revert back to black. The
Allows you to designate a player as going a bit higher (+) or lower (-) in a distance scoring league. The "+" or "-
Auction Value
and follows the player's name in parentheses [i.e. Joe Smith (15)].
Allows you to enter a new player/defense or remove existing players/defenses. The name will carry over
Allows you to enter (or alter) player projections for each listed statistic.
Entering information in Total Field Goals will cause Distance Field Goals to be grayed out.
Button on each position sheet (upper-left) that allows you to quickly resort your projected Fantasy Points based
the current projections and scoring rules for that position. Very useful when creating/changing projections.
Left-hand side. Allows you to customize the Fantasy Point calculations based on your league's scoring
system. It will automatically change the scoring on each Position Tab, but will not reorder the players
(QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D) based on changes made to the scoring system or changes in projections. Reranks player
based on Fantasy Points.
Draft Details
are © 2003 Fantasy Football Mastermind. All rights reserved.
Please note: You must have macros enabled in order for the Recalculation and Reorder buttons to work.
Enter individual player projections on the six position tabs (QB, RB, WR, TE, K & D) - all white columns can be altered.
Customize the scoring values to your league rules (Masters List tab - left-hand side).
Press the Reorder Masters List button (Masters List tab). Enjoy your customized Masters List.
*Read Me (Instructions)
 - This tab (you are reading now) contains instructions on how to use the Masters List.
- Position & projection information. Each of these six (6) tabs is dedicated to a different position.A player's positional ranking according to projected Fantasy Points (High to Low). You
alter this column.
Allows you designate Fantasy Tiers (if you so choose). These column carries over to the
Masters List
 Allows you to designate players asrising(R) orfalling(F). As you choose to select a value for a player, the player and all corresponding information for that player will coloredred(rising) orblue(falling). colors designating a player "R" or "F" carries over the to
Masters List
tab.desination for each player carries over to the
Masters List
tab and follows the player's name (i.e. Joe Smith+).Allows you to desinate an Auction Value for a player. The amount entered carries over to the
Masters List
Player Names with a "+/-" value and Auction Value will show as: Joe Smith+ (15)to the
Masters List
tab. You may add as many players as there are lines on the page. Team the player plays for. This value carries over to the
Masters List
Tab. Team's 2003 bye week. This value carries over to the
Masters List
Passing Yards, Passing TDs, Interceptions, Rushing Yards, Rushing TDs.
Rushing Yards, Fumbles, Receptions, Receiving Yards, Rushing/Receiving TDs.
Receptions, Receiving Yards, Receiving TDs
Receptions, Receiving Yards, Receiving TDs
PATs, Missed FGs, Total Field Goals or Field Goals by Distance - you must choose either Total or By Distance.
Sacks, Fumbles, Interceptions, Defensive TDs (Note: FFMastermind does not offer projections for team defen Total Fantasy Points a player is projected to score based on the scoring system and the projected statistics forthat player. This value carries over to the
Masters List
tab. This value wil change as the projected statisticsor
Scoring System
is changed. Players will not be reranked by Fantasy Points until either the
ReorderRanking Button
Reorder Masters List
Masters List
tab) are pressed. You
alter this column.Sorts all columns
the Rank & Tier (to allow you to retain tiering).
