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Are You Being Served

Are You Being Served

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Published by Lucia Apollo Shaw

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Published by: Lucia Apollo Shaw on May 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Are You Being Served?
Today’s recruiter can offer you more services than ever before
How debundled recruiting services can offer you greater choices, lead tofaster hires, and maximize your time.
You’re at a party and have been introduced to a recruiter. Quick! What’s your immediate association of the services they can offer? What do recruiters do? 
Most likely, what comes to mind when you hear “recruiter” is the traditional rolemost people hold of the profession: Headhunters who are called upon to help fillcertain key or hard-to-fill positions during the year, in exchange for a fee of thehired candidate’s starting salary. Many people also think of recruiters as being “professional networkers” who specialize in a certain industry or niche. All true.
But did you know that your healthcare recruiter can also offer more thantraditional headhunting services?
Because recruiters are usually thought of only in their historical light, many hiring managers and healthcare organizations areunaware that the recruiting profession is evolving.Today, more then ever, your recruiter can be an invaluable resource. Like manyother markets, recruiting services are increasingly becoming
, allowingyou greater choices and more service options in addition to meeting your traditionalheadhunting needs.If you’re like most hiring managers in healthcare, you’ve certainly got your work cutout for you—there aren’t any shortages of hiring-related challenges. Retention andcounter-offer issues, keeping an eye on what your competitors are offering, andmaintaining some sort of on-going pipeline of future candidates is only thebeginning of your stress each week!You might perceive that many of your on-going human capital needs do notnecessarily require “traditional” search-and-fill recruiting services, but you’ddefinitely welcome some help from an industry expert.
Are there areas where a recruiter can in fact assist you with some of youron-going needs? Yes!
Here are just a few of the roles and services that you can talk with your recruiterabout fulfilling.
Competitive Research:
Are you reclassifying a position? Would you like to have critical information aboutwhat your competitors are paying? What types of benefits are being offered byother employers? What trends have been taking place over the past six months to
a year? How are workloads being distributed at other organizations for a givenposition?
If you’re looking for “insider” information from an industry professionalthat you won’t find on the front page of the newspapers, talk with yourrecruiter. Define a criteria “wish list” of your competitive informationalneeds
.Your recruiter may be able to assist in furnishing benchmarking research and datathat reveals salary and compensation trends and general ranges at otherorganizations. How are job descriptions being crafted? How deep are staffinglevels running?Keep in mind that there may be certain information disclosure restrictions that yourrecruiter must observe (just as they must in turn protect your confidentialinterests). But don’t overlook your recruiter as an invaluable source of informationthat can help you make strategic decisions. Information can be furnished via Excelspreadsheet formats, via in-person presentations (or “Q&A” sessions), or someother arrangement that best suits you or your department’s needs.
Candidate Lead Generation:
Would you like to ramp up a data base of potential candidates quickly for yourinternal corporate recruiters to contact?
Do you have multiple openings for thesame position? What about seasonal needs that fluctuate throughout the year?A recruiter acting on your behalf can “pre-screen” a pool of selected individuals.How valuable would it be to have 50 or 100 names of candidates to call upon andnetwork with?Or perhaps you’d like to obtain a “short list” of verified potential candidates’ names,organizations, phone numbers and email addresses for certain key open positionsthat require high discretion? These could be candidates who meet your minimumqualifications and fall within your desired salary range, for example (or whateverbaseline criteria you define in advance).While these candidates may or may not lead to immediate hires, if only by accident,you’ll discover some “hidden gems”. These candidates may not be in your salaryrange for a current open position, but they are people you’d sure like to “keep thedoor open” for a possible future relationship.Remember how valuable (and short!) your time is. Could you make better use of itwith this kind of organizational help?
Candidate Testing & Assessment:
You’ve narrowed your candidates down to a specific number for that nursingsupervisory position. Now you need to make some hard decisions.

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