*Masters List
- Scoring system information & final customized Masters List cheatsheet.without you pressing the
Reorder Masters List
Reorder Ranking Button
(each positional sheet) button.Button on the
Masters List
tab that allows you to rerank the players on all of the Positional SheetsSection on
Masters List
tab (middle left) that allows you to write your team's players in as they are drafted. The
Fantasy Football Mastermind Masters List
and included Football Projections
05/27/2008QB2 of 11
QuarterbacksRank TierR/F+/-PlayerTeamByeINTs
1T1Donovan McNabbPHI33500227008359.02Daunte CulpepperMIN63900206007357.03Michael VickATL83400207008348.04T2Rich GannonOAK84500261503336.05Peyton ManningIND74360301501329.06Kurt WarnerSTL5440033500324.07T3Aaron BrooksNO103700292501303.08Brett FavreGB83900311000298.09Jeff GarciaSF103500263002295.010Steve McNairTEN93360224103293.011T4Drew BledsoeBUF9416023400281.012Chad PenningtonNYJ5390024501278.013Tom BradyNE103700261000273.014Tommy MaddoxPIT7370027500271.015Trent GreenKC93600241500267.016T5Jake PlummerDEN103300241501258.017Matt HasselbeckSEA43300241500252.018Jon KitnaCIN6330023502251.019Kerry CollinsNYG438002000250.020Brad JohnsonTB4340024500247.021Drew BreesSD63400221000246.022T6Mark BrunellJAC73100182000229.023Joey HarringtonDET6330018500224.024Patrick RamseyWAS8320019500222.025Jay FiedlerMIA42900171002218.026David CarrHOU52700153001216.027Jeff BlakeARI72940171001214.028Kordell StewartCHI32600152502212.029T7Chad HutchinsonDAL32660151000188.030Tim CouchCLE9260015500180.031Rodney PeeteCAR3220012100147.032Kyle Boller ®BAL5180091001133.033Kelly HolcombCLE9140012100107.034Chris RedmanBAL516006500103.035Brian GrieseMIA40.036Byron Leftwich ® JAC70.037Jake DelhommeCAR30.038Marc BulgerSTL50.039Quincy CarterDAL30.040Rex Grossman ® CHI30.041Trent DilferSEA40.0420.0430.0440.0450.0460.0470.0480.0490.0500.0510.0520.0530.0540.0550.0560.0570.0580.0590.0600.0are © 2003 Fantasy Football Mastermind. All rights reserved.
http://www.ffmastermind.com/AuctionValuePassing YardsTDPassesRushing YardsRushingTDsFantasyPoints
Fantasy Football Mastermind Masters List
and included Football Projections
Recalculate Rankings
05/27/2008RB3 of 11
Running BacksRank TierR/F+/-PlayerTeamByeFumblesRec
1T1LaDainian TomlinsonSD6180055018343.02Marshall FaulkSTL5140080019334.03Clinton PortisDEN10165050019329.04Ricky WilliamsMIA4190040016326.05T2Deuce McAllisterNO10155055017312.06Shaun AlexanderSEA4145060017307.07T3Edgerrin JamesIND7150050014284.08Travis HenryBUF9150045014279.09Fred TaylorJAC7150053012275.010Tiki BarberNYG4140065011271.011T4Jamal LewisBAL514504508238.012Ahman GreenGB8135040010235.013Corey DillonCIN614504008233.014Stephen DavisCAR3140025011231.015T5Priest HolmesKC9125035010220.016Curtis MartinNYJ512504508218.017Charlie GarnerOAK89308007215.018William GreenCLE9120030010210.019Eddie GeorgeTEN9115020012207.020T6Kevan BarlowSF1010701509176.021Warrick DunnATL88404008172.022Antowain SmithNE1010502007167.023James StewartDET610003006166.024Duce StaleyPHI38804006164.025Anthony ThomasCHI310502006161.026Moe WilliamsMIN660034011160.027T7Troy HambrickDAL310002005150.028Emmitt SmithARI710001006146.029Trung CanidateWAS87503505140.030Mike AlstottTB47002507137.031Amos ZereouePIT76504005135.032Stacey MackHOU57502006131.033T.J. DuckettATL87501007127.034Correll BuckhalterPHI36003505125.035Jerome BettisPIT77501006121.036Onterrio Smith ® MIN68002003118.037T8Kevin FaulkNE103004005100.038Garrison HearstSF10450300499.039Jamel WhiteCLE9350400393.040Ladell BettsWAS8500200388.041Michael PittmanTB4600200186.042Marcel ShippARI7450200383.043Larry Johnson ®KC9500200282.044LaMont JordanNYJ5360200480.045Adrian PetersonCHI3420180378.046Tyrone WheatleyOAK8420100476.047Lamar GordonSTL5370200375.048Thomas JonesTB4520100274.049Corey SchlesingerDET6200350373.050T9Dorsey LevensNYG4400100262.051James AllenHOU5190300261.052Robert HolcombeTEN9380100260.053Mike AndersonDEN10310100359.054Zack CrockettOAK814020758.055Dee BrownCAR3350100257.056Kenny WatsonWAS8340100256.057Tony RichardsonKC9160200354.058James MungroIND7300100252.0
AuctionValueRushing YardsRec YardsRush/RecTDsFantasyPoints
Recalculate Rankings

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